A "Teutonic" Meeting

  • It was Monday morning when the helicopter carrying the European Unions newest leaders landed on the green outside the house of commons. The Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Defence were waiting to meet them.

    Mr Cameron (the PM) had ensured that the police had thoroughly searched the whole of the Palace of Westminster beforehand, it was confirmed that no ninjas were present within the building.

    It was a cold day, some snow was on the ground and the Prime Minister had had little sleep, with the crisis in Groot Belgie how could he sleep? He had the military telling him to drop bombs and everyone else telling him to do the humanitarian stuff, he didn't really know what to think any more. Anyhow, that is another story. He looked toward his defence secretary,

    "why, just why am I here?"

    "you are here to meet the new leaders, Prime Minister"

    "I know that bit, but why did I say to do it here. We should have gone somewhere warmer"

    The helicopters carrying the new leaders landed and the delegation stepped out.The Prime Minister looked at the two men approaching.

    "Who is the most important defence secretary?"

    "I don't have a clue"

    The Prime Minister walked over to them and shook hands with the person on the left, hoping it was the most senior person.

    "Welcome to Davishire!"

  • Hello, says the man on the left, wearing traditional order armor, I am Nikolaus Wilhelm. The man on the right is a noble in charge of land based security, Mr. Von Rom.

    Good to meet you fellows, quite an impressive palace I must say. Maybe sometime you can see our castle at K?nigsberg.

    Now, what shall we discuss first?

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    The Prime Minister was relieved, he had shaken hands with the right person.

    "well I think before we discuss anything we should move into my office"

    The Prime Minister took the visitors through the Kings Entrance. With its gold lined walls and impressive staircases.

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    They entered into the Prime Ministers office, it was more businesslike.

    "so, is there any questions that you would like to ask me before we start?"

  • "Yeah, how did you afford all of this opulence? "

    "I'm interested, as well, in who your other allies may be, and your relations with Havvenskar, my neighbors."

    "Have you any tea? Perhaps we should have a light pipe smoke over some drinks while we discuss."

  • The Prime Minister called over an aide,

    "Can you please bring us some tea, many thanks."

    "The gold was mined mostly from within Davishire, however Davishire did formally have an empire. All of which is gone now but no matter. We do appear to have quite good relations with Davishire and Havvenskar, we don't have any trouble with them and our armed forces have worked together in Groot Belgie."

    The Secretary of State or Defence suddenly chirped up,

    "I think Prime Minister it is time to get to the matter at hand"

    "yes, thank you Secretary of State, now I see you have a very small military. I am curious as to whether you would be prepared to work with the commonwealth government in a defence agreement. Basically, provided you don't attack first Davishire would be prepared to assist your military with its defence. What do you think of that?"

  • " I would have to agree. We want a defensive force. When we build up it will mainly be artillery and an airforce. As you can see our northern borders are nothing but mountains, therefore easily defensible.

    How could you react if we were invaded? Do you have force projection? In the event you are, we would send whatever planes we could spare."

  • "We have significant levels of force project. Not only do we possess non-nuclear ballistic missiles but we also have 2 and a half carrier fleets and a significant submarine force. We would like to position a joint naval and airbase with a training area so that we can help to train your armed forces.

    Should you be attacked, we would assist you in your defence, provided that you do not attack them first or that you do not make any provocative actions against the person attaacking you.

    I can use a template agreement from another member state. What do you think?"

  • "Let us do this agreement. Do you have mountain and woodland troops? Our focus is accuracy and skill with a small, focused force."

  • "We do have highly trained mountainous and woodland troops and that could be apart of the training package.

    Now here is our proposal for an agreement. What do you think?"


    Davishire-Teutonic Order Defence Agreement

    An agreement to expand military cooperation between The Commonwealth of Davishire and The Kingdom of the Teutonic Order

    Section 1- Defence Guarantee
    1- Both signatories to this agreement do commit to assisting in the armed defence of the other if ALL the following criteria are met;
    a- That country is under direct military attack from another state
    b- That country has formally requested military assistance

    2- Signatories do not have to assist the other member if ANY the following conditions exist;
    a- The other signatory has entered armed conflict through attacking another state
    b- The other signatory has not officialy requested military assistance

    Section 2- Joint Defence Co-Operation
    1- Each signatory is permitted to hold a military base in the others state in order to assist under section 2(1)
    a-It shall not obligatory to position bases in another country

    2- Any military base positioned under this agreement shall be restricted to the following maximum troop numbers
    a-20,000 soldiers ,100 Aircraft (not including transport aircraft),30 Naval Vessels

    3- A Joint Military Training Centre shall be set up as detailed in Section 3

    Section 3- Joint Military Training Centre

    1-A Joint Military Training centre shall be established within Davishire
    1.1 The Joint Military Training centre shall be operated by the Davishire
    military with assistance from the Armed Forces of the Teutonic Kingdom.

    2-The Joint Military Training centre shall provide additional training for officers from the Davishire & the Teutonic Kingdom Military forces on a 1 year training course.

    3-Graduates from the Joint Military Training Centre must already have passed applicable military selection processes in Davishire & the Teutonic Kingdom

    Section 4- Command Structure
    1- In the event of joint military action a Joint Command Council shall be set up
    a- This shall consist of 6 officers, 3 from each signatory. All officers must be
    of Senior Officer Level above that of Brigadier
    b- A senior officer shall be appointed, this shall be the commander of the largest
    force involved in the operation

    2- If established the Joint Command Council shall be in overall charge of all
    Davishire/Teutonic military forces involved in the operation

    Section 5- Amendments

    1- This agreement can be further amended by unanimous agreement from both the Commonwealth of Davishire and The Kingdom of the Teutonic Order

  • "We agree in full to this, our defense pact shall be completed soon."

  • With that, the Prime Minister pulled out a pen from his pocket. There was a red elastic band around the top of the pen, it was obviously the pen of choice for the Ink was halfway down the tube.

    Mr Cameron bent over the table, with his right hand signed the document and said,

    "this is a great day for both of us"

    The Defence secretary spoke,

    "we can arrange a meeting in a few weeks time, to confirm the training package and also what units will be based in your territory and ours"

  • "We look forward to working with you, hopefully we have many years of cooperation and regional peace. We looked forward to receiving your troops. Till our next meeting, I bid you farewell. "