Concern In The South

  • ((IC Secret)

    The Prime Minister was just about to go to bed when the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, William Hague rushed into the private office,

    "Prime Minister, you must follow me"

    The Prime Minister followed the foreign secretary to the Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, the governments emergency centre. Located underground with defences for all sorts of weapons from nukes to small arms. The Prime Minister went into the room, the Defence secretary, a range of high ranking military officers and other underlings were already there. A map of Davishire and its neighbours was being projected onto whiteboard.

    Everyone stood, the defence secretary spoke,

    "sir we have a situation, there is anarchy in Prussia. The government there has fallen and we are not sure what is happening there. All we know is that it is anarchy with armed groups roaming the streets. There have already been skirmishes on the border"

    "Well what are you saying?"

    "We should secure our own borders Prime Minister, we have had a request from some of the local mayors and such to provide armed defence"

    "So we are receiving requests for assistance from local people"

    "That is correct, Prime Minister"

    General Bradley spoke up

    "Prime Minister, we are already prepared to launch Plan R"

    "Are you seriously asking me this"

    "Yes, Prime Minister"


  • The Secretary of state for defence was just stood there waiting,

    "Prime Minister, I am going to need a response"

    "Just wait, Micheal, just wait"

    At this point a senior aide walked in,

    "I am sorry to interupt sir, but it looks like our borders have just been attacked. Armed police however held them back until the military arrived"

    "Oh my word, this is getting out of control"

    "I agree, David, but now is the time to act"

    "Ok, order troops into position for an attack as per Plan R. But do not allow them to move. They musn't attack yet, just defend the border. Understood?"

    "Yes , Prime Minister"

  • The Prime Minister went for his morning run, not too far this morning but enough to wake him up in the cool winter air. It was 8 am when he got back. When he arrived back at number 10 he had his breakfast as normal, 2 sausages, toast, baked beans and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. He went into the bathroom and had a nice wash with specially imported Inimican soap. When he left he ensured that the soap was securely locked in the medicine cabinet.

    He walked into his office, where the secretaries of state for Defence and also Foreign affairs were waiting for him,

    "Good Morning, Prime Minister"

    "Good morning gentlemen. So, what did you want to speak to me about"

    "Well Prime Minister, the situation is developing quicker than expected. Both in Prussia and in other places"

    "Well go on"

    "Although we have nothing concrete to go on, intelligence has suggested that the Duxburian Union is currently about to start a fall into anarchy"

    "Right, what does that mean"

    "Very bad news Prime Minister, very bad indeed"

    "So what are you advising me?"

    The Defence Secretary opened his dossier,

    "Prime Minister, intelligence suggests that the Duxburians may attempt to secure the resources in Northern Prussia, resources which we could find useful"

    "keep going"

    "Prime Minister, we advise that you allow us permission to operate plan R up the the blue phaseline in order to secure these resources"

    "So that is what I am going to tell the public, we have invaded a neighbor country for the resources."

    "Well no sir, but you invade saying that these attacks across the border are considered an act of war. And secure the resources all at once"

    "Foreign Secretary, I am right in thinking that the local people have asked for Davishirian assistance. "

    "Prime Minister you are perfectly correct, however so far we have helped in every way without actually having helped them"

    "Do you know when everything is going to go haywire?"

    "Not a clue Prime Minister"

    "Ok, give me some time to think about it. Keep the troops in there pre-deployment positions. 30 minutes readiness"

    "Yes, Prime Minister"

  • Prime Ministers Private Office, 10 Downing Street, London- 15:00hrs

    The Prime Minister is sat at his desk in his private office, he has a video link to senior military officers in the top secret joint command centre somewhere in Davishire.

    "So gentlemen, will Plan R be effective?"

    The Admiral Lewis replied,

    "Most certainly Prime Minister, it will involve an initial attack by the 1st and 6th Airborne Divisions directly on Phaseline Alpha. They will then hold the ground until ground forces follow up within a period of 24 to 48 hours. With air support also"

    user posted image

    "What is Phaseline Bravo?"

    "This is the secondary objective Prime Minister. Essentially all of the forces then continue the advance to that point securing all of the resources in the area"

    "Ok, how many men will this involve?"

    "One division is equal to about 10,000 men. However our infantry divisions have been combined so both infantry divisions will equal 20,000 men sir. In total that is roughly 75,000 men sir including the smaller Marine force"

    "Ok, have the men move to full readiness, we attack at 00:00hrs"

    "Yes, Prime Minister!"

  • Preamble

    user posted image

    All 200 of Davishire's A400M Atlas aircraft were flying over Prussia. Each one loaded with 100 men of the 1st, 2nd and 6th Airborne Divisions. A total of 20,000 paratroops to secure the defensive line ahead of the ground troops. Also along for the ride were some of the old C-130 aircraft which were being replaced by the Inimican A400s. The C-130s were carrying extra supplies of ammunition and some small vehicles in the shape of Landrovers to aid fast movement.

