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    It is coming up to Christmas,so you know what that means food, presents and the elections for the first Finance Officers. As my first act as the Commissioner for Economics I have the honour of presiding over these first Finance Officer Elections with only two positions up for offer and no elections for these roles having taken place before very little can be predicted however I now open the nominations for candidates.


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    Nominations will be open until Boxing Day 23:59 GMT
    Voting will open from then until New Years Eve 23:59 GMT

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    Candidate Name:The Right Honourable Sir Eric Pickles CEDM
    Candidate Nationality: Davishirian
    Candidate Experience: Former Commissioner for Economics

  • Just a reminder to all nations the vote has not happened due to the lack of candidates so I congratulate Eric Pickles on becoming the Senior Finance Officer.

    • Craig Kielburger

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    I can think of no finer candidate for the position, the perfect person came forward and we support Mr Pickles election to this role

  • "Although I am pleased to now hold this position, I am concerned about the lack of uptake from other member states. The legislation I helped to write requires 2 financial officers, whilst one will be able to do the job I hope that in a years time when the next elections are held the uptake will be higher."

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