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    Dissidents in the CDP, the Prime Minister under attack

    The rumor of a possible fracturisation within the ruling Christian Democratic Party is becoming more real than ever as many of the leading members of the Party, including 2 senators John McLaughlin from Amukta and James Smith Jr. from Anchorage, calling for the suspension of Prime Minister Joseph McLaurin's membership.

    All of these dissidences come from the disagreement with the Prime Minister's lately policies which are described as "way too progressive" by many in the party. These acts include the bill which gives a significant boost to the national welfare system, as well as the most recent pass of stricter laws that regulates the way corporations must handle their industrial wastes.

    But, according to our analysts, it is unlikely that the Prime Minister will be banned from the Party as he still has supports of a majority of the party members. Even in the case the Prime Minister's CDP membership is suspended, he stilll can stay in the office as an independent, unless the CDP manages to have 75% of all the votes in both chambers to dismiss Joseph McLaurin from his PMship.

    However, this is a severe blow to the domination of the CDP, especially when the parliamentary elections are coming close.

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    CDP joins the EPP-ED

    This morning, the Christian Democratic Party of Aleutia has filed their application to the European People's Party-European Democrats, and apparently their application has been accept by the EPP-ED. The Aleutian CDP is now a part of the pan-regional party.

    This is the first time one political party of Aleutia join such inter-continent party like this case of the CDP. This decision, however, is heavily criticised by other parties, such as the Aleutian Socialist Party (ASP) and the Communist Party who believe this event will bring foreign influence into Aleutia's politics. The move is also proved to be somewhat unpopular among the people of Aleutia, who have always prefered their traditional neutral stance in regional and international political events.

    It is believed that the opposition parties, mainly the ASP, will take counter moves by also joinning another pan-regional party, probably the European Liberal Party, while the Communists are also believed to be planning to get help from the CPEU.

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    More pressure on McLaurin after New Year Celebration

    It seems that many challenges are awaiting PM Joseph McLaurin in his office after the PM arrived at the capital Unalaska after his vacation in the resort city of Fairbanks.

    The government's recent progressive policies have left a negative effects on the nation's economy. Income tax sored, and is now at the 22% level, compared to the 0% rate at the beginning of last December, as government spending is raising to meet the expensives environment bill and the rehabilitation program passed last December. As a result, GDP per capita has dropped to $35,600 from $37,000 in one month.

    There has been many voice within the CDP and its conservative ally, the National Solidary Font, calling for the Parliament to reverse those changes. But many in the CDP and the left-leanning Aleutian Socialist Party show strong supports to the PM's policies and describe these policies as necessary for the development of the country and the goodness of the society as a whole.

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    Free trade agreements

    The McLaurin government today has announced the achievement of three separate bilateral free trade agreements with the Kaliphate of Alikhstan, the Holy Roman Empire and Nazione Italiana.
    The government hopes that these free trade agreements will give a boost for the country's economy and improve the economic productivity of Aleutia and the related countries.
    However, these agreements have also come under attack by many labor unions across the country as well as a handful of politicians in both Chambers as many factories in different industries of the country are threatened of bankruptcy and many may lose their jobs due to these new competitions.

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    A matter of Neutrality

    For decades, the Confederacy of Aleutia has been a de facto neutral state. But now, the Prime Minister is pushing to make it an official permanently-neutral country. The government is taking steps to create a self-imposed law, an admenment to the Constitution of the Confederacy, that would ban Aleutia from joining any military alliance and potentially, any political organization, permanently. This law, as an admentment, in order to come into effect, must gain supports of the population. A referendum on this issue is expected to take place very soon.

    In meantime, the McLaurin government is also proposing a charter which, hopefully, will protect neutral powers and persons in case of war in the European Parliament in Europolis. The debate is still going on in the capital. The major problem that the government of Aleutia is facing in order to persuade the European community to pass this bill is how to generate a firm definition of the term "neutral" mentioned in the charter. Aleutian lawmakers now can be seen spending day and night reading dictionaries and old law books in the country's libraries.