    The paratroops were to be dropped along Phaseline Alpha. This would be the limit of the initial advance. At the exact same time the 20th Army Group and the 21st Army Group will launch their ground assaults. It should take up to 12 hours for the first land forces to link up with the paratroops. This may take longer in many other areas. At the same time also, Royal Marine Commandoes of 42 Commando will conduct beach landings on the arctic coast and move inland.

    user posted image

    Division[user posted image

    23:55hrs, Phaseline Alpha Dropzone 4, 1st Airborne Division

    The A400M was in amongst a group of others, flying low through the dark. The troops knew what they had to do, drop and secure the area until relieved. as the aircraft neared the dropzone the reeas cargo door opened. The aircraft dispatcher shouted over a speakr,

    "Red light, all men stand up"

    In unison 100 men stood and faced the doorway.

    "Equipment Check"

    All 100 men checked their buddies equipment to ensure that nothing went wrong on the way down.

    "Stand by"

    The men were eager to go


    The red light suddenly changed to green, the air dispatch officer instinctly knew how to react

    "Good Luck men, go go go"

    With that, across the length of the Phaseline Alpha 20,000 paratroops dropped to the ground, silently under green and brown camouflaged parachutes. The Prussians would not have been expecting them. Either way the government had basically collapsed. All of the men arrived on the ground safely and they got to work...

    23:59- On the Davishire/Prussia Border- 1st Armoured Division

    200 tanks and infantry support were ready to cross the border with Prussia, the sound of jet engines could be heard in the sky. Typhoon and Tornado fighter bombers were overhead. AWACS aircraft even higher up, providing intel to the commanders in London. At 00:00 exactly the artillery opened up, hundreds of guns firing at any suspected military targets along the border.

    Tank AA102 was sat ready to advance, its 5 crew nervous yet eager to get going. The commander was studying a map. the gunner was sat in silence, the driver was eating chocolate The radioman meanwhile was pinned with the earpiece to his ear waiting for the signal. AA102 was the lead tank, the first to cross the border.

    Suddenly, as quick as it had started the barrage stopped. Suddently the radio operator heard the go command,


    "Sir, command to move off issued"

    "Very good, ok everyone good luck to us all, Driver advance"

    And with that all along the Davishire Prussian border 75,000 men were going in

  • 15:00hrs, 10 Downing Street, London

    The Prime Minister walked into the Cabinet briefing room. The secretary of state for defence was standing there ready to give an update.

    "Prime Minister, all forces have reached their yellow markers on time and are moving forward to the advance positions of the paratroops"

    "Have we heard any reports from the airborne forces?

    "Yes, the forces across the entire line are doing well. One unit was attacked by local militia, but they were destroyed with only 2 dead"

    "Smashing news, I shall obviously write letters to the family of the deceased, how many men have died so far?"

    "We are numbering , 50 dead with 300 injured. Although resistance has been light in areas some local militia are less than willing to give up in others"

    "Have the airborne transmit casualties yet"

    "No Prime Minister, except for the brief action report I mentioned earlier"

    "Ok, what would you say is the next move?"

    "well, I think that once all forces have linked up, we should send in an additional 20,000 men to ensure the security of the rear areas and secure supply roots."

    "What about the resource mines?"

    "I think that we should send in special forces and destroy those mines"

    "Ok, I will consider that option. Anyway, I must brief the press"

    "Yes, Prime Minister"

  • January 8th 2015- 15:00hrs - 10 Downing Street, London

    The Prime Minister had been awake all day, with no updates on the situation the Secretary of State for Defence had managed the operation to secure Davishires border through the invasion of an anarchic Prussia. It was however time for the daily update.

    The Prime Minister was already waiting in the cabinet office briefing room when the Secretary of State walked in,

    "Prime Minister, I can confirm that all forces of the 21st Army have now linked up with the paratroops. The situation is similar with the 20th Army in the west, most forces have linked up however the marines, which had the farthest to go to link up have not yet linked up but are close to doing so."

    "Smashing, once all forces have linked up I would like you to order the stand fast order and hold all troops in position"

    "Are we not moving onto phaseline blue?"

    "Not at the present time, we can consider the options if the need does arrive. Anyhow, I feel that now is the time to consolidate the land we have seized,um, I mean secured. So, I think it is time to instruct the 4th Mechanised Infantry Division, 4th Airborne Brigade to begin the occupation process. Allow local governments to remain, but institute Davishiran laws."

    "And the new border?"

    "Begin to construct Defences along the new Davishire-Prussian border."

    "Yes, Prime Minister"

  • 18:00hrs, Cabinet Secretaries Office

    The cabinet secretary, Sir Humprey Appleby, was holding a meeting in his office. The office was grand one, with large windows and heavy oak furniture. He was meeting the Permanent Secretary of State for the Ministry for Defence.

    Sir Humprey was speaking to them about the Prussian Campaign,

    "We must ensure that the government does not reverse policy"

    The Defence PS spoke up "It would be the thin end of the wedge if they did so, it would be awful"

    "exactly, we must show them that it is the civil service which is in charge."

