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    First edition of Linares International Song Contest to take place next march

    Article by Natalie Robertson

    The Minister for Culture, Aidan Kennedy, and the spokesman of County Giobr?ltar Board of Culture and Arts have announced in a joint press event the celebration of the first ever Linares International Song Contest which is due to take place next march in Linares, County Giobr?ltar, at Ineland's sunny mediterranean coast.

    According to James Christie, head of the LISC Board, the contest will be held annually at Linares with a format similar to that of the former Eurovision Song Contest, in which each country will be able to submit one artist or group to perform a song with all performances being then ordered following each nation's viewers' preferences. According to Christie, applications to participate in the first edition will open in mid-february.

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    D?il votes FOR decentralised government

    Article by Anne Forbes

    The national parliament has voted majoritarily in favour of granting home rule to the regions of Ineland. In the vote most of the government coalition parties (except for Ineland First and the Farmers' League) and left opposition parties voted for the proposal, with a result of 216 votes FOR,30 AGAINST and 5 abstentions. In the next few days President Quinlan will call for regional elections to the Regional Assemblies of Ireland, Scotia and Penisola.

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