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  • What should we expect?
    December 22nd, 2014

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    Published by Burdighan Local News
    Written by Marghete Amalienborg

    With Estergon joining the European Union, it's only natural for us to wonder what changes are going to be introduced to our kingdom, and seeing as the European Union is a progressive union of nations - we must prepare to catch up with it's modern pace and accept European culture. However, that might be a problem due to our nation's ways, which is why I'm going to be criticizing our nation and the step it is taking.

    Our nation has numerous flaws, and as such we must get rid of them in order to advance and become a influental member of the European Union. We are one of the few nations with the basic set up of a kingdom and are ruled by House Habsburg as we were for almost two millenniums, and even though I'm not looking for a change of our system, I hope that our king realizes that his approach to leading our state must change. Rather than hoping that good things just stack up one on another, we must locate the core of our nation and enter a cultural reniassance, seeing as we can no longer be satisfied by what kept smiles on our faces in the past, because we have agreed to take part in a changing world. A great example is how our culture, architecture and landscapes were what helped us thus far with developing our tourism, which is now the economic backbone of our state, but if we want to advance as a destination - we must accomidate and get better at welcoming our guests.

    And what am I hoping will change? Well, there's an entire list.
    I hope that we will remember to take our time and not be overwhelm ourselves, get rid of some of our outdated laws, maintain stability and finally - get out of our shell so that the world can influence us, and so that we could influence the world - which brings me to my next point.

    Even though I'm in favor of Estergon becoming a member of the European Union, we must remember to increase our production and work harder to improve our economic situation rather than hope that our living standards will increase as we import goods from other countries - which would make our nation dependant on the Union rather than a productive member of it. Us joining the European Union didn't improve anything just yet, unless you're going to tell me that you've been magically leading a better life for the last few days, but the European Union is a opportunity for us to become a better state and a stronger nation, because it is a gateway to a bigger world that we are now a part of.

  • Queen starts Faction for Diversity
    December 23rd, 2014

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    Published by Estergon National News
    Written by Anna Kreumburg

    Former talk show hostess and our beloved Queen, Lana Habsburg, decided to create the Faction for Diversity in Estergon, with the faction's goal being to peacefully encourage change in Estergon's law system while respecting the nation's foundation. However, the changes she recommends have proven to be quite controversial. She wants to allow non-Christian outsiders to enter Estergon, promote the study of foreign languages in Estergon's schools and make sure that succession laws no longer favor males as heirs to titles. These suggestions have earned acclaim from most social critics, but the general public and nobility - particularly males -- aren't fond of the Queen's ideas, with this faction's creation causing numerous debates. Archduke Edgar of Dalmatia in particular - who inherited the archduchy despite having a older sister and is known for his conservative ways -- seemed rather disturbed, leaving this comment:

    "Estergon is a nation built on legalism, tradition and culture, and changing it's oldest laws and customs will do nothing but shake the foundation of our kingdom, making all that was built on it collapse. If we begin to promote foreign culture, language and religion, we're going to lose our unique identity as citizens of Estergon."

    The Queen replies, "It is not my intention to shake the foundation of our kingdom, it is to improve what we have built. The kingdom was created by men and women who believed we are all God's children, regardless of our color, gender or mindset. Beginning to tolerate those different than us would be a step in the right direction, not a step towards failure."

    The Queen's position is uncertain for now, but we are expecting that she will recieve support from European critics along with another harsh reply from the Archduke. But what troubles us more is the Queen's, who is a mother of two, position in her own family, as it was confirmed that she will be spending Christmas in Inimicus alongside Chancellor Edward Earlstone, hinting at a dispute between her and King Joseph.

  • Royal heirs stand by mother
    December 24th, 2014

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    Published by Estergon National News
    Written by Anna Kreumburg

    During the public discussions regarding Queen Lana's Faction for Diversity, the heirs to Estergon's throne - William and Anna Habsburg -- have decided to involve themselves with the issue and show support for their mother. William in particular, who has shown great interest in politics since an early age, didn't mind speaking about the subject in public or on local television, leaving this statement:

    "It's frustrating to have to bring politics into a family setting, but after numerous discussions with my mother at the dinner table, I have chosen to show my support for her. Estergon is a evolving country, and we must take the opportunity that the European Union has granted us in order to cancel out as many of our issues as possible, and the outdated laws my mother is opposing are definitively one of them. My father, however, is being quiet. I'm not sure what is his opinion on all of this, but I have made it clear to him that if I inherit the throne, I shall introduce the changes he didn't. I'm concerned however, as he is isolating himself from us." The prince also adds: "My sister too agrees with me, even though she didn't want to bother herself with public appearances."

    With this move by the royal heirs, Queen Lana's Faction for Diversity has become a large threat, even though most nobles thus far have regarded it as nonsense that the king - who has all the power -- will ignore. Because of this, we can now expect nothing less than political warfare.

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