    "but how?"

    "that is the difficult one, lets think"

    Meanwhile, in Downing Street

    The Prime Minister and his Defence Secretary were meeting,

    "You know Michael, this whole prussia thing is very strange. I was advised to invade, by Sir Humprey. I don't actually think it is a good thing"

    "oh my, Prime Minister"


    "it is the civil service, this whole military campaign was their plot to create more hassle for the government"

    "What do you mean Michael, you were all for it a couple of days ago"

    "No, I was advised to say all that, I personally think that the civil service are all wrong. They gave me some figures, saying everything would be OK"


    "yes, Prime Minister. I was arguing against it. But after the emergency meeting I thought you were for it"

    "right, we need to do something about this"

    "but what Prime Minister, what?"

    The PM walks over to his phone, he calls "On The Other Hand...".

    "Hello Penny, just the PM here"

    "Hello, Prime Minister. How can I help?"

    "I would like you to take up the following news story. Attribute it to a senior official to the PM"

    "Ok, my pen is ready"

    "The government is moving against this awful invasion of Prussia. The advice given to us by the civil service was completely wrong. It is a civil service coup"

    "ok Prime Minister, I shall make it breaking news"

    "Remember, don't put my name to this"

    "I won't sir, thank you"

    The PM put the phone down, and smiling turned to his defence secretary,

    "It has begun"

    "what has David?"

    "My fightback, to overpower the civil service"

  • 06:00hrs- The Cabinet War Room, 10 Downing Street

    The Prime Minister was holding a meeting with his Secretary of State for Defence,

    "Ok, Michael, order the withdraw notice to all troops. I shall later resign, as shall you"

    "What do you mean Prime Minister?"

    "The Intelligence services has informed me of a plot to take war to Davishire."

    The secretary of state for Defence looked shocked

    "Secretary of State, a group of insane nations called triclops or something like that have formed a gun nut alliance against Davishire and are preparing to launch military action against our troops"

    "they wouldn't dare"

    "yes Michael they would, now this situation has become so disastrous that I must resign"

    "But you merely defended our borders"

    "I wish that the international community saw it that way"

    At this point the cabinet secretary entered the room,

    "treason! you cannot cancel this operation"

    "what are you talking about?"

    "I am in charge here Prime Minister"

    "No you are not cabinet secreatry!"

    at this point the cabinet secretary pull out a gun and points it directly at the Prime Minister

    "Not any more, Prime Minister"

    As the Prime Minister raises his arms, he hits the panic button hidden below his desk. 6 police officers, armed with pistols come in and remove the pistol from the hands of Sir Humprey.

    "Now sir humprey, this is a new era. An era of an elected political government, not civil service administration.

    Secretary of State, issue the withdraw order and a press statement"

    "Yes, Prime Minister"

  • The Prime Minister had just finished his meeting with the Premier Commissioner when he was shepherded into a meeting with a senior military officer and his defence secretary.

    "so, what is the problem?"

    General Bradwell spoke,

    "Prime Minister, we have lost 50 men this week alone from these rogue attacks. Intelligence is suggesting that these rogue forces are elements of the former Prussian military."

    "and what about the vessels approaching Portland?"

    "Well Prime Minister, they are not carrying flags and we have not seen any evidence of crew above decks except for officers on the bridge. I can also note that they have stopped at 15 miles away from land, this is before our territorial limit."

    "Well that is great news, I think"

    "well sir, we can only watch that situation develop. But I would advise that military action is taken on the border with Prussia. I have developed a plan and the troops are ready to move, we just need your say so. It involves 30,000 men advancing 5 miles into Prussian territory from the border and also from the coast linking with Poretos. A secure buffer zone is then developed and occupied up until the red line. Local people caught up in the occupation zone would obviously be provided with food, water and security. The land would of course only be held until the threat recedes"

    user posted image

    "general, I like your plan, it is more justifiable than plan R. Lets go ahead, one last try what."

    The Prime Minister signed and dates the official order

    "last time we pulled out hurridly, we acted robustly but a withdrawl affected our nations securitye. That will not happen this time, keep me updated."

    At this point the Prime Minister left

    One Hour Later

    The men of the 1st airborne were ready to advance into Prussia. it was 12:00GMT when the radio signal acting as the go ahead was issued. Across the line thousands of men went back across the border but this time the mission objective was much smaller advancing only 5 miles into Prussian territory to establish a defensive zone. A better objective?

  • 18:00hrs 10 Downing Street

    The Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Defence met for the evening military update,

    "So, David, the main forces have reached the red line and are entrenching themselves in the position. The Royal Marines alongside the army have also secured the Arctic coast with a 5 -8 mile corridor. We now have land links with Poretos."

    "Only temporarily secretary of state, temporarily"

    "oh yes Prime Minister I wouldn't suggest anything else"

    "now Secretary of state, can you confirm troop numbers please"

    "there is currently 30,000 men deployed defending the new border, and 10,000 military police, engineers and others working in the rear to support the frontline troops and also providing assistance to any local people"

    "What assistance?"

