French Albion, The United Kingdom of

  • The United Kingdom of French Albion

    Capital: Kingsbridge
    Denonym: Albonaise
    Population: 113.1 million
    Languages: French and English (official), Occitan (recognized language)

    Currency: livre

    Ethnic groups: White 87.2% (Gallic 42%, Anglo-Saxon 40%, Norman 16%, Ethnic Jews 2%), Black Albonaise 5.8%, Muslim 4%, 3% beyond Europe (Asian, etc.)
    Major religions: Roman Catholic 70%, Anglican 15%, Protestant & affiliated schisms 7%, Atheist 3%, Islamic 3%, Jewish 2%

    Government: Unitary constitutional monarcy
    Head of State: Queen Marie-Antoinette II
    Head of Government: Chancelier Edouard Bertrand


    • Principality of Normandy: 849 AD
    • Union with Icholasen: 928 AD
    • Civil War: 1180 AD
    • Occupation from Davishire: 1201 AD
    • Kingdom of Albion: 1247 AD
    • Union of Albion and Gaul: 1703 AD
    • United Kingdom of French Albion: 1704 AD

    National Anthem of French Albion: La Marseillaise
    Royal Anthem of French Albion: God Save the Queen

    Drives on the: left

    Major Cities of French Albion

    • Kingsbridge-Monville
    • Vallabrix
    • Marseilles
    • Grantham
    • Blackwater
    • Champcoeur
    • Dunblane
    • Chauvin

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