    At the same time, there is rumor that the Government is also lobbying many powers in the region to "guarantee" the Aleutia's independence. This, if is true, is going to be attacked heavily by the Nationalist in the Parliament. It's also placing a question, together with many already existing questions, on what kind of neutral state would Aleutia makes if it keeps being politically active like it is now?

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    Time to go to the Polls

    It's that day again. This sunday, January 14th, citizens of the Confederacy from all over the countries will go to the polls and decide who will represent them in the Federal legislature. An estimation of about 8 millions voters in the total of 10 million eligible electorates will actually go to the poll and cast their votes. If this number turns out to be true, it will be the greatest percentage of electorates who participate in such national elections in 30 years. Usually, only 50 to 60% of all who can vote actually vote in Aleutia.

    In these elections, one half of the lower house seats will be chosen together with one third of the upper house. This is considered to be the greatest challenge for the Prime Minister's Christian Democratic Party since 1997 when they took the majority in both chambers. Lately, there has been a lot of disputes within the party itself about the progressive policies of Mr. McLaurin. At the same time, the economy has not been performing well since last December, as GDP per capital fell sharply from $37,000 at the beginning of December to $29,900 earlier this week. This is a big disadvantage for the party before the elections.

    But Mr. McLaurin seems to be still positive and confident. "Aleutia is heading in the right direction, under the lead of the CDP. I believe the people are well awared of this, and they will make the right decision by voting for the CDP candidates." said Prime Minister Joshep McLaurin.

    Meanwhile, the main opposition party, the Aleutian Socialist Party, is not doing any better than the CDP. It appears to have completely lost its voice in the Parliament dispite of being the second largest party.

    The Aleutian Greens, in the other hands, has proven to be one of the most successful political organization in Aleutia. It is projected to gain at least 2 Senate seats from the cities of Fairbanks and Juneau where its candidates seem to be favored by the population, and about 5-10 assembly seats accross the country. The Green Senator from the county of Amukta, Senator Marie LaVille was very optimistic when talking to our reporter: "The people have realize the importance of preserving a healthy and clean enviroment, not only for ourselves, but also for our future generation. The Green Party has already had a very good plan to make this come true. We believe the they will vote for us."

    The other two major parties, one from the far left, the Communist party, and one from the far right, the Nationalist party, are also becoming more and more powerful as Aleutia's relations with the Soviet Union, as well as with other more conservative countries, such as Nazione Italiana and the Holy Roman Empire have improved drastically.

    Officially, foreign donations are illegal under the current laws of Aleutia. However, there have been any allegations in the past about foreign countries donate an undeclared amount to many parties in the system, although until now, the Aleutian police and investigation teams have not been able to prove any of the cases to be true. Furthermore, foreign endorsements and influences, like those from the Soviet Union or the Holy Roman Empire, can also boost the parties' prestige in the eyes of the voters and therefore indirectly influence their choice in the elections.

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    The Tide has not turned yet. But it is turning

    Finally, the parliamentary elections have ended. While members of the two radical parties, the communists and the nationalists, are celebrating, the centrists do not seem to be happy. And they shouldn't be.

    The centrist CDP of Prime Minister Joseph McLaurin has taken a huge blow after the elections with the loss of 5 Senate seats together with an even-more terrible defeat in the Assembly where they have lost 21 seats. Still the largest political party in the Parliament, the CDP no longer has the majority that would give them the power to do whatever they want. Now they will have to learn to co-exist with other factions in the legislature, both from the left, far left and far right.

    CDP's main rival in ten years, the Aleutian Socialist Party, also suffers from a greatest loss since they lost the majority to the CDP ten years ago. Losing 26 lower house positions and 3 seats in the upper chamber, it is apparently that the Socialist will have to re-structure and revitalize their dying party.

