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    Susan Callaghan, three-time commissioner, turns her hand to interviewing for this election special.

    Good evening, I'm Susan Callaghan and welcome to Europolis. Of course some of you may know me as one of only two Halsbergians elected to the European Commission, and indeed until the new one takes office next week I'm still the incumbent commissioner for defence and peacekeeping. With me tonight in the Europolis studio is Craig Kielburger, the outspoken candidate for the European Commission that has received much attention over the past week or so, most of which stemming from his belief that the continent is irreparably divided between older and newer member states. Although not the only campaign message run by Mr Kielburger, it has become on of the most recognisable and is shaping up to become one of the big issues of the election, a remarkable feat seeing as though it was almost nonexistent a few weeks ago. With Halsbergians going to the polls on Sunday, HCNA presents an interview with the man himself.

    First off, Mr Kielburger, thank you for coming. Perhaps we should start off simply. Would you care to introduce yourself to the Halsbergians at home?

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    Thank you for having me here today, what a great place to be especially sitting beside some of the Unions History. I wish I could have travelled to Halsberg to see more of you. I am Craig I have done numerous years of work in my nations foreign office as well as being the chief driving force for my nation joining the European Union. The Union has been the centre pin of my life's work and I don't wish to stop now, even if I don't get a place I will be making my around the union trip and hopefully I'll get to see more of you, and hopefully I'll get to represent and work for you.

  • Thank you. A right shame we couldn't be back in Halsberg, but duty calls and all that. Anyway, my first question relates to something you said back in Os Corelia a few days ago when you were talking about your plans for the Defence Commissioner's office, something I'm obviously quite interested in:

    "Defence, since we are all a bit on edge I'd distract us from mainland conflict and fight piracy using the money nations spend on ammunition. "

    Would you care to expand upon that? Are you saying you'd take money from member states' defence budgets to fund anti-piracy efforts? And how would you "distract" us from mainland conflict as you call it?

  • Well there are a lot of troubles in that could get ignored,but its also good training and use of equipment and of course I am not going to force any nation to get involved I thought it'd be a nice way to get the nations together and use those massive defence budgets to do some good. Plus if we are all using our military together we are a lot less likely to get into wars at home.