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    Good evening, I'm Jack Pollard with 7 News.

    Tonight, the Government issues a statement for New Year's Day but it does nothing really to keep the flames of anti-Icholasen thought out of the mind of the the Liberal Party, and it's taking public opinion with them.

    The European Court of Justice has allowed for Davishire to petition for the trial of Bulgaria. The regime in the Eastern European nation has been cited with genocide and also declaring war against Groot-Belgie. The small central European nation was a victim of illegal EMPs fired by Bulgaria.

    Tennis returns to Australia; the Australian Open series, the lead up to Melbourne's Australian Open begins 5 January in Perth and Hobart. The Hopman Cup and the ASB Classic begin next week, and stars from around the world of tennis will be staying for the month long tennis in Australia during the winter holidays.

    Back to the main story:

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott released a statement today to outline the Federal Government's goals for 2015. Aside from tax reform, reducing the deficit, and immigration reform, the PM took a shot at Icholasen. The island nation colonized and began modern Australian history, and it has been Australian Liberal Party policy to be somewhat hostile towards Icholasen. However, the PM took new intensity to the rhetoric:

    "The unnatural society that is Icholasen must not be allowed to permeate Australian life. We must maintain our independent culture, and not let the intensely liberal and morally disturbing influence of Icholasen come to our nation. The danger to our society is great, and as such, I will be consulting with the Foreign Office to restrict and ultimately end all immigration from Icholasen, and soon eliminate travel to and from Icholasen by all Australian citizens."

    Mr. Abbott clearly has toned down the rhetoric somewhat compared to Bulgaria, but it is still a rather intense statement regarding the island kingdom. Icholasen's Prime Minister Laverne Cox has not responded yet, and neither have the rest of the European Union.

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