    "although fighting has mostly been rural some homes have been damaged. We are rebuilding those and providing alternative accomodation where it is needed. We are also providing food, water and fuel"

    "I think that is appropriate for the time being, however lets keep a press blackout. No official comments or anything at this stage."

    "Yes, Prime Minister"

  • 12:00hrs- HQ of Davishirian Forces in Prussia

    Major-General William Ross was havint a conference call with the Prime Minister,

    "Prime Minister, I can confirm that we have captued some kind of senior leader within the armed groups in this region. He has confessed much to us"

    "Such as?"

    "well has has confessed that much of the equipment was formerly Prussian military and that the government here has pretty much collapsed"

    "right, how much resistance have you faced?"

    "very little, our forces have halted at phaseline red as directed before. All forces are within 5 miles of the Davishire-Prussia border."

    "is there much civillian activity?"

    "there is not a huge civillian population that is here sir, and those civilians that are here are being provided with food, water and such"

    "ok, that is great. We do not intend to remain in Prussia past the next weekend. So speak with local leaders and get them over to our cause. You know, develop local militia to keep the armed groups at bay"

    "I will have a go Prime Minister"

    10 Downing Street, London

    The PM was speaking to his cabinet,

    "ladies and gents, there are to be no press releases about this. We have currently got all Davishirian news outlets stuck under the Official Secrets Act. Remember you are subject to this act aswell."

    The foreign secretary simply glared at the Prime MInister,

    "why was I not consulted about this Prime Minister, it was an awfully bad turn of judgement which could affect our relationship with everyone throughout the whole EU"

    "tough decisions were made on the spot"

    "David I do not like the position that you have put me in"

    "you will follow government policy"

    The foreign secretary didn't answer and simply continued to stare directly into David Camerons eyes.

    "anyhow, it is time to end the meeting. enjoy your days"

    at the end of the meeting David Cameron and the Defence secretary went into the Prime Ministers private office to continue discussion. However the foreign secretary did not like the position Davishire was in. He went outside the famous black door and walked across Downing street into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It was a grand building with a large central staircase, grand paintings and other embellishments. The foreign secretary walked into the security office,

    "sorry gentlemen but I need to use that phone as a matter of urgency"

    he entered in the 4 digit government system internal extension number, 0001, the number for the Kings private office. The phone rang twice before it was answered,

    "King Hubert the second here, blah blah blah. What can I do to help?"

    "Your majesty it is the foreign secretary here"

    "oh William, nice to here from you."

    "your majesty I must have an urgent meeting with you"

    The tone in the kings voice changed

    "certainly William, everything OK?"

    "I cannot say over the phone your majesty"

    "ok, I have some time free this evening. Is that OK?"

    "yes, your majesty"

    "I look forward to seeing you foreign secretary, I think"

    at this point the two men exchanged parting compliments and the phone was put down. The foreign secretary turned to his aide,

    "what I am about to do is going to create hell. Stay out of it"

    at this point he walked off into his office to prepare for his meeting with the king..

  • user posted image

    06:00 hrs Somewhere within the Prussian Occupation Zone

    A group of 10 solders were on patrol. It was a very cold morning with temperatures in single digits just above freezing. The patrol was walking down a Prussian road, which was empty due to the ban on civilian motorised road travel within the occupation zone. It was still dark and it was very quiet. The man leading the patrol was Sergeant Collins.

    "Ok men, we have a 5 minute break before returning to the camp"

    The men sighed with relief, they did not like being in such small numbers in what was essentially hostile territory. It was eerily quiet, it made the men uneasy. They were positioned in a circle so as to provide all round defensive capability.

    Suddenly their was a click, a metallic sound of a rifle safety catch being released then all of a suddden from the direction ahead of them machine gun bullets reigned down in the men.


    There was little time to say anything else, the initial bullets had hit two members of the patrol, who both died. They were 18 and 19 years old respectively. The remaining members of the patrol withdrew back 20 metres before regrouping. The sergeant gave an instinctive command,


    At this point all eight members of the section fired from where the bullets were coming from, they did not know how many enemy they faced for they could not see properly as it was dark although it was expected that they were outnumbered. The radioman, CPL Zimm got onto the radio to call in for fire support, he had to shout to be heard over the sound of the gunfire.






    One minute later there was the sound of artillery shells screaming through the air, the men were only 3 miles into Prussia so artillery based in Davishire could reach the area. Then suddenly BOOM! A large artillery shell landed ahead of them, the firefight continued as the artillery bombardment continued.


