Phonecall to Davishire


    Just before King Olav and his family left Havvenskar for the christmas dinner in Inimicus, he had a conversation with Prime Minister Jens Johanssen.

    "Jens, you know about the Groot Belgi?-Bulgaria incident in Europolis? I had a phonecall from Morland. I do not think the belgians should be treated like this, and I want to offer them help."
    "I agree with you, your majesty. We should offer them help. I think it is a good idea to call Davshire about this, see what they think." The King nodded. "I'll get on it." the prime minister said.

    "Hello, Jens Johanssen here. The prime minister of Havvenskar.

    The situation in Groot Belgi? and Bulgaria is getting out of hand. I believe we should offer aid to the Belgians, as I feel they are more victims in this case. They lost some good people over there. We had a meeting a couple of weeks ago in Davishire to ensure a good relationship between our nations. I say let us honour that relationship now, and send aid to the Belgians. What say you?"

  • "Great to hear from you Prime Minister, I have just got off the phone with the President of Poland. Davishire and Poland are going to work together for a response in the long term however like you said, we need something in the short term.

    My army is reopening Antwerpen airport and setting up emergency air traffic control services for that airport. We will then have military transports delivering petrol generators, water and food. Are you able to help with that?"

  • "Yes, that's just what we had in mind over here. We have transport planes available, and we are going to take care of the water, food and generators. Is there anymore what needs to be done, in which Havvenskar could be of assistance?

  • "I think for now that is all that we can do. We will get in touch if we need more help.

    Have your aircraft go to GB. My controllers will be setting up the emergency station"

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