Teutonic Crusaders - Havvenskar Summit

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    Visiting the Neighbours

    It was a relatively warm winter day when Prime Minister Jens Johanssen was sitting in his office. This day a delegation from the nation of Teutonic Crusaders would travel to Selderheim for a summit. "What can you tell me about the nation?" asked PM Johanssen to his secretary. "Well, erm... not a lot. They are our neighbours, so their climate is quite like ours and erm..." Jens Johanssen interrupted. "I think this meeting is a good way to get to know a bit more about it, isn't it?" The Teutonic delegation would arrive by boat in Selderheim.

    Jens Johanssen was waiting in the harbour of Selderheim when the ship was stopping at the embankment. He saw a number of people standing on the boat. "That must be the delegation."

    The delegation would get a small tour of the city of Selderheim, and then they would go to Slott Innsjen, just outside of Selderheim to discuss on a number of matters.

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    Slott Innsjen

  • Around 11am a huge boat was on the horizon, as it got closer it was noticed to be wood, in the medieval fashion, with cannons bristling. All of the masts had a massive Teutonic Cross. The boat fired the cannon out at sea to signal arrival, before hauling into port.

    Wilhelm steps out, two men with halberds at his flanks, the ceremonial guards.

    "Well, this place looks comfortable to me, just like home really. Quite a bit more modern I would say though. I wonder who we shall meet?"

  • "That must be them." said Jens Johanssen. He noticed they were dressed oddly. "They seem... oldfashioned."
    He stepped towards to a dominant figure in the delegation, whom Jens Johanssen thought would be the leader.
    "Hello, welcome to Havvenskar and the city of Selderheim." he said while shaking hands. "We are delighted to receive our neighbours here. We will take you around the city in a short tour, and then we will go to Slott Innsjen to do the negotiations and what not."

  • "Hello Mr. Johanssen, I am Wilhelm, Knight-Master of the Teutonic State. Pleasant day isn't it? Let us see this city, I much enjoy it so far. I admire the color on the buildings, they look much less depressing than our grey stone. Perhaps we will use some of our iron for red paint?

    It was about time to meet you guys, especially with the modernizing we are working on. You see, my people are very traditional. While it helped us survive most of history, it is now holding us back. Opening up to the world seems to be a sound step."

  • "Indeed, we have to go with the times. If you would like to follow me, our little tour does not start very far away, so we can just walk it."

    They arrived at the Gude Tempel. "This is the main tourist attraction of Selderheim. It is a temple devoted to our gods. Not many people still believe in the gods, but the temple will stay. It is built in 1823 and renovated 12 years ago." The group went inside to take a look around, and after that they went to the R?dv?relse, where parliament debated. "Parliament debates here." the prime Minister said. "That concludes the tour, I'm afraid."

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    _Left: The Gude Tempel. Right: the R?dv?relse _

    A car was waiting at the R?dv?relse to take the Prime Minister and the Teutons to Slott Innsjen.

  • Wilhelm gets in the car, his guards try to but ding the paint with their halberds
    "Why..why don't you guys go back to the boat? Stand guard there, if you want let locals tour it, just keep an eye on them. They walk away flustered*. "Sorry about the paint, they aren't used to cars, I'll pay to fix that blunder. I'm working on a road system now actually, but it comes second to the train line. Let us depart, yes?"

  • "Yes indeed." said Jens Johanssen.
    They drove through the city of Selderheim to Slott Innsjen, at the coast east of Selderheim.
    When they arrived they walked through the castle to a room which a nice couch and seats.
    "I'll call for some tea." The tea arrived mere minutes later.

    "Right, here we are. As I know not a lot of your nation, could you tell me a bit about it, so I can form a better picture of it?"

  • "Well, we are an..interest lot of people. We started as a religious order formed to fight pagans and gain land for the church. Eventually we decided we liked the land and stayed, even as our sect of the church disappeared. Granted some people are still religious, we aren't a crusader state in any form now.

    Most people speak a dialect of middle German, but everyone knows English as well. Just now we are making higher education more prominent, so we can expand the tech sector. We have signed a defense agreement with Davishire as well. Any particulars you want to know?

    I have an idea too...A rail system and highway connecting us for easier trade. It would tunnel through the mountains and hills where needed."

  • "That is indeed a good idea, we were thinking about that here as well. This would improve trading. I also suggest having more ships sail between our harbours, because ships can transport more supplies per ship. Havvenskar would also like a embassy in K?nigsberg, and we can also open a Teutonic Embassy in Selderheim to improve the relationships between our nations. What do you think about that?"

  • "I rather like these ideas, it would improve relations between the people as well if they could travel relatively easily. What do you think about travel with passports an no visa? We will get to building a new embassy right away. A also think the rail and highway system could help in the unlikely event of war, should someone attack supplies to be rushed across the border."

  • "The no visa idea seems good to me. It will not be much of a hassle, like it is now, to travel abroad. A highway and rail system between our nations is good too. I think it would be good to use it in war, but when we are not at war, we can transport travelers with trains, instead of the highway. Trains are faster. We can start construction of such a system in not too many weeks I think.

    Something else. Lately there is a lot of unrest in the EU. Wars, invasions etcetera. What do you think about alliance of sorts? We can help each other out in wars, improve on trade and soforth. Our nations are very much alike, so therefor I think this is quite a good idea."

  • "This all sounds great to us. Let us form the strongest union we can. We are separated on our peninsula from much of the continent, if we have a strong united front here we will be in a golden age. Let us!"

  • "Yes! I am relieved that you agree. Now some other matter. What is the main production and export of the Teutonic Crusaders?"

  • "Timber and fish rather equally currently. We are expanding our finished products though, we have ready for export whale meat and blubber, as well as vitamins. Our computer industry is expanding, but currently they are staying in the borders for educational reasons. Do you have anything your nation is short on?"

  • "Well, we import a large quantity of food each year because apart from fish, sheep and cows there is not much food in Havvenskar. It would be marvelous if we can import our food from the Teutonic Crusaders.

    Do you have anything else you would like to discuss?"

  • "We could send plenty of food over, it sounds like a plan. We have started some farms for crab, lobster, fish, eels, and mussels.

    Yes, shall we form an official northern union?

  • "Yes. We can form a committee to discuss the content of the Treaty that needs to be signed. I can offer you some appropriate lodgings in the Capital, so we can start working on the treaty in a short time. What do you think of that?"

  • " Yes, I will stay, I paged Karl, economic minister, he is on his way. We will stick around for this committee."

  • Jens Johanssen nipped his tea. He forgot about it in this conversation. It was stone cold now.
    "Is there anything else in particular you want to discuss here?"

  • " I'm thinking this summit is concluded. I look forward to the committee meeting soon, it has been a pleasure."

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