Joint Statement on Bulgarian-GB War

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    Authored by the Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Eric Hitchens

    The Commissioners for Internal Affairs and Defence and Peacekeeping were shocked to hear about and see the horrific attack on Groot-Belgian officials not long ago. The Internal Affairs Commissioner feared for his colleague?s life, who fortunately escaped unscathed. There is no other term to describe this deed than a terrorist attack. Both of us strongly condemn this violent deed. Both of us are striving to ensure this continent will never descend into military conflict again, and we will continue to do our best to assimilate either party in this quarrel. The fact that EMPs and artillery have already been used does not mean our efforts have already failed, however.

    The Commission does not side with any party in this conflict, although we do strongly condemn the Bulgarian regime for its acts, in the past and in the present. Not only has the regime partaken in genocide and persecution of minorities, but an attack like this is unjustifiable. The Commission will pursue an immediate cease fire between the two warring parties, so as to allow negotiations to begin as soon as possible. If the parties fail to comply to this appeal, the Commission will be forced ask volunteering nations to serve as peacekeeping forces in this conflict. The European Relief Force may also be used, albeit as a humanitarian aid force, not a peacekeeping regiment.

    We would be grateful to any nations volunteering to help the Commission in its efforts to silence this conflict. For now, we would like to invite Bulgarian and Groot-Belgian leaders to the table, without armaments, to discuss a quick end to this quick war. We would like to stress that conversations will have to be at a mature and serious tone, for both nations? sakes.

    Commissioner for Internal Affairs Eric Hitchens
    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping Raul Morland

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