Justice resignation

  • Fellow justices, European people,

    Eric Hitchens, my compatriot, has been named by former Premier Commissioner Reiher as his successor. I am extremely proud of Mr Hitchens. However, his occupation of the Premier office means that Inimicus is, by constitution, not allowed to provide a Justice for the European Court.

    Therefore, you may all consider this my formal resignation. I thank you for the time I have been allowed to serve as your Justice, and wish my colleagues all the best in their duties.

    Former Justice Hubert Christian

  • "You'll be sorely missed among the Justices"

    • George Herbe

  • Banned

    Rather unfortunate for Mr. Christian. Will Deutschia be able to nominate a Justice? Of course, this Justice will not participate in any case regarding Her Holy Realm.

  • I must say that this is quite un cou, we are sorry to see a fellow Justice leave and you focus on "What can we gain" I ask that you awaited for that announcement.

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