    Another member of the patrol had been hit by a bullet, this time only in the leg, but it would have a massive impact on what was happening

    "HOTEL DELTA THIS IS ONE ZERO TWO" went Zimm over the radio,




    again after a few moments pause the sounds of shells screeching over head was heard, then BOOM BOOM BOOM! 5 more shells landed amongst the enemy positions.
    At this point the seargeant knew that further fighting was hopeless,


    At this point the delta fireteam plus the injured soldier moved 20 metres rear whilst the 3 men in charlie provided covering fire,


    At this point the same action occured, except the men in charlie ran toward Delta fireteam before linking with them"


    The men within the patrol replied with a simple thumbs up,


    the seargeant and the corporal pulled out town smoke grenades, they pulled out the pin and threw them. The smoke provided them with a screen to hide their advance
    This purple smoke billowed out of the canisters and within seconds nothing could be seen ahead as everything turned into a weird purple fog.


    at this point, as per there training the solders, which included the injured man and also the two dead bodies being carried over their comrades shoulders peeled off and ran the one hundred metres down the road toward the RV point. Bullets continued to wizz past but were not accurate. Thanks to the smoke screen but also the lack of visibility in the morning haze which had started to accumulate. The men were lucky to have gotten out unscathed but it shows how careful people have to be toward well armed nutters in the woods.

  • 18:00hrs 29/01/15, 10 Downing Street, London

    The Prime Minister was meeting with the Secretary of State for Defence and the Foreign Secretary. They were discussing the developments in Prussia and also with the "blockade" off the coast of Bucks.

    FS- "Prime Minister, as I am sure you are aware of what is currently going on within the arctic ocean. Inimicus and Halsberg are trying to get us to leave Prussia"

    PM- "I am aware of the situation in the Arctic and have given orders to face the two enemy fleets with most of our attack submarines"

    DS- "what about the 10 strong pack os SSNs that are currently in the Atlantic? am I right that you bypassed me and issued them orders?"

    PM- "I have ordered them to return, they are to patrol the sea routes north of Scandinavia to ensure no re-inforcements or supplies reach the foreign vessels.

    DS- "Have they been authorised to use lethal force?"

    PM- "no the orders I sent specifically said not to use lethal force."

    DS- "I think that is wise. I have ordered the super carrier DS Ark Royal to withdraw with its fleet of 5 destroyers, 5 frigates, 1 light carrier and 5 SSNs from the wargames with the Chilterns. I have also ordered them to base themselves in the sea north of scandnavia. So that any re-inforcements or supplies be turned away

    PM- "A blockade of the blockade, I love it. And Since our naval base is blockaded they cannot return to the base"

    FS- "But sir, Poland may not be happy"

    PM- "I will send them a message. Advise them of the situation and say any Polish flagged vessels will be permitted passage. Please have the orders circulated that only Inimican and Halsbergian ships be turned away"

    DS- "yes Prime Minister"

    PM- "Now onto the other issue, Prussia"

    DS- "Prime Minister, resistance from the armed groups has increased within the occupation area. so far nearly 200 Davishrian troops have been killed with around 500 wounded in some way. Most are still fit to fight but the way wounds are recorded means that the numbers are inflated somewhat."

    PM- "What about the local people. If we provide them with training and weapons are they prepared to fight these groups on there own?"

    DS- "According the the senior officer, many local are less then keen on this idea. Many in fact would rather that Davishirian forces remained to provide security"

    PM- "well, it is likely that the current operation will last at the least another week, but I cannot see the operation continuing permanantly"

    FS- "Prime Minister, there must also be consideration that the civilian population of the areas near the border is not as large as would be necessary to facilitate some kind of militia, and if we leave these areas then it is likely that the armed groups will come back stronger in the long term."

    PM- "I see, so what you are saying is that unless this is solved it could be a long deployment"

    FS & DS together- "yes, Prime Minister"

    PM- "Ok, I will get thinking. In the meantime I will send a notification to Poland-Lythuania. Have the airforce and the army put onto increased readiness, be ready to show these Inimican and Halbergians that we mean business. It is after all not easy to maintain a military operation far from home"

    DS- "you are quite right prime minister"

    FS- "but Prime Minister, if this all goes wrong then it would be unthinkable for us"

    PM- "well that is the duty of government foreign secretary. The responsibility to take tough decisions"

    At this point the Prime Minister took one last sip from his glass of chilled sparkling lemonade, stood up and left the room. He retreated to his private living area, his wife was not yet home from an engagement and the PM did enjoy an evening nap on his own. Especially after such a tough few days.

    (OOC- A Map to Show the current wider situation as I believe it to be))

    user posted image

  • 18:00hrs, 10 Downing Street Bunker, London

    The Prime Minister had summoned the Secretary of State for Defence, Micheal Fallon, to a meeting in the Downing Street bunker.

    DS- "Prime Minister, you called for me"

    PM- "Yes, Michael please sit down"

    The Defence Secretary sat dowm, he was rather concerned about what would be discussed.

    There was a few moments of silence

    DS- "How can I help you, Prime Minister?"

    PM- "I have spoken with the senior officer in Prussia, he says that he has not been able to advance far enough into the country to make any long term difference. He also says he does not have enough men for the job"

    DS- "We could perhaps increase the number of troops to 40,000 front line soldiers and increase the distance to 10 miles from the border?"

