You're never too young to die

  • _Location: The Royal Capital of Eranseth

    It had been a lovely morning in the Capital even if a bit chilly, it was a slow Saturday, everything seemed to be going to plan. The PETER Committee was going to start in 10 Mins and the Lady President was just briefing her Cabinet before it began, most of the members of the Committee had already arrived at the National House, the Presidential Residence awaiting the meeting. _

    "We can't let this continue anymore Alex,I'm not suggesting we put Protocol Immunity into place but we must at least consider whether it could work in this situation, more and more are dying and what happens if it is no longer on the Border?" Complained Commissioner Hadley, the Commissioner for Defense

    "The European Union has looked against Davinshire when they followed actions to protect their people, but I can't see what we can do" Piped James Tournay, the European Councillor who was lucky to be in Poretos after his Ship was almost bordered by the Prussian Terrorists

    "Forget Foreign Affairs our People come first, our Secret Services are streched, let's at least increase the Armed Patrols, we've made the first step by activating Project SHIELD however maybe it is time we armed all Officers. We must consider everything." Responded the very tired Internal Affairs Premier, Jameson Leord.

    "Emergency Protocols have been activated by all Councillors", the Commisioner for Emergencies had entered the room after being very busy on the Phone. "Alex the Regional Emergency Defensive Headquarters are in operation in all regions"

    _The Lady President Continued to look out the window, out to the lovely Greenery that surrounded the Houses, and then to the rest of the Capital _

    "Maybe it was easier" responded Alexandra

    _The others stared confused and vacant _

    "When it was an absolute Monarchy, we didn't have to worry about this our borders were strong, there wasn't a terror attack ever. We only had to worry about the Constant Pillaging by the Emperors Lords"

    _The Lord Chancellor stood to go to her _

    "You know that was a different time Alex, Prussia was a kind neighbor, they never wished us any ill will. Things have changed it is a terror state. The Monarchs changed, the 'Nephew of Reform' as some call him. We have bigger fish to fry Alex. Let's put the nation first.

    _The Lord Chancellor was at the bookcase about half way too her _

    "What was that you said earlier Jordan?" Asked the Lady President Alexandra

    _The Lord Chancellor Stopped _

    "You said there had been a breach" the Lady President continued.

    "Yes, there was a gap in the defenses near the coast a day ago, but its been cleared up"

    "Couldn't some of them have got through?"

    _Before Poretos knew, the Lady Presidents Questions had been answered _


    _A Bomb had gone of just outside the window, and then there was darkness. _

    OCC: Will be continued in a hours time or so?

  • Armed Guards Steamed into the rubble, the entire front of the House was like a scene from a post apocalyptic film, there were mangled bodies clawing there way out, or at least attempting to. As quick as it had all happened the Armed Police dragged them out

    "I'm just a bit bruised, I'll be fine" responded Lord Chancellor Jordan weakly, whilst coughing.

    "Sir, protocol H has been placed into affect"

    _Those who could walk made their way through the labyrinth of Corridors, dragged behind them the worse off victims, including the Lady President.

    They came to the end of the underground corridor, there was just a concrete wall in front of them and a small door on the left, that led to a small communications room - nothing that resembled a Government Emergency Bunker. _

    "Presidental Incapacitation, Acting Head of Government, Lord Chancellor Jordan Etrana, Activation Key : Gamma, Niner, Alpha, Foxtrot - Poretos" echoed Jordan, facing the wall as if it were a person.

    _Responded a technological voice, whilst a plinth rose into the room out of the floor.

    The Lord Chancellor entered his key, and added some further codes before placing his most cherished item into the box, his wedding ring to act as the final key for the door.

    The Concrete wall lowered, it was a 13 Tonne combination of Concrete, Iron, Lead and other Rare Earth Elements 5 Meters wide with a Depth of 6 meters, almost completely impenetrable with a Similar wall system around the entire underground complex.

    The Lord Chancellor turned to the Emergency Inner Circle who were with him, these were the Civil Servants, Military Officers and Other Important Figures who worked around the Government District who, in an emergency, were trained and chosen to work in this Complex to help bring Poretos back to life."

    "Get them to the Sick bay now!" Shouted the Lord Chancellor taking control of the Situation

    "Cpl, get the full generator online. I need the eyes and ears of this bunker online now"

    [I] Everyone was running through the tunnels as quickly as they could arriving at the CNS - The Central Nervous System of the Bunker, the largest of its kind this side of the Europlis, thousands of flashing screens. The Best Computer systems, the best hydroponics, a massive brain for an emergency. In the Center facing a massive screen, with a table in front of it stood the Command Chair, the Lord Chancellor sat down. _

    "Sir, full access to systems in 10 seconds."

    _Everyone was preparing their stations, then the screens came to life. It was worse than any of them had ever dreamed it would be _

  • Pacifist Cowards would like to be the first to offer our dearest sympathies to our near neighbours in Poretos, and more substantially to offer any formal assistance their government may require.

    Whilst terrorism is certainly a deplorable and heinous act, we would counsel Poretos to remain calm and seek to provide a measured response, in an attempt to control and de-escalate an already tense and dangerous situation emerging in the region.

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