    Meanwhile, the two minorities, the Communists, and the Nationalists gain significant success through these elections. With the endorsements of many foreign powers, such as those of the Soviet Union, Koeuvek, the Holy Roman Empire etc, the two parties from the far left and from the far right are now able to raise their voice in the federal parliament and expect to create much pressure on the government's policies as well as create many changes in Aleutia's political life. The Greens also gains many positions in the Parliament, however, their success is not as great as expected. Still, they hope to bring changes to the nation's politics.

    In his speech after the elections, Prime Minister McLaurin said: "I congratulate the newly elected Senators and Members of the Assembly and the people of Aleutia for the successful elections. The people of Aleutia have spoken, and those who deserve have been given their chance to serve the nation... I'm looking forward to seeing a cooperation among the parties of the Parliament... for the interests of the Aleutian people."

    user posted image
    Prime Minister McLaurin at the press conference

    But many fear that the "cooperation" the Prime Minister is looking for will not be found. A unnamed senior MP has spoken to us that "an era of political chaos has begun" as no one now has enought power to make any decision for the country. Others are afraid that rise of the Communist Party and the Nationalist Party will radicalized Aleutia and bring war and conflict to the nation.

    For the moment, let's just hope the PM finds his cooperation, for the sake of the Confederation.

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    Yay for the Rainbow league

    Last sunday, as Aleutian electorates were voting for their favourite candidates to the open positions in the national parliament, they at the same time had to decide on two major issues regarding the country's supreme laws, the Constitution. One of the two concerns was if gay marriage should be legally recognised or not.

    Ever since the Constitution was written more than a hundred years ago, there has not been any clause that clearly define the term "marriage" as a union only between two persons of different sexes. But the Constitution firmly guarantee the right to marriage to any citizen of the Confederacy. So Aleutian gays de jure have the right to marriage. Nevertheless, gay marriage has never been common due to the nation's strong religious tradition, until lately.

    As the debate on whether gay marriage should be legalized goes on in the European Parliament, Aleutian lawmakers, especially those from the conservative wing of the Parliament, find it necessary to once and for all decide if homosexual marriage should be legal in Aleutia. This resulted in the last proposition 126 which was introduced in the referendum on Sunday.

    The Nationalist party was thought to have spent many efforts on campagning for the ban of homosexual marriage before the referendum. But despite their efforts, the voters have said NO to the attempt to separate the country's gay community from the rest of the society. Proposition 126 was defeated with a majority of more than 65% of the votes were against it.

    This has put an end to the dispute on the marriage issue. To celebrate their victory, the gay community is planning on a "pride parade" on the street of the city of Fairbanks this Monday. We'll try to cover this parade on the next number of the Confederate Press.

    Permanent Neutrality

    While they voted No for proposition 126 which tried to put a definition of the term "marriage" in the Constitution, Aleutian citizens has voted Yes on proposition 87, which now has made the Confederacy of Aleutia a permanently neutral country, the first in the region.

    This admenment-to-be, however, will create little change on the country's policies since Aleutia has long been a de facto neutral state.

    There are of course many voices criticizing the decision. Some fear it will weaken the country's stance on the world diplomatic stage, some fear it will undermine the country's security, other call it an act of irresponsible.
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    Aleutian Pride

    user posted image

    FAIRBANKS - To celebrate their victory in the referendum on Sunday, the gay community of Aleutia organized a gigantic "Pride" parade and street party in Fairbanks last Monday. The organizer estimated about 200,000 people had participated in the parade, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, straights and... tourists.

    The 415,000 people city of Fairbanks is famous for its tolerance attitude towards gays and has seen many gay-related parades and activities in the past. The Pride on Monday was not the first time such parade was held nor was it the biggest of its kind had ever seen in this city. But it sure was significant. The incident on Sunday, although created no change at all in the country's Constitution or any current law, but is widely considered as the official recognition of gay rights by the population of Aleutia.

