Operation Genophage

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    Triclops Headquarters
    ???, Inimicus
    January 9th, 2015

    Operation: Genophage
    Operation Status: Active


    The evening was bizarrely still. The wind was standing motionless, ominously waiting to be unleashed. The dark, midnight sky reigned supreme over Inimicus. Craticus walked out of the Triclops Headquarters flanked by a dozen or so secretaries, each dressed up completely in black. The foot steps of the Inquistan delegation echoed on the dry tarmac. The sound of a nearby helicopter slowly became more apparent until its screeching became totally overwhelming. It sounded like the beginning of a storm - with the Inquistan foot steps sounding like the fall of raindrops on the ground. As Craticus and the rest of his staff began approaching the helicopter, he glanced at his watch. It's just past midnight. This is good. Triclops would make it's first moves under the cover of complete darkness. How fitting.

    The helicopter was quite large and would normally transport dozens of troops, or perhaps even be able to transport a few tanks and artillery pieces. This helicopter, however, was fitted with a large conference table and instead seated some of Inquista's most senior military staff along with some military secretaries and intelligence officers. All of them we wearing the Triclops insignia on their uniforms. These officers were the only ones who could be trusted with the secrecy of Triclops operations. Silence was broken almost immediately as Craticus boarded the black helicopter.

    "Your Holiness", one of the military officers greeted.

    "Good evening. So, I suppose a briefing is in order?"

    The officers all nodded in unison and sat down in their seats. Craticus and the rest of his crew joined them. Inquistans loved to go straight to business and there was certainly no time to waste. Besides, Craticus wasn't one to normally care for pleasantries.

    "Our meeting was quite productive. It seemed that Emperor Artabanos and High President Solomon were on the same page as myself. Our conclusion was unanimous. It seems that we will be taking action against Davishire at this time."

    The officers seemed hardly surprised. It almost seemed as if they were expecting repercussions against Davishire and its actions. If anything, most of the officers smiled and nodded in agreement.

    Craticus looked over to one of his secretaries and gestured for her to stand up.

    "Now, please inform the rest of the staff of our plans of operation."

    "Yes, your Holiness."

    The officer stood up and straightened her back. She quickly cleared her throat and began speaking.

    "The objective of our operation is to make sure that all Davishirian forces are withdrawn from Prussia completely. Davishire's involvement in Prussia is nothing short of imperialism, and its actions should be curtailed. While Prussia remains in anarchy for now - we cannot let it crumble and be overtaken by rogue foreign powers. Triclops will be taking collective action through Operation Genophage. We will be executing the first part of our operation immediately."

    Craticus smiled and gestured for her to continue speaking.

    "Triclops will begin by mobilizing our air forces. We will deploy approximately 350 stealth fighter jets, organised into 2 groups, into Prussia. Halsberg will also provide 350 further fighter jets. Inimicus will deploy 250 of its own fighter-bombers. Once we ensure our air superiority, we will take action on the ground if necessary. If push comes to shove, we might also have to put our own men on the ground. First, we have to see how many Davishirians are willing to die for this nonsensical cause."

    The officer proceeded to hand the Air Marshal some pieces of paper and a classified folder. The Air Marshal skimmed over the documents and looked quite pleased.

    Craticus stood up from his seat and continued where the female officer had left off. "Once our air forces approach Davishirian held-terriotory we will issue a new status report and a new set of directions. However, for now, deploy the air forces as instructed and follow orders.

    "Yes, Your Holiness", the Air Marshal replied.

    "Now, everyone, go make your necessary calls. We are en route back to Saint Dominico and should be arriving soon. Remember, all this information is classified. You will not discuss any of these matters."

    As the helicopter flew threw the dark sky, the once motionless wind had began to change. It began blowing and swirling, forcing the air in fractured directions. A storm was brewing.

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    Triclops Headquarters
    ???, Inimicus
    January 25th, 2015

    "That's agreed, then? Seven destroyers, thirteen frigates, thirteen attack submarines, and three supercarriers."

    "Correct. Halsberg will supply four destroyers, eight frigates, five submarines and one supercarrier, and Inimicus will provide the rest."

    The Inimician weather was cold and damp, temperatures were just above freezing. In a few hours, when the deep dark night was raging, small puddles would freeze and dew would turn into small crystals. Temperatures were bearable at this early stage in the night, however. Emperor Artabanos, present personally at the Triclops meeting, had just agreed with a naval military presence near Davishirian waters. The Halsbergian High President was more than keen to join in, but the Inquistan Archbishop thought he would be unable to rally the necessary manpower and as such was not able to contribute, but gave his full support to the operation. Within four days, all ships would be in place, and Davishire would be given a clear and direct signal that these invasive actions.

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    Near Sandy Island, Just Outside Davishirian Waters
    January 29th, 2015

    "Halsbergians on the horizon, sir."

    "Contact, if you please."

    The Inimician supercarrier had spotted their Halsbergian allies, who had had to cross a greater distance than themselves, on the western horizon. They would take position to the northeast of Sandy Island, whereas the Inimicians would keep their current position to the northwest.

    "His Imperial Majesty's Ship Emperor Hugh calling Halsbergian carrier, over", the radio officer called over the secret Triclops frequency.

    "HNS Belinda Carlisle, accompanied by The Loveshack, calling in", the radio returned. The officer knew The Loveshack was a codename for Halsbergian submarines.

    "Good to see you. Take positions and stand by,"

    And with that simple conversation, the blockade of Davishire's main military base had begun. Triclops would not engage in military activity, but when fired upon, they could be backed up by submarines, lying in wait some tens of miles back. Davishire will find out what happens when they attack the combined forces of Halsberg and Inimicus.

