A summit about reform

  • December 29th

    A letter is sent around the world to each major nation, addressed from Nikolaus Wilhelm himself.

    Hello friends, I am holding a meeting at the Castle of K?nigsberg, date to be decided after we know who will be attending. A most amiable room will be provided for attendees, along with a feast.

    Recently my populace has requested more say in how government runs, they wish for voting and some decentralization. I see the future in these systems, and would like to work on going about some change.

    However, this nation has been a monarchy as long as it has existed. I would like to discuss how I would go about changes, what systems have worked for your nation, and who may aid me in this quest.

    Hope to see you at my castle,

    N. Wilhelm

  • A response was quickly provided from the Foreign Bureau of Poretos:


    Dear Your Majesty, N. Wilhelm

    Poretos has recently gone through a transition very similar to the one that you are looking to consider... however ours sadly went through 2 Civil Wars and the Murder of one Emperor (Poretos used to be an Empire before the full Unification of the Kingdoms) . However we do now know what would make a good transition, and Poretos herself is going to be heading towards becoming the 2nd Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos instead of the first with some alterations to Parliament and the Government expected in late January. So with this, we would love to come help you at as much as we can and of course welcome you to the Union. Luckily we are very close to you so we can even discuss trade and other issues that some other nations might be too far away to consider.


    Lady President Alexandra Mountdora
    Lord Chancellor Jordan Etrana
    Foreign Premier Elizabeth Teresa
    Lord Ambassador Justin Mountdora

  • To: Poretos


    We would be happy to have you at our meeting, it sounds like you could be of help. We would love to discus trade and security measures with you as well.

    What date would be suited to you?


    N. Wilhelm

  • The Government of Poland-Lithuania will send Alenka Kligenberg, our new Secretary of Foreign Affairs, to this summit, accompanied by Secretary of Commerce Maciej Kaczmarek. Poland is quite familiar with transitions to democracy, as this past year marked the transition from constitutional monarchy to federal parliamentary republic. We would be more than happy to meet with you on this level.


    The Poretisian Delegation are more than happy to arrive when best suits you.

  • A letter goes out to both countries.


    We would be happy to have the meeting as soon as Poretos and Poland-Lithuania are ready. We invite you to head here when you want, should the other party arrive later you will be entertaining while waiting.


    N. Wilhelm.

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