    Military Spending on the Rise

    UNALASKA - Two days after the parade in Fairbanks, another mass has appeared in front of the Parliament Palace in Unalaska this morning. But this time, we don't see the rainbow flag flying in the crowd but rather there are symbols of peace and anti-military slogans.

    Last tuesday, the Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports has presented a bill aimed to boost the Aleutian Armed Forces. This plan will require a multi-billion Aleutian dollar budget to expand the Army as well as upgrade and replace the current out-dated equipments with more modern ones. The proposal also asks the Legislature to allow conscription.

    This proposal has created an outrage from the Greens and other pacifists in the nation. "This is unacceptable. While the world is trying to disarm, our government is going in a reverse way. Mr. McLaurin, has you forget that Aleutia is a peace-loving country? We have always been against military build-ups. We also have other much more important problems to worry about, such as global warming or degrading welfare system. You shouldn't diverse the people's money from these important issues and throw it to some ridiculous military projects" said Eva Whitney Warren, the leader of the Greens.

    The Greens have decided to boycott the vote on Friday in the Parliament on the bill. Instead, they have organized the demonstration today in Unalaska to create pressure on the Parliament to turn down the government's proposal. They have also vowed to collect enough 200,000 signatures to hold a referendum on the bill in case the Parliament passes it.

    The bill, however, appears to have gained support from not only the CDP but also from the Nationalists and the Communists. The Socialist Party, still a powerful factor in the two-chamber parliament, remains silent.

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    Storm Clouds Gather

    Despite freezing temperature of the northern winter, people in both Moscow and Triera City seem really can feel the heat from the latest tension between the powerful Imperium of Triera and its gigantic neighbour, the Soviet Union.

    On Saturday, the Ministry of Defense of Triera announced a full scale military exercise in which as many as 75,000 men and women were to be mobilised. Originally the exercise had been expected to take place along the Triera's south eastern border. But the situation has escalated.

    Immediately after the public announcement of Triera's Ministry Announcement, the Soviet Union responsed harshly, as expected. The Soviet Premier, Irina Nevskaya, called the exercise "a direct provocation" and demanded Triera's military head to relocate the exercise to further away from the border or cancel the plan.

    But it's clear that Triera's leaders would not give in to the Soviet's demand. Instead, they decided to even expand the exercise to cover all of the country's cover and to the ocean.

    The relation between the two power, Triera and the USSR, is colder than ever as the frontline is getting hotter every seconds.

    In a press conference this morning, the speaker of the Federal Deparment of Foreign Affairs of Aleutia, Natasha Smirnova, said: "We are very worried about the current tension between the two nations, the Imperium of Triera and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, with whom we share great interests and friendships. The government of Aleutia calls for both nations to restrain their acts to avoid provoking one another to a full scale conflict. Such war will be destructive not only to Triera and the Soviet Union but to the European Union as a whole."

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    Assembly says Yes to Military Bill.

    During the Assembly's session last night, the Government's bill to increase military spending has been given a go by the lower house of the Parliament. The bill won its way to the upper house by a 120/50 vote with 8 abstains and the Green party boycotted the session. The Greens has always been a strong opposition of this bill. They have even vowed to collect 200,000 signatures to hold a referendum on this issue.

    This bill is aimed to expand the size of the Aleutian Defense Forces, including a creation of the militia reserves and the controversial law of conscription. The bill also asks for a 5 billion ALD (Aleutian Dollar) budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

    The Senate will vote on the proposal during its session tomorrow, between 6pm-10pm.

    user posted image
    The Federal Secretary of Defense, Mr. Kana Kiyoshi Kimura, at the meeting of the Assembly.

