European Seed Trust Director Appointment

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    Director Appointment

    As Commissioner for Internal Affairs, it is my duty and responsibility to appoint a European Seed Trust Director, who will manage and oversee the European Seed Banks. The European Seed Trust Director will work with National Seed Banks, or similar projects in order to retrieve seeds to store in the three European Seed Banks. The Director will also ask for the donations from member states, organizations, corporations etcetera. if the provided funds from the European Budget are surpassed. The Director has to be an established scientist, and will be handpicked by me. They will serve as Director for the period of two years.

    Any person wanting to apply for this position must fill in the following form:


    [b]Home country:[/b]
    [b]Experience (please be elaborate):[/b]

    Nominations will end on January 4th 2015 at 18.00 GMT.

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    **Name:**Professor Hannekl?r Uuistivian
    **Home country:**Os Corelia
    Nationality/Nationalities: Corelian
    Age: 29
    Experience (please be elaborate):
    BSC Agricultural Biology - University of Port Harbour - 2008
    MSC Natural Resource Preservation - Yellownak University - 2007
    PhD Crop Futures and Preservation - Yellownak University - 2010
    Seed Advisor to Agricultural Ministry - 2011
    Director of National Natural Resources Centre - Aerodimus University - 2012
    Yemi Kolp Chair in Natural Science at National Resources Centre - Aerodimus University - 2013
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  • Name: Alona Bondarenko
    Home country: Poland-Lithuania
    Nationality/Nationalities: Ruthenian
    Age: 28
    Experience (please be elaborate):
    BS Plant Biology - University of Kiev
    Master's Degree: Molecular biology- University of Kiev
    Ph.D. - Molecular biology

  • After careful deliberation with advisors and consultants, I have decided that the European Seed Trust shall henceforth be managed by Director Alona Bondarenko. Congratulations to her. However, I deeply admire the skills Mrs Uuistivian has displayed, and as such I would like to offer her the position of Vice Director. I know, this office is not mentioned in the Seed Trust Act, however I feel skills and motivation like those displayed by Mrs Uuistivian should not be wasted.

    Premier Commissioner (and acting Commissioner for Internal Affairs) Eric Hitchens

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