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    This channel is for the state-run Cowardly News Network to provide citizens of its nation, and the region at large, with reliable, factual and up-to-date information concerning the People's Republic at home and abroad! We look forward to bringing you the best breaking news, current events and sporting spectacles from around the EU!

  • Economic Reforms continue apace in Pacifist Cowards!

    Pacifist Cowards has continued apace with its tax reforms, following the resetting of all tax codes earlier last month - which saw average income tax rates fall from effectively 100% to nearly 8%. Whilst there were teething trouble with the reforms at first, the reduction in government bureaucracy and spending has meant that the Cowardly economy has managed to stay afloat whilst new legislation is introduced. A side effect of the relaxing of taxes has been an increase in government spending on defence and industry, whilst social spending has been cut.

    Further reforms are expected to bring the economy back up to its full potential, with plans in progress for PC to become a major regional hub for oil and gas-based industries, and a potential for the state-owned Cowardly Arms to become a regional exporter.

  • Economic Recovery Progressing Well, Cowardly Economy Thriving

    Pacifist Cowards today announced that it's economy has continued to grow and develop, now being classed as "Thriving" by most observers. This represents a marked improvement from earlier this year, where the change in tax codes caused a massive reduction in state budgets and spending. The news was particularly greeted by entrepreneurs and private business owners, who have used the lapse in government control to carve their own niche in the once publicly-dominated industrial sector. The government has so far been unwilling or unable to re-nationalise these assets.

    As part of its efforts to aid recovery through spending, the Cowardly government today announced plans for another Mir class aircraft carrier, 2 more assault carriers and a sizeable expansion of the Cowardly Air Force. These measures are expected to maintain the employment of hundreds of citizens who have sought work in the relatively stable defence industry in recent times.

  • Hypersonic Missile Attack in The Teutonic State, Cannabis and Death Penalty Bills Passed by the EU

    The President today issued a strong statement about recent developments in The Teutonic State, calling for action from the EU to intervene in an increasingly bloody civil conflict. Unconfirmed reports suggest advanced hypersonic missiles were used against civilian targets in the capital recently, and though there are no official casualty figures yet, our sources suggest that the death toll may be considerable.

    In his statement, President Ivanov urged his fellow leaders to take a strong stance against the violence, and take whatever means were necessary to promote peace and bring an end to the conflict. The Cowardly Rapid Reaction Force was placed on alert, and the Red Star, Pacifist Cowards' main humanitarian agency, has begun stockpiling supplies for a possible deployment to the troubled state.

    In lighter news, the EU passed regulations legalising cannabis for personal use. Whilst not affecting us here in PC, the bill was still opposed by the government, who claimed that such a bill was infringing too far into the rights of individual states to self-determine their own laws. The vote was met with mixed reactions in PC, where citizens have long enjoyed the decriminalisation of drugs for personal use. A law was also passed outlawing capital punishment in the region. President Ivanov joined Councillor Katyanova in praising such a progressive measure, saying that the passing of the bill indicated that the EU was determined to ensure it upheld civil liberties and freedom from persecution, and hoped for similar intent behind future bills presented to the council.

  • Further Troubles In The Teutonic States, Calls for Cowardly Intervention Grow

    The situation in The Teutonic States, host to previous abortive interventions by PC and other nations previously, once again threatens to spiral into a quagmire of military action. In an expansion of their involvement, UK-Davishiran forces have announced their joint intent to begin a limited bombing campaign against targets in the troubled nation. In troubling developments, a proposed humanitarian intervention by Poretos has been met with open resistance on the Council floor. Councillor Katyanova from Pacifist Cowards offered her support to the principle of allowing in more humanitarian aid, and repeated her offer to the coalition of Cowardly help in this regard, but fell short of condemning coalition actions. Instead, she made clear that the Cowardly government is prepared to condemn any action which would lead to unarmed aid transports being harassed or impeded.

    The reaction of the Cowardly People is mixed, with the number of people favouring direct military intervention still small, but a sizeable minority now seem to be in favour of direct aid flights and shipments, with the number supporting Cowardly planes enforcing the no-fly zone alongside the coalition reaching 38%, a new high. In response, President Ivanov has placed the Disaster Response and Humanitarian Aid teams on full alert, and they have begun to gather supplies and donations in preparation to sail at 24 hours notice. As a precaution, Naval Task Force One has also seen all leave cancelled, as they too are placed on 24 hour alert. The President's Office, however, insists that these are precautionary measures - with no plans for Cowardly involvement without further dialogue taking place between Cowards and other parties.

  • Massive Security Effort Underway to Protect Northern Conference

    After the recent destabilisation of the north due to ongoing events in the Teutonic States, President Ivanov has pulled out all the stops for the upcoming Northern Conference, with major deployments by all three branches of the armed forces. General Labrov, head of the Armed Forces' Union, confirmed the deployment of several thousand troops, and unspecified amounts of air and naval assets, who will be on high alert for the duration of the conference.

    "Whether by land, sea or air, any foreign dignitary that travels to Pacifist Cowards will be completely safe within our borders", assured the general. Asked about the possibility of heavy disruption to the lives of ordinary Cowards due to the ongoing security operations, the general declined to comment, and instead directed questions on civilian transport to the Transport Workers' Union. No one from the TWU was available for comment at this time.

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