    Quick news

    • Tension between the Soviet Union and the Imperium of Triera: doesn't seem to be descalating as harsh words continue to be thrown at one another from both Moscow and Triera City.
    • More military exercise: with the dispute on Trieran military execise going on, the Meritocracy of Dim Quai has decided to throw in its own naval exercise, according to the Istari Express.
    • More trade agreement: the McLaurin government has succeeded in negotiating with the Koeuvek Socialist Republic on the trading relations between the two countries and the result is a significant tariff reduction for both Aleutian and Koeuvek goods and services.
    • Cannibalism? No!: A coalition of tribalists, health experts, and civil rights proponents have recently suggested legalizing cannibalism for consumers of willing would-be meals. However, the government has brutally turned down the suggestion and even vowed to crack down on this "terrible, immoral" practice. The presenters of the proposal have been arrested for further investigation if they involve in this practice.

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    Military Bill passed

    The Senate during its meeting last night has passed the Government's proposal to increase military spending with a 20 votes FOR, 10 votes AGAINST, 4 ABSTAIN and 4 Senators from the Green party not attended the session. With the passing of this bill, a huge military budget will be given to the Department of Defense in two weeks, and the conscription law will be enforced next month.

    The Greens have also started their campaigne to stage a national referendum to override this law.

    As for international reaction, the ruling Communist Party of the USSR has officially endorse this step while Senator Andrus of the HRE criticized the law as "double standards of morality."

    Cannibalist charged with attempt-murder

    Eight out of seven people who were arrested last monday after presenting an appeal to legalize cannibalism this morning. However, the leader of the group which is called "Freedom of Eating Movement", Mr. Hannibal Lecter are still being kept at the Unalaska prison as the chief prosecutor of the City of Unalaska has charged Mr. Lecter with the attempt-murder of his long term partner, Ms. Julie Foster. The City Court of Unalaska has taken the case and the trial will take place in February. In meantime, Mr. Hannibal will still be kept in prison for "posing a serious threat to social security and the safety of the citizens of Aleutia," according to the chief police of Unalaska.

    The government seems to be backing the city of Unalaska. The Federal Secretary of Home Affairs, Ms. Elli Sigrid agreed with the Unalaska PD's decision to keep Mr. Lecter captive and believe it's "proper and necessary" while calling the Freedom of Eating Movement a "barbaric, terrorist group that has no place in this civilised world and should be outlawed."

    The other members of the Movement has been protesting outside the prison and accusing the government of "suppressing the freedom of speech and freedom of choice" and demand the release of Mr. Lecter. Many civil rights groups in Aleutia as well as in other European countries also heavily criticize the act of the government.

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    European Treaty Organization, the beginning of a new era?

    What must come has come. Last thursday, the European Treaty Organization (ETO) was officially announced of its existence. The organization is a military alliance comprises of the mighty forces of many democracies in the continent; they are the Imperium of Triera, the Federal Republic of Belarum, the Holy Roman Empire, the Holy Empire of Mortal Thunder and the socialist state of Aesop Rocks. According to its creators, the Organization is responsible for the defense of the member states as well as those who request its assistance.

    The ETO, however, has taken fierce opposition from the communist countries, especially the Soviet Union and its long term ally, Irasia. This is absolutely expectable since one of the most prominent members of the ETO, the Imperium of Triera, has very strained relations with the Soviet Union. The relations between the Holy Roman Empire, Belarum with the communist world is not also very good lately. Some more neutral countries also express their concerns about the birth of the ETO in such time like this.

    As for the Confederacy, at the press conference this morning, the speaker of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs "congratulate[d]" the 5 ETO members for the creation of the alliance and announced "Aleutia does not intend to apply for the ETO" but also showed the country's interests in cooperation with the ETO in "humanitarian and non-military missions." The Departmen however also calls the Soviet's reaction "understandable" and expresses its worries that the "ETO may widen the gap between the West and the Soviet Union and its allies" and urges both sides to "engage in serious and open-minded talks to resolve the tension."