    PM- "I think that the best way would be to increase the number of fighting troops to 45,000 men and advance 20 miles into Prussia"

    DS- "That would be very controversial Prime Minister, very controversial indeed"

    PM- "Well, it is a matter of security. Perhaps 15 miles would be a more suitable idea?"

    DS- "I believe that would be a better idea. I can issue the orders immediately"

    PM- "I think an increase in the number of non-fighting personnel would be beneficial aswell. Increase that from 10,000 to 15,000. Ensure that roads are repaired houses rebuilt. Also ensure that infrastructure such as water and electricity remain. Schools and hospitals, don't forget those too"

    DS- "I can say Prime Minister, that we have opened a medical centre near to the main areas of population. A very large number of people have gone through the system already with various problems. It could be beneficial if we set up another"

    PM- "Yes have that ordered aswell. On Sunday I intend to visit the occupied areas for myself. Can you make preparations."

    DS- "Yes Prime Minister"

    PM- "Now Micheal, lets get those orders circulated. Advance to the blue line 15-20 miles in"

    DS- "Yes, Prime Minister"

  • 12:00hrs, Sunday 1st February 2015, Somewhere within Davishire Occupied Prussia

    The Prime Minister was visiting the Davishirian forces within the occupied zone. This zone now spread from the border with Poretos along the short Acrtic coast of Prussia along to the Davishirian border. This coastal passage was 10 miles wide, then along the Davishirian and Prussian border the occupied zone spread along the western half of the Davishirian Border with Prussia at a depth of 20 miles.

    The Prime Minister had a small entourage, this contained several members of the press alongside various advisors and the new Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Matthew Williams MP. The first stop for the Prime Minister was a visit to the medical centre which had been set up by the Davishirian Royal Army Medical Corps.

    The centre was being used by both wounded service personnel but also Prussian civillians with medical problems and also any enemy combatants prior to being shipped back to Davishire to face trial.
    user posted image

    The Prime Minister entered the accommodation which housed the wounded Davishirian personnel first. Those that could stood up, but the Prime Minister immediately instructed them to relax. He walked over the bedside of a soldier who had been ambused whilst on patrol. 2 of his comrades had been killed in the attack which occured only days earlier

    PM- "So, land corporal, how are you recovering?"

    L/CPL A- "Well sir, I am getting on fine. The wound to my arm is almost healed"

    PM- "Well, I am glad to hear that. How long have you been in the army?"

    L/CPL A- "5 years, sir"

    PM- "and has that been a positive experience? Except for the wound of course, haha"

    L/CPL A- "Overall it has been the best thing that has happened for me sir. I have been to so many places and I have done so much that it has been great"

    PM- "Well I hope you are able to recover soon"

    L/CPL A- "Thank you Prime Minister"

    The Prime Minister moved along several other beds, those that were awake spoke a few words. Others were asleep and not even the Prime Ministers visit would necessitate them being roused from rest. Before he left the room he spoke to one last soldier, He had lost both his legs in an emergency operation after stepping on an Improvised explosive device during a patrol.

    PM- "So Private, how are you doing?"

    PVT- "I am doing as can be expected, I suppose"

    PM- "Have you got a wife or girlfriend waiting for you back home?"

    PVT- "I have a boyfriend sir"

    PM- "And have you heard from him lately?"

    PVT- "I have had 2 phone calls with him. I miss him but this is part of the territory of my job sir"

    PM- "Now, how long have you been in the army?"

    PVT- "6 years sir!

    PM- "and you haven't gone for a promotion"

    PVT- "Not once sir, I do not like the thought of being a lance jack sir"

    PM- "Well, thank you for your service and your sacrifice"

    PVT- "Thank you sir"

    This ward only contained 20 of the 200 men injured over the past week. However the Prime Minister only had a certain window in which he could visit everything so he gave a few words of thanks and encouragement to those men in the tent before moving on to see what was being done in the civilian ward. This area had a very different atmosphere, there were only 2 soldiers who were discreetly armed. It was also out of view of the other tents so that people wishing to visit the medical clinic.
    The Prime Minister spoke to the chief nurse, who was a member of the army however they wore medical uniforms instead of combat uniforms.

    PM- "so, what cases do you get here?"

    CN-" We get a whole range of cases. We are providing a free service so people are coming and getting dentistry done through to treating wounds caused by gunshots and the like. It is very varying"

    PM- "and do you have enough staff and buliding space?"

    CN- "At the minute no, however we have got another ward tent opening up and another 50 nurses and doctors preparing to start operating"

    PM- "Well, I hope that those extra facilities help you out"

    The Prime Minister then spoke to some of the local people who had visited the centre. He spoke to a lady who was clutching a baby

    PM- "so why are you here?"

    LADY- " I have just had a baby, sir, your nurses meant that my baby lived"

    PM- "I am pleased to here that, what was the situation like before our forces came into Prussia?"

