Angleter & Poretos's First Meeting

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    _Poretos had been waiting in bated breath for this meeting, it was rare for Foreign Dignitaries from Large Nations such as this to attend meetings in Poretos, luckily 4 days ago the renovation of the Foreign Bureau was complete.

    The Lord Chancellor stood by the Window looking out onto where the Delegates Aircraft would arrive, this was the first time he was the leading dignitary in Poretos whilst Alexandra was away hence he pulled out all the stops and the 2nd Kings Banner Squadron,the national military band, was awaiting nearby where the aircraft was about to land._

    "We've just received word from the ATC, the delegation is making their final descent" informed Chancellors Private Secretary Alice Herasth

    "Thanks you Alice I think we should head downstairs so we can greet them as they get off the aircraft." replied Lord Chancellor Jordan Etrana

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    The plane carrying the Angleteric delegation landed. It had been a smooth, if long, flight. Foreign Minister Vitus Duryzatehende led them down the steps. He approached the Poretosians and shook their hands.

    "Mr. Etrana! A pleasure to meet you!"

  • "How great it is to see you! Welcome to Poretos." Replied Jordan Etrana shaking Mr. Duryzatehende's hand and then signaling the band to play both national anthems.

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    The anthems played. After they finished, Duryzatehende turned to Etrana.

    "Right then - shall we get going?"

  • "Of Course Mr. Duryzatehende I just need to ask whether you would rather stay at your embassy or the Royal Halls near the Foreign Office, as I know some nations feel safer in the embassy and we want to make this journey as comfortable as possible." Replied Jordan whilst showing the Delegates to the awaiting limo with the Poretisian National Security Guard standing by to give an escort and ensure the safety of the delegation.

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    "The Royal Halls will be fine."

  • _The Delegation began their Journey through Eranseth passing the famous War Memorial of Admiral Ponabarte and the Cross upon the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. As they passed the river they saw the Keep Bridge of the River Hyde which they crossed to pass the Palace of the President, the Official Residence of the Lady President that was the old Lord Stewards Manor, and the Lord Chancellors Tower that looks over the River Hyde and the Parliament Building known as the Peoples Palace of Hydingale. _

    "I hope you don't mind but you arrived on the day of the Parade of the Last Man as part of the final day of the festival of the Red Lily so I must take part and I thought you might enjoy the event."

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    Duryzatehende was slightly perplexed - surely Etrana's aides could have asked for him to take a later flight, and that way he'd have arrived at a less inconvenient time for his counterpart - but there was nothing to be gained by complaining.

    "Yes, that sounds interesting."

  • "I know it might feel a little inconvenient however it is a very powerful ceremony and I requested the Foreign Bureau adjust your flight time so you can see it, there is a seating area prepared for you"

    _With that the Limo and the Security escort stopped and arrived at the Victory Arch that is on the south side of the Royal Straight that looks towards the Royal Palace of King Edmund I. _

    "I am very sorry but I leave you on ty's capable hands of my Personal Secretary Alice, now I must go mount up" said Jordan

    In the Distance the Sound of Drumming and a rallying march could be heard.

    "Ahh the opposition won't be here in too long let's hope the Government arrive in time,"

    Alice saw the Confused Look on the delegates face.

    "In 1749 Poretos was on the edge of a revolution led by the opposition of the Government,who were from poorer backgrounds and had the support of a handful of the poorest who wanted to remove the King and cease control as the King had just raised tax to help pay for the Governments first plans for a basic hospital system which was the first ever hearing of the Welfare state, however the opposition didn't believe this was enough,"

    The drumming got closer with shouts being able to be heard

    "They managed to get as far as this victory arch that was built in 1259 after the unification of Poretos,before the Government stood in the way...."

    _The Opposition marched down the street reaching the Cross roads in front of the arch _

    Alice whispered" As you can see that is the Poretos Progress Party's leader representing the Opposition Leader of the time"

    The Leader spoke to his crowd "His Majesty has not done enough, now is our time! For the future!"

    _The crowd was about to start marching forward before 15 Horsemen appeared through the arch at its head the Lord Chancellor in full Ceremonial Dress, with his Cabinet behind him _

    "Halt in the name of His Majesty King Edmund the First" ordered Jordan Etrana

    "15 men will not stop us! March on!" Shouted the Opposition Leader.

    "Bring in the army!" Shouted the Lord Chancellor

    _A massive marching force took full control of the Royal Straight _

    "There was then a battle, 147 people died in the name of their believes, however they never got as far as the palace, but the opposition leader died, many believe he was murdered by the Lord Chancellor as he attempted to escape. You can see that there is no Lady President involved as that role was the King, so the Lord Chancellor is the acting Head. Now what did you think?"
    Asked Alice.

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    "Yes, it was quite a fascinating spectacle," replied Vitus.

    _Vitus saw the Lord Chancellor, now back in his normal clothes, approaching. _

    "Ah! An excellent performance, I must say!"

  • "Thank you, I do enjoy the spectacle and the ancient tradition of the role. I think it is probably best that we now begin discussions in the Royal Halls I wouldn't want to keep you waiting any longer."

    _With that the Delegation returned to the Limo and headed to the Royal Halls, a respectably sized building but not massive the Delegation then entered and the Lord Chancellor showed them to their seats and the discussions began _

    "As our guests I would like to allow you to open proceedings."

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    "Well, I suppose we ought to start by talking about the very grave situation in Northern Europe. Obviously Angleter isn't in a position to intervene militarily, but we are invested in as quick a return to peace as possible in that area. I suppose what I'd like to know is the Poretosian take on the events unfolding with the Bulgarians and Belgians at present, and what you think would be the best route to a return to peace."

  • OC: I take this moment to remind all nations that you do not know what is being said here!

    "Poretos is utterly appalled by the actions being used by the Bulgarians and the Belgians have always been a good ally of Poretos."

    _The Lord Chancellor looked at the window as though he had something to say but wasnt sure if he could _

    "I'd just like to trust that everything I tell you now will be in the strictest confidence as some of this is classified information."

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    Vitus nodded.


  • "What is your current opinion on the Topic?"

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    "Quite frankly, we think the Bulgarians have gone nuts. And your take?"

  • "We think that the Bulgarians might believe that they are playing a video game...." Attempting to keep as straight a face as possible

    "Hence we are aiding the people of Groot-Belgie with as much equipment as we can spare"

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    "I see. We could certainly understand such a course of action. As I've said, we're unwilling to intervene to such a degree, but you do have our full diplomatic support. And, of course, we'll be willing to join international humanitarian efforts in due course."

  • "At this moment Poretos, is considering but at this time unwilling, to place troops on the ground due to the Actions of Bulgaria, however we feel this will spark further difficulties as it has appeared to go 'cold' over the current period. But we will be supporting Davinshires case in the ECOJ if he decides to go through it again, How is Angleter feeling about everything at the moment? If you want anything from us feel free to ask."

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