  • "Good to see you. Take positions and stand by."

    The HNS Belinda Carlisle, one of Halsberg's six new supercarriers, was taking its position as the flagship of the Halsbergian fleet. Two destroyers were sailing alongside, the other ships of the fleet moving away to their designated positions. 5 of the B52 class attack submarines, colloquially known as the Loveshacks, were moving along with the fleet to their assigned positions, while their counterparts in five SSGNs were waiting several miles back as a precaution.

    "No Davishiran military vessel is to leave the Sandy Island base or the mainland until they withdraw from Prussia, is that understood?", the voice of Grand Marshal Eckersley ordered as he addressed a meeting of each vessel's captains. As commander of the fleet, the Grand Marshal had been in contact with the High President himself regarding the recent Triclops meeting, and agreed wholeheartedly with all that had been said.

    "Our intelligence as well as satellite reconnaissance shows that the Sandy Island base is operating at a higher level than usual, with a number of vessels stationed there over the past few weeks, so we could see some attempts to break out. But remember, we are not here to start shooting at everything we see. Do not fire at any vessel unless fired upon. Should a military vessel ignore your repeated warnings and continue to make its way towards the Atlantic, seek orders from myself. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, that will be all." The 17 faces on the large video screen in the Belinda Carlisle's briefing room went off one by one.

    Eckersley stood for a moment and wondered how long it would take before the Davishirans would make some kind of contact.

  • The Davishirian High Command had been monitoring the approach of the joint taskforce for some time. For that reason Bucks had been heavily reinforced prior to their arrival. The foreign taskforce could be seen on the horizon, several ships, probably lots of subs aswell. The Davishirian Armed Forces would not fire upon any foreign vessel without good reason, they would however observe what is going on.

    The actions of the foreign naval fleets had clearly shown that they had a hostile intentions and the main intention of the armed forces was to defend Davishires national sovereignty. The admiral in charge of the forces at Bucks was in a conference call to the Prime Minister whilst his defensive orders were being carried out.
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    IC Visible
    3 Nimrod Mark 4 maritime recce aircraft were launched from the airbase and monitored the movements of the foreign ships. These aircraft were each escorted by 3 new F35-B fighter aircraft with a surface attack capability. They had however been ordered to not fire unless fired upon first.

    **IC Invisible Starts **

    At the same time all 54 of the Royal Navies SSK attack submarines moved submerged into the open water, they formed a submerged line just within Davishirian territorial waters. 24 SSKs were assigned to each subpack. The SSK submarines each carried 15 mk 2 torpedoes which were very effective against naval vessels large and small. Each SSK fleet was supported by 30 SSN submarines armed with significantly more powerful torpedoes, the MK4. Each one capable of severely damaging a super carrier and each SSN carried 20 of them. The SSN and SSK submarines remained submerged with no periscopes and used the data supplied from the Nimrod aircraft to see what was going on. The SSK and SSN submarines were also designed to be stealthy, with specially designed hulls designed to render all forms of sonar and radar ineffective. The subs also varied their depth and spacings below water so as to not form a massive metal block in the water. The submarines had been ordered to remain submerged and to not fire at any vessel unless fired upon.

    Further away 6 of Davishires 12 SSGN submarines were hidden submerged at their deepest possible firing depth. Each SSGN was also designed to be stealthy and carried 46 guided missiles each. The Missiles were ready to fire but had not been targeted and they were not to fire unless fired upon.

    The remainder of the navies sub fleet was already out to sea. Located off the Davishirian mainland in packs of 10. THey were ready as a reserve force.

    IC Visible Starts

    A squadron of 6 Davishirian Destroyers left the harbour at the island of Bucks. They had ordered to sail into the North Atlantic to RV with the fleet which had ordered to return. The ships left the naval base at full oceanic speed of 30kts. They headed toward the Atlantic Exit with the orders to break any attempted blockade without firing unless ordered or fired upon....

  • "HIMS Emperor Hugh to HNS Belinda Carlisle. Davishirian ships spotted off the starboard bow. Hold position and do not move an inch."

    The Inimician and Halsbergian ships had been partially surrounded by their Davishirian 'enemies', but they were resolved not to move an inch. Their mission was clear: to provide a clear signal to Davishire that they could not continue like this, and enact a blockade of Davishire's main military base. However, they had not been ordered to open fire on any Davishirian military units they might encounter, and now these units were threateningly close to them. They knew, however, that if they were to enact hostilities, they would most likely perish. But then again, they had no reason to. They were still lying in international waters, and Davishire had no legal incentive to attack them.

    "HIMS Emperor Hugh to HNS Belinda Carlisle. Recommendations?"

  • The squadron commander, Captain John Codd had heard the instruction from the Inimican vessel, however he ignored the instructions.

    "Pilot continue on course"

    The ships continued to move toward the shipping lane for the Atlantic, they were already at full speed.

    At this point a whole squadron of Tornado Fighter Bomber Aircraft flew overhead, slowly as a show of force. The Tornadoes flew overhead the Davishirian Squadron before banking, climbing and flying over the Inimican vessels. After the aircraft had cleared the Inimican vessels they each fired off two countermeasure flares.

    Meanwhile, beneath the surface over 100 submarines were ready in necessary to react, if the Inimicans fired one shot then the ships were ready to respond. Although only the Prime Minister could authorise the use of lethal force he was at the other end of a phone.

    The aircraft maintained a safe distance from the fleet, but they were still visible and able to respond to any threat. Behind the squadron of destroyers followed a light aircraft carrier, 4 frigates and a cruiser. They were 2 miles behind the destroyers on the same course.

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