    For worse or bad, the birth of the ETO has surely stated the beginning of a new era in the history of the European Union.

    Referendum of Military Bill

    Two days after the Senate agreed on the government's plan to expand the Confederate defend forces, the Green Party has got what it wanted: a 200,000-signature petition to hold a national referendum intended to override the Parliament decision to support the government.

    According the Aleutian laws, the government will have to organize a referendum on an issue if there is a petition signed by 200,000 Aleutian citizens. The referendum will take place next week.

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    McLaurin threatens to boycott the United Nations

    The relations between the Confederacy and the United Nations appear to be getting worse day by day and PM Joseph McLaurin today declared that Aleutia would withdraw from the United Nations if the latest proposal on Uranium Mining is to be passed.

    The new proposal, proposed by the nation of "Love and esterel" and co-authored by Sinaasappel, is asking the UN to place more regulations on the use of nuclear energy, nuclear weapons as well as the uranium mining. According to the proposer of this bill, the mining of uranium and the use of the material in generating energy is described to be filled with "potential nuclear risks to populations and our environment" and therefore a list of steps, regulations, charges, mandates must be taken to prevent these "risks."

    The government of Aleutia and the uranium mining, nuclear-electricity industries however has vigorously attacked this proposal. "We all acknowledge the risks of using nuclear power even purely for the purpose of creating electricity. However, we have already had, for a very long time, an up-to-date, continuouly renovated system and plans to prevent nuclear-related disasters as well as to deal with accident may it happens... Our system, our nuclear plants are under strictest regulations and are monitored every minute, every second by the most skillful, most responsible team in the world... This proposal is totally unnecessary and inefficient, especially when it comes from some nations who don't even profess in the technologies of uranium mining or nuclear power, who don't even have such industries... they even go far enough to assume that every nation with nuclear techonology would possess a nuclear arsenal... [it] only creates a new bureaucratic system, a new burden for the members of the United Nations..." said Prime Minister McLaurin.

    user posted image
    Mr. McLaurin during the press conference

    But the Prime Minister even went further to accusing the United Nations of being "corrupted and bias" and "being used as a tool by a few to impose their will on the majority." Finally, he ended with a threat to withdraw Aleutia from the world organization if it passes this proposal.

    This dispute is actually only the newest in a chain of incidents that widen the rift between the nation and the organization, starting last week when the UN classified Aleutia as "Corporate Bodello." The government, and a large part of the population, were clearly upset by that classification. Last thursday, the Federal Secretary of Foreign Affairs Dominique Francois Chenart called it "insulting, extremely untrue, and provoking." This time, it seems the UN has pressed the button, and Aleutia is prepared to bite back.

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    "Go ahead" for Military Bill

    The Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (FDDCS) finally got what it wanted on Wednesday: the people's permission to spend tax-payers' money on the expansion of the Aleutian Defense Forces. The referendum on the controversial proposal ended with a swift victory for the McLaurin government: 66.67% of the voters said yes to the bill while only 33.33% said no.

    With the passing of the law, citizens of Aleutia from 18 to 32 should be prepared to receive calls from the FDDCS to serve in the country's new militia forces. The ADF is expecting to raise about 30 militia units which includes about 75,000 men and women. This number is greater than the total number of personnels serving in the entire current defense forces.
    Meanwhile, the Special Forces also receives a big boost. The number of Special units is going to double after this act and new equipments are going to be purchased for the backbone of the nation's defense system.

    According to the Referendum Committee, 12,056,726 voters or 80% in the total of more than 15 million eligible electorates showed up at the polls on Wednesday. This is even higher than the last national elections. Most politicians showed optimism towards this number. "This shows that the people do care about national politics and they are exercising their rights as the real rulers of this nation. The people is running Aleutia." said Thomas Naamas, a Political Science Professor at the National University of Unalaska.