    LADY- "Things were much difficult minister, armed groups kept us in fear sir, it was terrible. There was no police or doctors. Your army is a saviour for us all"

    PM- "Well am I pleased to hear that"

    Lady- "please stay forever sir, please please for the betterness of us all sir"

    PM- " well, we are going to stay for as long as we need to"

    The PM cut the conversation short, for he did not want this operation to last forever, but how could he leave people alone in the lurch? He wandered around the other beds, speaking to people for about 30 minutes before he left the hospital. HE decided not to visit the armed militants.

    The second part of his visit meant a 30 minute road trip through a village. Once the Prime Ministers convoy entered the village large numbers of people gathered round cheering praise for him. Shouting chants such as "thank you davishire, thank you!" and "down with the nutters, down with the nutters" which was a reference to the militant groups which used to control the area. He waved through the windows of the armoured land rover in which he was being driven.

    After just over 35 minutes they arrived at the military camp. The camp was in the middle of the country and housed 3000 men and an attack helicopter support group. The senior Davishirian officer in Prussia, Major General William Ross met the Prime Minister outside the HQ. They were to have a briefing about the situation

    MGR- "Prime Minister, currently everything is going quite well, resistance behind and ahead of us is beginning to thin as a result of the recent advance."

    PM- "And everything is going well, That is good. "

    MGR-"In fact sir, we have just this morning arrested a senior militant leader. He is currently on his way back to the military intelligence HQ in Davishire for interrogation."

    PM- "well that is great news for us, I want a thorough investigation conducted to produce evidence and we will try and drag this scumbag through the courts. Anyhow, lets move on"

    At this point the screen was activated and the new Secretary of State for Internal Affairs Rt Hon William Hague MP was on the screen with the Secretary of State for Defence, Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP

    PM- "So gentleman, what is the situation on the coast"

    DS- "there has been no change Prime Minister. Several Inimican and Halsbergian vessels remain off of the Bucks coast."

    PM- "And our forces?"

    DS- "no change sir"

    PM- "Great , lets keep it that way"

    At this point the PM headed toward a bed which had been reserved for him. He was tired and went straight to sleep despite it being nearly 2pm by that point in the day.

  • 18:00hrs Tuesday 3rd February, Davishire HQ Prussia

    The Prime Minister was still in Prussia, although he was only hours away from returning home. He had spent the last few days visiting local villages, talking to the troops and such. Now however he was in his final meeting with the senior military officials before heading back.

    MGR- "So, Prime Minister the situation is as follows. The Inimican/Halbergian fleet is still located in international waters off Bucks. THe fleet which was training with the Chiltonians is still parked in the gap between the Tuetons and the ice cap as does the Atlantic Sub Pack. "

    PM- "I would like orders circulated to the effect that should any Inimican or Halbergian ship enter Davishirian territorial waters the ships are to be boarded and seized"

    At this point the Secretary of State for Defence spoke,

    SOSD- "Prime Minister, Is that wise?"

    PM- "We must send a message that Davishirian territory is ours and not theres"

    SOSD- "I understand what you are saying sir, however it could be dangerous"

    The Prime Minister continued, ignoring the comment,

    PM- "I have also had it confirmed that only one sixth of the ?21bn due to Inimicus over a period of 3 years has been paid for the A400s. No more money is to be sent to them"

    SOSD- "Prime Minister, after this all blows over we must reform our old relationships"

    PM- "Davishire is perfectly justified in what it is currently doing. Inimicus and Halsberg just want to try and flex some muscle. And for all we know this may never blow over"

    SOSD- "Very well Prime Minister"

    MGR- "Prime Minister, I must also report that as you are aware this incursion only goes along half of the border with Prussia. I have been informed that the other half of Davishire is seeing increased attacks on the exclusion zone. I would reccomend extending the front to a 20 mile depth along the whole border so as to introduce some in the defence"

    PM- "What kind of troop deployment would that require? I suppose it would double the total number deployed"

    MGR- "We would want to absolutely saturate the ground which we are taking control of with Davishirian soldiers. So that we truly have control of the area. Only then can we begin to develop the area. Although, I am concerned as to why we are spending so much time on the resources to develop an area and improve it if we are merely going to withdraw again"

    PM-"Major General, the plan is to make this place so nice to the point that the local people love Davishire and would never attack it again. Hearts and minds. See ideally it would mean taking control of the whole of Prussia, but that is unrealistic"

    SOSD- "So, David would you like me to issue the necessary orders. Create a 20mile zone all along the border with a deployment of an addiational 40,000 combat troops and 10,000 engineers and the like"

    MGR- "It is important to note that the other half of the border is longer and more curvy. I would recommend a larger force Prime Minister"

    PM- "What would you suggest General?"

    MGR- "I would recommend a force of 50,000 frontline troops along the whole front with the 1st Airborne Brigade in reserve"

    PM- "I don't see why not, Secretary of State can you have orders issued to that effect"

    SOSD- "Yes, Prime Minister"

    The Prime Minister picked up the phone,

    "Get me William Hague please"

    he waited briefly,

    PM- "ah William. You have your old job back. Tell William Hughes in the FCO you are swapping jobs."

