An Emergency Phonecall


    It was christmas day and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, was enjoying Christmas with his family. Last year he was in prison awaiting trial, later to be found innocent, but had missed christmas and was looking forward to spending time with his family. The christmas tree was lit with multicoloured lights and his two children had just unwrapped their presents.

    Suddenly a senior military officer burst into the room,

    "Prime Minister, apologies but it has started. Bulgaria has started the attack on Groot Belgie"

    The military officer, a major of His Majesties Guards gave the Prime Minister a dossier containing some info about what had happened. The Prime Minister looked in shock as to what appeared to be happening. EMPs had never been used, and yet he was confused how and why the Bulgarians had been given them.

    "If I had known that the bulgarians had such weapons, then..."

    The Prime Minister continued reading the document before giving some quick orders,

    "Get the 1st Airborne Division ready to move at 15 minutes noticed. Have the ballistic missiles primed also"

    "Yes, Prime Minister"

    Cameron walked over the the red phone located on his desk, the prime minister liked to spend time with family whilst working so he had a desk located in the living room.
    He picked up the phone,

    "Get me the President of Poland, Priority Urgent!"

  • Before the President had a moment to go to Inimicus, she was wanted on the phone at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. Alenka, her husband Ian, and Fryderyk were all waiting on her to get into the plane, but this was the priority. She had to answer the phone, as she knew exactly what was happening. Secretary of Foreign Affairs Benedycta Gulczynska and Secretary of Defence Josef Polanski were waiting with her as well to give their advise. The phone rang, and she picked it up.

    "Prime Minister Cameron..." Karolina said, answering the phone.

    "Needless to say that the situation in Bulgaria has become eminently dangerous to Eastern Europe. EMPs, my GOD. I never knew, even with as much as I've spoken with the leaders of Bulgaria, that they were capable of such things. In fact, it's almost bizarre that they had such things.

    "I know our two nations have never been the best of friends. In fact, only recently as summer, one could say we are enemies. But, this is something that will force us together and be a positive, despite the untold amounts of damage that could happen.

    "What do you think of the situation?"

  • "well the whole region is at great risk, we must handle the situation carefully. If either one of us reacts then this conflict could spill out into the wider region.

    Admittedly in the past, it is likely that the Davishirian governments would have already launched missiles but as I am sure we both agree a more measured response, if any is needed. Now amittedly this is in our "back yard" so firstly I would like to ask what response you are going to conduct, if any.

    Secondly, I would like to offer our support to your nation in the defence of your border, would you like any military assistance to ensure security?"

  • "Border security was actually a concern of ours. It will be hard to contain, especially if other nations make their own counterattacks into Bulgaria or strikes. I agree with you that any sort of intervention by either of us would be, at best, dicey.

    "Your offer is both generous and accepted. We will need all the help we can with dealing with our border and the refugees that could come across at any given moment.

    "In terms of the conflict directly, we should try and coordinate aid to the people who were subject to the EMP's. They have been sent so far back into the stone age, and it will take the people there potentially an entire year to even get back to full capacity."

  • "President, I shall have 2000 men, a squadron of 30 fighter bomber aircraft, 2 awacs and associated transports en-route to Poland within 12 hours.

    I agree, perhaps we could conduct a humanitarian over a military response, at least for the time being. I shall have my military planners get onto the planning elements of such an operation. What do you think of that? "

  • "That force can be joined by the Polish Armed Forces base in Kosice, Slovakia. It'll be within 50 miles of the Bulgarian border, which will make any response we have to have a lot simpler and quick.

    "I would like to send some planners to London to help out in such a crisis and the coordination of a humanitarian response. Will that suit the Prime Minister?"

  • "I will ensure that orders are given to that effect. On the issue of planners, any help would be much appreciated. Both in the planning phase and also the implementation.

    Is there anything else that you want to discuss. If not I shall let you get on with your work."

  • "That will be all, Mr. Prime Minister. Our planners will be leaving for London immediately."

  • "many thanks, Madame President. I look forward to speaking to you again"

    ______SOME HOURS LATER IN LONDON _________

    The planners arrived at the Headquarters of the Davishirian Military in London. The only place in Davishire with the infrastructure to conduct any operations. The Davishirian delegation and Polish delegation were sat around a table with a massive map of North Western Europe.

    Brigadier David Weller, who was to lead the operation from the Davishirian side was the first to speak,

    "So gentleman, the Prime Minister ordered us to conduct some initial emergency aid. This consisted of setting up basic Air Traffic Control and seizing, I mean peacefully acquiring the airport in Antwerpen the Belgian Capital. We have 4 aid flights per hour providing food, water, petrol, generators and clothing. What steps do you think we should take next?"

  • London, Davishire

    Pułkownik (Colonel) Ferenc Kodaly from Budapest arrived in London, knowing he would be in charge, as was stated by Secretary Polanski. He was in the meeting and felt as though he was part of a groundbreaking new portion of relations between Poland and Davishire.

    "Those are all very good steps; my main issue will be making sure that we protect the civilians who come to us for aid from the fighting forces. Goodness knows what the Bulgarians will do," Puł. Kodaly said to the Brigadier Weller.

  • "Perhaps I feel that we should set up a reception centre near to the airport. We could seize, sorry peacefully secure, a large eough area of land outside the city. With Belgian permission of course. This area could then be used to house any refugees and feed them .
    I have already spoken to representatives from Prussia and they have said they won't accept any refugees. Therefore, unless they can be rehoused in Belgium, they can only be flown out of the country"

  • "I cannot speak for Poland's ability to take refugees, but I will do my best to convince them that it's necessary for at least temporary security to accept refugees," the colonel said to the brigadier. "It would be helpful to our cause if we could. I know the government in Australia may also be willing to take refugees."

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