    But the Greens are not thrilled about the results of the referendum. They have tried in many ways to block the law, including initiating this referendum. But their works clearly did not bear any fruit. This is indeed the biggest defeat for the Aleutian Green Party since the last elections. It may have put a set back for the Party's continuous success in recent politics.

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    Tax Cut

    After a period of continuous increasing in the nation's income tax level, which reached the all time high two weeks ago at 74%, the McLaurin's government is now seen introducing tax cuts.

    The centrist government seemed to have turned socialistic in the last 2 months as the Department of Finance, led by Henrik Axel Benedikt, a Christian Democrat known for his affiliation with the Socialist party in many issues, ordered several raises in tax to fund many government's spendings which were aimed to improve the nation's welfare and public education system, social equality as well as the costly Aeolus wind-farm project.

    However, while there has been no significant improvement in none of the above areas, the high tax level, according to John H. Adams, the Federal Secretary of Economic Affairs and Vice-President of the Christian Democrat Party, has hammered the country's economy and put it to stagnation. The truth is Aleutia's GDP per capita had dropped miserably by almost $7000 by the end of the second last week of February. Since then, although the economy has shown sign of recovery, the pro-market wing in the parliament and the government, led by Mr. Adams, has been pushing for tax reductions and cutting of governmental spending.

    As the consequence, Prime Minister Joseph McLaurin has been proposing many tax reduction plans to the now-pro-market parliament many of which has been accepted and national income tax has fallen from 74% to 61% by the end of Sunday. More reductions are believed to come to effect in the next few days.

    The government hopes these cuts will help power the economy and lead to an increase in the country's GDP per capita.

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    Aleutians to vote on the Euro

    Ever since its birth in 1999, the Euro has proven to be one strong and stable currency. Since 1999, a number of countries in the region have adopted the Euro as their official currency. Among the nations are some economic powerhouses, in particular Belarum, Triera, Dim Quai, as well as other massive nations such as Aesop Rocks, Peace-Loving States etc. The participation of these huge economies makes the Euro one of the most desirable currency in the world financial market.

    As the Euro becomes more and more favourable and convenient for international trading, many pro-market, pro-globalization fractions in Aleutia are pushing for the adoption of the currency as Aleutia's official currency. At the same time, more conservative citizens do not seem to be willing to give up the old yet powerful Aleutian Dollar for the new currency.

    To settle the issue, Prime Minister Joseph McLaurin has ordered a referendum on the adoption of the Euro. Not some economists nor the government but the Aleutian people will decide if the Euro is worth replacing our current money, the Aleutian Dollar. The polls are expected to open by 6 a.m local time Wednesday March 7th.

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    Aleutians say Yes to the Euro

    user posted image

    Finally, after 8 years of its existence, the Euro has received a warm welcome by a majority of the voters in Aleutia. The official results has been announced by the Voting Committee this morning: 60% of the voters have voted on bring the Euro to Aleutia, while only 40% object the idea of the Euro as Aleutia's official currency. Approximately 54% of the eligible voters have voted. This is a much lower than the authority has expected.

    According to the government, the Euro will officially become the nation's currency by the first day of next month. However, the Aleutian Dollar will continue to be accepted until next year.

    Terrorists or Innocent customers?
    Aleutian Banks refuse authority access to suspects' accounts

    Yesterday, Mr. Alexis Thomas Dadachova, president of the Aleutian Banks Association, announced the refusal of the banking community to present to the government of Aleutia and the government of the European Union details of the accounts of the suspects in the terrorist attack recently in some countries across Europe. The banks also refused to block the account of these suspects and organizations that are thought to have links with the terrorist organization Brotherhood of Cain.

    According to Mr. Dadachova, any suspect, who has not been pledged guilty by an authorized court, should be considered innocent and therefore the banks have the responsibility to protect the person's privacy and his money.

    This move is a slap on the face to Prime Minister Joseph McLaurin who has been seen trying to bring Aleutia to the anti-terrorist front.