    WH- "That is great news. I was beginning to miss the FCO"

    PM- "First thing tomorrow, can you inform the Inimicans that we will not pay the remaining money for the A400ms until they leave. And remind them that a payment is coming up"

    WH- "Yes, Prime Minister. First thing tomorrow"

  • 10:00hrs Thursday 5th February 2015, 10 Downing Street London

    The Secretary of State for Defence and the Prime Minister were meeting together to discuss the current situation. The topic up for discussion will be the usual issue in Prussia. It felt like that was taking up all of the Prime Ministers time, it had been just over a week since the initial invasion and it had felt like a very long time.

    PM- "So, Michael, is there any news?"

    SOSD-Prime Minister, the Inimicans have confirmed the message sent to them by the Foreign secretary. They have also informed us that they will be switching off any Inimican GPS and other satellites used to support the aircraft"

    PM- "And what does that mean to us?"

    SOSD- "Very little to be honest, we use our own military satellites and GPS systems and most of the Inimican installed navigation equipment has been changed for Davishirian equipment anyhow"

    PM- "Ok, and they are aware that we will continue payments once the Inimican vessels have ceased there action"

    SOSD- "Yes sir

    PM- "That is great. Moving on, I do believe I authorised the extension of the occupation zone to 20 miles along the whole length of the Davishirian border. Do you have any updates on that for me?"

    SOSD- "The initial force which will be taking control of the eastern border area is currently massing within Davishire and is due to begin operations at 12:00hrs today"

    PM- "So, later today our troops will occupy a 20 mile deep zone from the Arctic right the way along th entire Davishire/Prussian border"

    SOSD- "That is right Prime Minister"

    PM- "I would like you to instruct all troops on the front line to begin to construct defences. We want to ensure that the territory taken remains secure so that we can do our hearts and mind stuff"

    SOSD- "I agree and that is why I have already issued those orders Prime Minister. Anyhow, the press are getting on my departments nerves now sir. Although some information has got out there is still technically a media black out as you ordered. Can we lift that now sir?"

    PM- "Not yet. Lets give us time to consolidate the ground taken and ensure it is fully secure first"

    SOSD- "Yes, Prime Minister"

  • The Prime Minister had instructed his Secretary of State for defence to let him have a weekend free from the issue of Prussia. However it was now Monday morning and it was important to receive an update on the situation. They did this in the typical ministerial way, with a meeting.

    PM- "So, secretary of state, have you got any updates on the Prussian situation?"

    SOSD- "Well, we now have a continuous 20 mile occupation zone along the entire border and also the Arctic coastline between us and Poretos"

    PM- "I am pleased that it has gone so well Secretary of State"

    SOSD- "As am I Prime Minister, resistance which was initially mediocre is now non-existent. Especially after the capture of their leader who is now sat within a Davishirian military secure custody facility"

    PM- "Is he being treated well"

    SOSD- "He is being treated as any prisoner is in Davishire. With respect and courtesty"

    PM- "What has he said under interview?"

    SOSD- "He has admitted almost everything we wanted him to. Ordering attacks on Davishire which can then be transferred into conspiracy to commit murder"

    PM- "Is it triable through the ECoJ?"

    SOSD- "I am not sure, but either way it is not my remit as defence secretary"

    PM- "That is true, I shall speak to the Chief Justice"

    At this point the European Councillor came online over the Davishirian Government Secure Internet Video Communications System, the European Council was holding a debate on the issue of Davishirian intervention.

    ERIC- "Prime MInister, it is good to speak to you. Now the speaker has agreed to hold a private debate and I would like to make best use of such."

    PM- "Michael here will shortly e-mail you all of the necessary documents which are eligible for disclosure within the council. You can use anything within the documents"

    ERIC- "Very well Prime Minister, I shall ensure that our interests are kept secure"

  • General Ross had called a meeting with the Prime Minister, he had been promoted to the commander of all forces involved in what was now called operation resolute.

    GR- "Prime Minister, how are you doing today?"

    PM- "I am fine general, I hope you are well also. However I suspect that you did not ask to see me for a chat"

    GR- "No sir, I would like to discuss the current situation off Sandy Island."

    pM- "What about it general?"

    GR- "I feel that it is time to ramp up the pressure on the Inimican and Halsbergian Fleet"

    PM- "In what way?"

    GR- "I feel that we should increase the number of naval and air units which are currently operating. So far we have six destroyers operating behind them, one small fleet operating in the Atlantic gateway alongside our Oceanic Patrol Submarine Force. We also have a significant number of submarines operating in front of the fleet."

    PM- "General, you must realise that I do not want to increase the tension already at play here. As you may be aware we do not want to be in Prussia for much longer.

    GR- "I understand that Prime Minister, howe..."

    PM- "No, not at all general! There shall be no escalation"

    GR- "Yes, Prime Minister"

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