Possible Cease fire summit

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    Groot Belgi? and Bulgaria declared war on each other. In a span of mere days thousands and thousands of Belgian civilians are killed, by bombs, fire and radiation. Therefore the Commissioner of Defence and Peacekeeping summoned a representative of Groot Belgi? to Europolis to discuss a possible cease fire.

    The commissioner was at the airport of Europolis, waiting for the Belgian plane. He was waiting at the same spot where he waited for both the Belgians and the Bulgarians, which was just a few days ago, but felt like it was weeks ago.

  • Barney stinson was already in europolis but went to the airport anyway

    "hello commisionner, how are you doing today?"

  • "You were already here? How... never mind. Let's get to the summit location. I'm doing fine by the way."

    The two stepped in a car which was waiting for them to drive them to the summit location

    "So, mr. Stinson, I have called you for an urgent matter. A matter which, I think, has great importance, and I think you yourself agrees with me there: The Belgian-Bulgarian war. I am here to discuss with you about the possibility of a cease fire between Groot Belgi? and the Bulgarian Empire. Thousands of people have died, and more will die, if we do not put and end to this. So what have you got to say about this?"

  • My people are willing to fight to the end now. for revenge, but it is best to reach some kind of peace said barney stinson

  • "So are you prepared to go round the table with Bulgaria, to debate a cease fire for the time being, and maybe even peace?"

  • Whatever is reachable for now, which would be a cease fire for now. peace alotugh farfetched can be possible

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