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    War in Alikhstan!

    In a shocking move, yesterday, the war machine of the Federal Republic of Belarum has launched a massive air strike against what they call "terrorist camps" in the Caliphate of Alikhstan, officially putting the Islamic country to a civil war.

    According to the Belarian officials, their campaign was aimed against the terrorist organization which is known under the name "The Brotherhood of Cain." The Brotherhood of Cain is widely thought to be responsible for the attacks in numerous cities in Belarum, Triera, Aesop Rocks as well as the Soviet Union. However, it appears that the targets of Belarian jets weren't only the Brotherhood but mainly members of Islamic Nationalist fraction of Alikhstan, the major opposition of the current government of Alikhstan. It is not surprise to us that the Alikhstani government has quickly endorsed the attack on their own citizens.

    user posted image
    Al Jafar after the strike
    Source: the Al Alikhyah

    The government of Aleutia until has not issued any official statement to indicate the country's stance in the current war. Aleutian officials however have organized massive evacuation of Aleutian nationals in Alikhstan. So far, there has been reported that 475 Aleutian citizens have been transported from Alikhstan to neighboring countries and back to Aleutia. More than 1000 other Aleutians however are still stuck in the country.

    In the wake of the war and resultedly the increase of oil price, which indeed has increased significantly since the war began, the ASX (Anchorage Stock Exchange) has dropped by 1234 points, or 1.2%. The drop in the stock market has fused a fear of a great economic recessive in Aleutia.

    More news to come on the war in Alikhstan.

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    ASX continues to drop. Adams is still optimistic.

    On the second days of the war in Alikhstan, the Anchorage Stock Exchange, Aleutia's major stock exchange, continues to drop, despite the announce of the Belarian government to release its strategic reserves. Today, the ASX has shrunk for another 0.8% when the floor closed. In two days of the war, the ASX has in total drop down by 2%.

    Nevertheless, the government of Aleutia seems to be still optimistic about the nation's economy. We have had an interview with the Federal Secretary of Economic Affairs John H. Adams this afternoon in Anchorage.

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    Confederate Press: Mr. Secretary, what do you think has caused the recent drop of the ASX?
    John H. Adams: Well, I think everybody can see that the war in Alikhstan, one of the major oil exporters, has "helped" pushing the price of crude oil on the international market up slightly. That is one. But the main reason is more of a psychological impact of the war and the soar of the oil price cause rather than the real economic effects they create. People fears that the war will keep the oil at that high price and therefore effect their business, their investment.

    C.P: How severe do you think the situation is?
    J.A: Not at all serious I tell you that. We have seen the stock market shrinking and then recovering many times before. A 2% or even 5% drop is dramatic at all. That is not a sign of economic recession the media is talking about. Aleutia's economy is performing very well and we have a very stable oil supply with a very reasonable price from the Soviet Union. Even if the world oil goes up a little and stay there for a long time, Aleutia's economy still can sustain that cost. Besides, the Belarian government has just opened their oil reserves. Belarum has one huge oil stock. We hope this action will help cooling down the price in the next few days or even hours.

    C.P: But many people are still afraid that oil price can continue to go up. If that's the case, what has or what will the government do to prevent a real economic disaster?
    J.A: You know Greg, like Belarum, we have a strategic oil reserve of 300 million barrels too. If oil price doesn't show any sign of stabilizing, we'll open our reserve like Belarum just did. The government is also trying to negotiate with other oil exporters to increase their production to ease the market. In the worst scenario, we might consider reopen some of the coal mine and start switching some of our thermoelectric plants from using oil to use coal to generate electricity. These measures will surely help the economy.

    So apparently, our government is still keeping a optimistic attitude toward the current change in the stock market. But is Mr. Adams right or wrong? No one can know for sure at the moment. For now, let's just hope the Secretary is right so that we won't have to worry about a day when we wake up and our money and our shares turn into scratch paper.

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