Slavic Bretheren

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    Presidential Palace
    Warsaw, Poland-Lithuania
    05 January 2014

    It was an emergency meeting, and President Kligenberg was never excited to have these meetings. What's more was that Ian was the one who called it. Did that mean that the Krzyżacy were going to be involved as well? She felt the bitterness of the air as she left Lazienki Palace, driven to the Presidential Palace.

    She sprinted inside as the breeze caught her, and the guards moved out of the way. Vice President Gulczynska, Secretary of Defence Polanski, Secretary Kligenberg and several Krzyżacy were waiting for her, and she simply nodded.

    Winding underneath the Presidential Palace to the bunker was something she hadn't done before. The bunker was a situation room in its own right, and they felt that it was the only place they could make the meeting happen.

    "So, why have I been dragged out of bed yet again?" President Kligenberg. "No one briefed me in the car."

    "The Bulgarians are falling apart. They have repressed this but there is rioting in the streets and a full blown revolution about to take place," Secretary Kligenberg said to the President. She nodded.

    "The Krzyżacy have gone in to try and support the rebellion and take down the Bulgarian army as much as possible. In fact, they have always had moles on the inside and we view this as an immediate threat to the homeland," Ian said to the President.

    The silence was deafening.

    "So what do you want me to do? Authorize an invasion of Bulgaria?" the President asked before realizing that is exactly what everyone in the room was going to do.

    "Yes," Secretary Polanski said to the President. "If you don't, the internal conflict will spill over onto our territory."

    The President stood for a few moments before looking down and saying. "Okay; mobilize what you need, and I will issue an executive order immediately."

    "The Polish diaspora who live in Bulgaria will thank you, Madam President," Secretary Kligenberg responded.

    "Yeah...sure," the President sighed.

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