The Teutonic State - Factbook

  • The Teutonic State is a northern nation, covered in forest and mountains, with the south turning to foothills and flat coastal areas. The government runs by a headmaster, with regional powers going to governors. People have a direct say in governor behavior, and corruption or abuse of position ends in exile to the mountains. The most popular sports are skiing and competitive hiking.

    user posted image
    Most of the south looks like this, heavily forested with foothills.

    user posted image
    1. S?dk?ste
    2. Kiefer K?ste
    3. Eisen H?gel
    4. Abf?lle

    user posted image
    The capital, with Wilhelms' castle in the background.

    Languages German, English
    Population 25.4 Million
    Noun Teutonic State, Teutons
    Currency Pfenning
    Head of State Nikolaus Wilhelm
    Capital city K?nigsberg
    National animal Brown Bear
    Anthem Hymm of War

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