The reform summit

  • Prince Lorad piped up "I don't wish to sound rude in any way to the Polish Delegation, however neither of you have nor ever will step in His Majesty's shoes,"

    _The Lord Chancellor was looking increasingly alarmed _

    "The Monarchy is a slightly distanced plain from Politics, we must be to remain politically neutral."

    _Prince Lorad looked at His Majesty King Wilhelm for approval _

    "A good way of keeping the Nobles happy is just not to take away their power, but control it and encourage them to use it less. Hence the Privy Council continues to maintain their full rights and powers, but they often their work is done for them by the Government. Or, like Poretos is now working on in our changes to the Constitution, having lifetime peers in Parliament to show that their hard work to the nation does have rewards, plus you can then have more trust in Parliament and you ensure the democratic process goes on within your bounds. And as part of Federalisation, luckily Poretos was an Empire of 17 Kingdoms, okay some have been altered, but each of these have become Districts and have Lord Councillors (High Ranking Members of Local Councils that act on your behalf in the local area) as well as their elected Councils"

    _Prince Lorad was very glad to see the nodding approval of the Lord Chancellor _

  • "I am seeing that between your two nations, not upsetting the nobles in power would be wise. Perhaps give them districts, and when I make a national law, let them decide how they met the new standards? How do I give individuals some power, but not full democracy yet?"

  • "Being the Former Duchess of Lithuania," said Alenka in an annoyed voice, "I can assure you I can speak from experience. However, Poretos gives a second option."

    "As for your second question, I do not know exactly. Maybe the all-knowing Poretisians can give you advice on that."

  • "Prehaps a good start would with the Judiciary System, ensuring that the laws will always be interpreted fairly is the best start." responded the Lord Chancellor unsure about the conflict tone from the other delegation.

  • "I must are relations between the poles and Poretos? You guys seem a tad bit tenuous, shall I call for ale or wine? I like the judiciary idea. What kind of powers would I give my lords, however? Enough to make them happy, but not enough for them to abuse the population.."

  • The Lord Chancellor Responded "This is my first time really meeting the Poles on a Diplomatic visit really so I don't know, but I must apologise for Prince Lorad's comment as you can tell he doesn't work for the Foreign Bureau"

    _Prince Lorad laughed as he knew he should have held his tounge _

    "It might be a good idea to give Lords Titles of Mayor and Warden, Sheriff etc, so they have a more Ceremonial, Diplomatic, Local role?"

  • "Poland has not established relations with Poretos, though we are aware of their existence," Secretary Kligenberg answered, again in a somewhat terse voice. Secretary Kaczmarek looked at Secretary Kligenberg with a quite direct glance, and took over the conversation.

    "Surely, when they explained they meant no slight to us, they meant with their full conviction of character," Secretary Kaczmarek replied. "They may not know that we were a monarchy since the 9th century and until 2014, when we made the transition to federal republic, and that our President was an Empress as recent as September."

  • "Well, that is easily forgotten. Have yourself a drink Mr. Lorad. Is that what you liked to be called? Perhaps I shall make the lords Sheriffs in charge of maintenance, public works, law enforcement, and offer them seats in the church council."

  • Alenka delightfully took a glass of wine, though most Poles would have preferred the life water of their culture, vodka. She, however, could not complain and felt slightly embarrassed. She knew she would have to work on her temperament somewhat. It was different being a Polish diplomat than a European diplomat, like she previously had been. It would take adjustments, and putting on that Duchess facade once more.

  • "So Alenka, what spurred on the change when your country went through this?"

  • "I'll accept Mister, I have been called much worse in the past your Majesty." Laughed HRH Prince Lorad

    "The Church is a great place for Tradition, your lords will eventually get acustom to the fact that the days of the Feudal system have come and gone." replied Prince Lorad drinking the lovely wine whilst mouthing and apology to the delegates from Poland-Lithuania.

  • "I'm glad it was an appropriate title. Enjoying our wines? We worked hard on breeding grapes that would grow in this climate. I shall probably enroll the lords in a bishop like tradition. Church is not forced in these lands, but most people attend, and adhere to moral law against crime and such things.

    While we are kind of relaxing, I must ask..shall we speak of a trade agreement?"

  • "The biggest motivator for us was the fact that on a regional level, our citizens felt they were not being heard, and it echoed on the national stage. Poland is the dominant region of our Federal Republic, at the time the Empire, and the people wanted greater autonomy, including the nobility. We struck a deal to transition the government in order to save us from a certain revolution.

    "As a result, we've actually experienced greater growth in our economy through freedoms, and we have become much more efficient. You'll find that stability and efficiency takes precedence over many other things, so President (then Empress) Kligenberg led the country to what it is now, through its first elections and to the happiness the people of our Republic so wanted.

    "The lesson learned that I can give to you is to truly listen to the pulse of your nation and make choices based on that and the information you have in front of you. If you don't, your government will surely fail," Alenka said, now much more calm. She looked at Prince Lorad and simply grinned. She understood he spoke somewhat out of turn.

    "Secretary Kaczmarek will be happy to work on a trade agreement with me; I do not claim to be an economist, but he is one of Poland's greatest economists, so hopefully he will be able to input."

  • "While we work on this, I shall make sure the nobles are closely watched. Most were loyal through-ought history, but a power vacuum is entirely possible if we miss even a small position to fill. As a token of goodwill to Poland, I would like to send a musician on tour there, so we may begin to associate our peoples. What say you? Shall we speak economics on a more specific date?"

  • "Don't look at me for a trade agreement" laughed Prince Lorad looking at the Lord Chancellor

    "We'll be more than happy to start a trade agreement. What premise would you like it to be on?" Responded the Lord Chancellor

  • "What resources do you have Mr. Lorad? We have a lot of oil, timber, and granites. Mostly we are on a resource based economy. We are going to be advancing it, but as of right now we have raw resources. I don't think you will find finer stones or timbers to build with. Perhaps if the people see us creating jobs as the power shifts it will ease their minds.."

  • "How about we help fuel your new economy, a massive pipeline and our National Natural gas, wind, water, solar and nuclear power can help you sustainably evolve?"

  • "Sounds excellent to me. The environment is a huge concern to us. We have sustainable timber growth and fish farms already, and good public transportation via rail, this could help give us the energy to modernize the rail system."

  • "We only have it due to the change in our monarchy through 2 civil wars because its easier to get them than having loads of coal miners."

  • "Poland can offer arms and finished products. We are also a nation of raw materials, but we have developed further beyond that. We are capable of producing many finished products, most to do with the arts, education, electronics, and information technologies. We would be more than happy to assist by trading in those fields," Secretary Kaczmarek said to the two other parties.

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