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    The Viscount arrived to the palace with his wife Sidse after delays with the flight from Aerodimus due to high winds. They looked at the palace with awe and smiles on their faces. 'You know darling I always love going on official business with you I can't help but smile to know my sweetheart is with me' he then kissed the Viscountessa. 'Oh Miltok you always were a romantic and you love dressing up for the occasion, I'm looking forward to practising my international etiquette and to finally meet the Groot Belgian Emperor you've spoke so much about him' Sidse replied. 'Well he is notorious at these occasions, to dine we go' the Viscotun declared with aplomb.

    They walked intot he dining room with great dleight admiring the breathtakign art and architecture. The Viscount walked up to Emperor Artabanos: 'Your Imperial Majesty it is such a pleasure ot meet with you.I bring greetings form my government and my people. As is Corelian tradition on such a day as today I present to you a liberty bird, a traditional decoration and a basket of our finest fish reserved for the flight in this cool case. May I also introduce to you my wife Viscountessa Sidse Hargadoon'

    The Viscountessa shook the Emperor's hand 'Most charmed ot meet you your imperial majesty'.

    They were then directed to the table where the Viscount found his dearest friend Horsten K?hler 'Horsten my dear friend how are you? It is always a pleasure to see you'. The two heads of state embraced.

    The Viscount then walked over to Lord and Lady Parsons of Poretos 'Lord and Lady Parsons a pleasure to make your acquaintance I am Miltok Hargadoon, Viscount of the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia and this is my wife Viscountessa Sidse Hargadoon, we are enamoured ot meet you and hope to have you in our nation one day'

  • "Very Pleased to meet you Viscount Miltok Hargadoon, and your lovely wife, may I ask where you got that watch I have been looking for one like that," Responded Lady Parsons, obviously leading for her husband to follow due to his shyness. "Please to make your Acquaintance Viscount, we've always meant to visit Os Corelia but we rarely get time off considering what we do. But at least you can tell us all about what we are missing!" laughed Lord Parsons

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    Sidse smiled at the compliment: 'This watch is from a wonderful watchmaker in Os Corelia called Yosenvidei's bad in my home city of Port Harbour. Finest watchmaker in all our nation and was presented as a gift to me upon Miltok's swearing into office'

    Miltok turned to Lord Parsons: 'Well where do I begin, the luscious Eider Forest, the beauty of Last Point looking out across the ocean, the history of Haladon province, the splendour of the Aeroidion Downs. You will simply have to come and try it!'

  • "I thought I ordered the portions to be bigger", Artabanos said as he saw his third course consisted of one carrot and two leaves of lettuce, topped with a piece of meat no bigger than an inch, "I would love to see how Callaghan would react to this..."

    He looked around the dining room for a few seconds. The Havvenskarian delegation was choking, the Os Corelians and Poretisians were laughing "like farmers with toothaches", as the Inimician saying goes, the Angleterics had literally been spat upon, and that Halsbergian lady was bothering the Davishirians. 'A truly successfull occasion', Artie thought, 'If only the Nicolezians would arrive. Even by their standards, they're rather late'. He took a sip of wine, a fine Inimician vintage, but was then alarmed by a servant rushing towards him. "Sire, Lane has just made a Christmas speech", the servant whispered in his ear, "He has accused you of making up the corruption report.". Artabanos started laughing, making the guests at his table a tad uncomfortable. "Excuse me for one moment", he said as he stood up, "I have a hilarious speech to watch."

  • _The Poretisians looked at each other, they had made their decision _

    "I think next time we get some leave together we really ought to visit the your Homeland, when is the best time for us to visit? What do you suggest, we've always been looking for a really good getaway and Os Corelia sounds like a perfect place." Responded Lord Fredson getting quite excited.

    "And of course when we come I'd love to visit that watchmaker of your, I've always wanted to have a lovely watch, its one of the few pieces of jewelry that the Regulations don't prohibit." responded Lady Parsons, almost as excited as her husband but trying to be much calmer about it.

  • President Kligenberg didn't exactly know how to take the Estergonian chancellor's remarks, as did Marlena. They could feel the underhandedness of the conversation, and Lana's attempt to clean it up certainly made it more pointed.

    "Well...I do realize that we are notorious for various things, but we are all human. The Polish Royal Family did what it must for the good of its people, led by my daughter's lead to transform Poland-Lithuania from an ineffective, old monarchy to a modern federal republic. Everyone in Poland has benefited from this much more than I could have imagined," Marlena replied gracefully as Fryderyk poured a mysterious clear liquid into a cup and took it bizarrely straight to the head. Alenka gave him the "would you mind please" look before trying to hide the fact she was mortified by his behaviour.

    All Ian and Karolina could do was grin. They knew Fryderyk too well, and if he didn't want to be somewhere and would rather be doing a line of something, or a hit of something, or engaging in intimate behaviour with his fianc?e, they weren't going to be able to stop him from at least engaging in moonshine. Karolina passed him a note:

    'What proof is it?'

    Fryderyk smiled coyly, wrote on it without drawing attention to himself, and brought it back to her via a servant placing a glass of Sobieski next to the Polish President.

    It read: '180, would you like some?'

    Karolina suppressed her laughter before (unwittingly) saying out loud, "Not now...maybe in a few more moments."

    She brushed it off quickly by turning to her husband, who watched the whole thing and all he could do was smile.

  • Prince Tommy and Queen Anastasia burst through the regal doors, looking embarrassed, but also giggling, forcing back intense laughter they took their seats. T

    "This is nice," Anastasia thought to herself. "Fashionably late, I'd say." She continued to daydream, gargling and guzzling her intentionally alcoholic beverage. "They better not put any dairy products near me, or I'll go berserk." She thought she'd forgotten something. Then it hit her. She beckoned her brother who had winked at every attractive man in the room.

    "It's nice to see you, Artie," She said, playfully. "Happy Holidays!" She exclaimed.

  • "late, as usual, but fashionably so", Artabanos said as he greeted the Nicolezians, "please, be seated and enjoy some of that.... ahem.... great apple tea I had imported to Inimicus. I've made sure no milk will even come close to you..."
    Artie had always found the Nicolezians' obsession with avoiding milk rather queer. How could an entire country be lactose intolerant? Perhaps he should add some milk to Prince Tommy's tea and see what happened. Nah, he couldn't risk a diplomatic crisis. Some cognac couldn't hurt though, could it? Yes, he was determined to get all Nicolezians drunk by the end of the night...

    "My Queen Anastasia", he said, "surely you will raise a glass with me to the good friendship between our peoples?"

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