Aid against unrest

  • Aid against Unrest
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    Delegations of both the Bulgarian Empire and Groot Belgi? have been invited to Europolis by the Commissioner of Defence and Peacekeeping Raul Morland. The tensions need to be mediated and Bulgaria and Groot Belgi? need to come to an agreement.

    Raul Morland was waiting at the airport of Europolis. He saw multiple planes approaching, but because of the distance they were, he could not determine which two contained the delegations. When they were closing in towards him he saw a plane from Bulgaria, and one from Groot Belgi? too. "It's about time, it's cold today." Morland said as the planes touched down.

  • The GB plane touched down and the Groot-belgain emperor, the forgein minister the prime minister and the minister of war stepped out.

    Hello, mr morland said the emperor **It is a shame that we must meet under these circumstances **

    the ministers also greeted mr morland

    the emperor then once again took over and said We came as fast as we could we want to dissolve this as soon as possible

  • Councillor Angelov arrived at the airport after a small vacation back to Bulgaria, only those nations with spy satellites and strong ones at that could tell you about the war machine preparing itself there. Thousands of soldiers were on the border ready for the signal to attack, whatever that signal maybe. It was a cold, damp, windy day in Europolis, and walking on the tarmac you could feel that. Yet this place felt like home, it was an escape of the mess back home which had been improving with the new Supreme Marshall. Angelov met up with the commissioner and introduced himself before waiting for the disgusting GB delegation.

  • "Good, we are all here. There are cars waiting to take us to where summit will take place." Morland pointed at a couple of luxurious looking cars. "Right, let us go." The delegations and the commissioner entered the cars and went on a trip through Europolis.

    Upon arrival at the summit location, the delegations and commissioner were accompanied to the summit location. Once everyone was seated and got a beverage of choice, the discussion could begin.

  • good said the emperor **I will not pull back GB troops garrisonned at the border province to Bulgaria, it is to the utmost safety of the groot-belgain people and I will not risk that **

  • "I don't care about troops at border, or anything of the such.....all Bulgaria wishes to see is the removal of the current dictatorship in Groot Belgie and replaced with a more competent government," responded Angelov feeling about the pistol in his jacket....he had orders but whether to follow them.

  • the prime minister fell of his chair laughing, the foreign minister and the minister of war laughed frantically. the emperor could almost not hold his laugh.

    "you are turning things around mister angelov. inlinke Bulgaria Groot-belgie does have free elections it would only be normal I would repeat what you said only change Groot-belgie with Bulgaria"

  • The amount of disrespect that had just erupted onto Angelov so much he lost his calm demeanor. He was never much of a supporter of the regime, but this Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and War Minister were so incompetent to laugh at one of the highest ranking officials at a state they were ore incompetent to Angelov then the idiots in the regime back at home. Change could happen for Bulgaria, but it needed a true uniting event. Angelov had in his pocket something to answer this, it was a risk, but what had just happened was preposterous to Angelov.

    "I am not a Mr.Angelov, I am Councillor Angelov....get your terms correct you idiotic Belgian!" yelled Angelov at the three ministers, "Never in all my days have I seen such idiots in charge of a country, laughing in this situation is not something you should even think about , yet alone do." he continued, at this point the three men and the Emperor went stone cold.

    Angelov stood and slammed his hands on the table, the rage was so visible on your face there was perhaps a whimper from one of the ministers. The Commissioner meanwhile was scared, and stressed it was visible in his eyes. "I am sorry Commissioner that you are in such a place, but peace is not possible with this idiotic nation," yelled Angelov as he turned and made sure the door was closed and locked, "What I am about to do is for the good of Bulgaria, Groot Belgie, and the Union. I am so sorry," muttered Angelov as he pulled out a semi-automatic pistol. He pointed it first at the War minister and fired off two shots at the chest, followed by the Foriegn Affairs minister with the same pattern, the Prime Minister was shot in the neck and chest. The Emperor was then pumped full of the remants of the magazine in the chest and other places, totally four bullets. Blood splatted all over the room, war had just started with these shots.

    "Merry Christmas Commissioner, I wish you luck in the next few weeks" told Angelov as he walked out the door....diplomatic immunity had its benefits in a time like this.

  • The commissioner hid under the table when the shots were fired. When Angelov left the room he stood, looking at the Belgians, lying in puddles of their own blood. "GUARDS! Stop those Bulgarians!" he yelled to the security personell which should be around there somewhere. He cursed some Havvenskarian curse words. "GET AN AMBULANCE! He has got a war on his hands now."

  • The emperor fell but crawled up almost immidiatly and checked his bulletproof vest

    "I must return to my country immiadiatly to leead my troops" said the emperor

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