A plea from GB

  • it was the first time that Barney stinson needed to do this. he came up and said

    "this morning my people have been surprised by EMPs . Because of this we have no electricity. Our food supply comes in danger because of this also we almost have no drinkable water left. Our people will fight off these evil invaders until their last breath has left them. but without electricity we are unable to fight them off properly let alone defeat them. So not only a food and water supply but a commision ordered peace keeping force would or a force intended to defeat bulgaria would be greatly appriciated."

  • "As Premier Commissioner of the Union, I sympathize with the people of Groot Belgie. It must be noted though that the commission must remain neutral. We are playing a dangerous game here Councillor, but I promise the Commission will be sending aid, and is attempting its best at the moment to qualm the conflict. I have instructed Commissioner Hitchens, and Commissioner Morland to have separate talks with GB and Bulgarian delegations to at least arrange a ceasefire. On a personal note, I will be donating 70 million of my own money towards the aid sent to GB.

    As for the security of the commission buildings, it is the fault of my own that Councillor Angelov was not checked before the summit. This was not a security mishap, rather wrong protocol. I felt it was necessary to trust diplomats when they come to Europolis instead of mishandling them. From now on any visitor to any Union building shall be properly screened upon entry.....every single time no matter their position or country of origin."

  • "If it is quite alright with the Premier I would like to open another Humanitarian Charity in the name of the Commission of Economics and begin setting up refugee sites for both sides as well as focus on returning Clean Water and Food to the affected areas of both sides." Requested the Commissioner for Economics Craig Keilburger

  • "You have my permission, I also suggest you use emergency aid funds allocated towards the Commissioner of Economics to get aid to Groot Belgie while the council produces a proper bill."

  • "Of Course, the first arrivals should be in 5 hours after the money is sent through. Camps shall be set up in Neutral nations, I would like to request that the Imperial Prussian State and Kryuland allow the Commission to set up refugee camps within their nations until such a time as more formal arrangements can be made. The Commission of Economics would also like to open to all nations the Emergency War Relief Fund to aid the construction of these camps and ensure the saftey of all involved." Responded Craig Keilburger

  • "I have already received word that Prussia will be taking refugees for the short term, but it plans to maintain its recognized neutrality in the matter. It is prepared to seek reparations from Bulgaria as well over the EMPs due to secondary affects in Prussia."

  • "Prehaps I should get in contact with the Imperial Prussian Government to discuss a formal act to request these reparations that can be reviewed by the Economics Commision as a Neutral Matter, and any other nation that was affected should also state so now. I have just recieved word from my secretary that if the Imperial Prussian Government agrees the first Aircraft can begin setting up the camp within 3 hours from their word." responded Craig Keilburger

    _James Tournay entered the conversation _

    "My apologies Commissioners but I have received word from Lady Alexandra , she has agreed that now that the Nationals of Poretos have been evacuated the Squadron is at your disposal for transferring Humanitarian Aid, she does however apologies for being unable to grant any money at this time without the approval of Parliament who is currently on leave however has been called for an emergency session tomorrow"

    _Craig Keilburger looked at the Premier Commissioner and Commissioner of Defense and Peace Keeping to show that this was up to them how they should react. _

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