OsCos TV Special: Meet Mr Keilburger

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    It's European Elections and thsi is an OsCos TV political Special. I'm Sidse Kyorenbjoyk, European politics correspondent for OsCos News and welcome to Meet Mr Keilburger

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    Ladies, Gentlemen and those who don't identify with either gender welcome to an OsCos TV special where tonight we will meet the new kid on the block looking for your vote this week in the European Commission elections, Craig Keilburger. Mr Keilburger is relatively unknown in Os Corelia or indeed most of Europe with his home nation of Poretos only joining the European Union in August this year. He has joined us tonight for a special show where I will interview him about his platform for elections, policies and just who is this new man promising change and a break from the old routine. Friday is the day Corelians will vote for their nominations that Councillor Kairos Jelesniak will present to the Council Chamber as the national vote and with a host of completely new faces Corelians are looking to make that informed choice for the next set of EU leaders.

    Camera pans to wide shot with Sidse and Craig

    Craig Keilburger welcome to our OsCos News special and thank you for joining us at a critical point of your campaign as nations begin to announce their votes for commission in the Euorpean Council Chambers. I wondered to begin with if you could introduce yourself to the Corelian people.

  • Thanks for your kind introduction,and I thank you all very much for having me here today as some of you may know it is an aspiration of mine to visit every nation and see what you want. This is the best way to do it in my opinion. So I am Craig Keilburger , as Mr. Kyorenbjoyk, said many of you probably hadn't heard of me before these election as my nation only joined recently. However I was head of the Poretisian campaign for joining the EU because of how important I thought this union was, and how successful it is and could be. I hold this union very close to my heart because it has been my life's work to deal with this union. Since I was 20 I was placed on the Parliamentary Regional Review Committee as Poretos was in need of a good region to go to . Once we left a old regional union I was placed as Chairman and since then always pushed forward this union. Whilst part of the Committee I was also part of the Foreign Bureau as an Government Ambassador all over the world and recently I have been working in the Bureau as the Minister for the European Union.

    But there is no point me dragging on I want to know what you want to know.

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    OOC: Interviewer is a woman!

    So let's get down to the meet of the conversation. What do you propose to do if elected to the commission?

  • OOC: My apologies usually if unsure I use Rt.Hon or something else.

    Initially I will be heading around the union on a Christmas Tour to visit as many nations as possible to fix any problems they bring before me to create more stable foundations for the reforms that will come.

    My initial plans will be to build on what is create in the union, how we work together so I would sort out the committees that I would be responsible for to ensure that I am always accountable and constantly transparent .

    My later plans will of course depend on how I am used to aid the Commission and the Constituents!

    Internally I'd like to see a Union wide Broadcaster for news an interviews like this as I think it will be a good way to bring the union together and there will be greater focus on bringing us all together which has always made us stronger. Foreign Affairs wise I'd set up more active Embassies and really focus on recruitment as that's important to all of us. Defence, since we are all a bit on edge I'd distract us from mainland conflict and fight piracy using the money nations spend on ammunition.

    But this is just the start plans will always constantly evolve.

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    Those are some interesting ideas, but can I pull you up on a few things, if I may. How will you fund your Christmas tour if elected? would it be from public expenditure?

    I also wonder if you have taken time to do research into what the union has achieved in the past. Your call for a broadcasting group is reminiscent of European Union Broadcasting Community (EUBC) which was founded in Summer 2011 under the guidance of Os Corelia's greatest European Commissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi. This had those same aims of news broadcast amongst wider events but in January 2012 it was decided through a unanimous council vote to separate the broadcaster from Commission control and let is be run by member broadcasters who are experts in the field. It also meant the EU did not have to fund it as well making it a profitable private venture that continue to this day, mainly known for the EuroVoice Contest.

    And how do you intend to fight piracy when the definition of the term is not fixable, for example in Os Corelia a pirate is anyone in our waters without license. What specific threats have you identified and will you be circumventing national sovereignty to achieve these goals?

  • My trip around the region has already been crowd funded by a large amount of my political supporters so no money will be coming from the public pot. This money is also being strictly watched and planned to make sure it stretches as far as possible so a single seated aircraft has been bought for me to fly to save as much as possible but whilst also ensuring I can do what I feel is most impossible.

    That is where the idea came from in terms of the Broadcaster I saw these old ideas and wondered why they had gone to waste ? As we as by looking through the Constitution to give use to the various committees. But I assure you I'll be adding a touch of Keilburger ideas to improve them.

    Any attack against piracy will only be at the agreement of the nations involved, we will of course want as much support as possible to help eradicate this threat to do. The piracy will be restricted to Drug Trafficking, Slavery movements and terrorist activities.Which we can all agree on is a horror we must face?

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    To tackle those Piracy movements you surely would need a cross-European police task force, although governments such as here in Os Corelia are strongly opposed to such a move and would never back legislation so how can you acheive this?

    In the heated debates in Europolis you constantly brought up this idea of the old guard and new guard how do you define those camps and isn't this all just hear say and conspiracy theories?

    To clarify would you seek to bring the EUBC back under council control?

  • I will not force any nation to take part in any exercises and I understand Os Corelia's want for independence especially in terms of your armed forces and police forces but there are also many others who suffer from Piracy, Terrorism and the Slave trade and is it not our responsibility to prevent these and if a combines force also calms down tensions on the mainland by fighting a common enemy and aiding the economy what's that 6 birds with one stone. Of course every national police force will get information on the suspects, threats and probability of any attack so its nations protecting nations but I will not force any nation to take part.

    My problem with the old guard and new guard is that it is causing a divide in the union, I don't believe it is just hear say.The older nations, perhaps those who have once been part of the commission or the court, often ignore the younger nations, not that there aren't exceptions, but when you read the news you don't really hear about these types of nations working together. However I am not saying it is just the problem of the older nations - Both sides need to start talking to each other, we just need to recognise the issue.

    I wish to bring the EUBC back into proper use but I would prefer it maintains the rights of any other press agencies and every freedom so I would rather it remain under the view of the committee to oversee it, and I stress oversee the EUBC to ensure that national press obey its rules.

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    How do you hope to achieve your goals you have set forth when commissioners aren't supposed to legislate? This is the council's job surely.

    Where does Os Corelia sit in the old guard debate? We are nation who have been in the union for 5 years and had many members of the commission including the outgoing Premier where do we sit in your assessment of this situation?

  • Throughout the last commission there have been joint articles by members of Council and Commission these types can be used, however many of my suggestions don't require legislation per say in the normal way. Usually it can be done through guidelines and international support.

    Os Corelia is definitely a member of the Old Guard no question about that, however they are not a conventional member of the group. Although they often don't engage in summits with younger members they are interested in them, hence why I am here.

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    What an ugly generalisation to make Mr Kielburger, tell me what do you know of Os Corelia's diplomatic relations? and isn't all summits a two sided process, shouldn't you go to these countries seeking a summit as well, why do they have to come to you? You may have just insulted the nation who until this point may have voted for you!

    We have not seen your nation's councillor heavily engaged chambers until you decided to stand for election and your campaign platform seems to be demonising those who've been older members of the union purely for political exploitation hoping to get cheap votes of the back of a heavily flawed argument, surely you need to engage older nations like us as well to win?

    I will gladly offer you a chance to climb down from that position as alongside our reputation as a friendly country with open diplomatic ties, we also can forgive.

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