A horrific stench in Corelia

  • Around 5am on a Wednesday morning Corelians woke up to an awful stench coming from the sea. A loud horn blared, and a big boat approached the harbor bearing the flag of Albion on Sea. At the front of the boat stood a salty old man, smoking a pipe and salting the fish he had on the drying lines.

  • Captain Szoltszman had got the call shortly after 6.30am and rang the crew bell. He was glad he always awoke at 5 and properly attired and showered by 5.16 sharp. The call came as he ate a slice of toast whilst reading a copy of Corelia Today that the paper boy had delivered at 6. As the bell rang his patrol boat crews assembled. He briefed his men that the boats were being scrambled to receive an incoming vessel that Beta patrol had escorted upon arrival to Corelian waters. They were to meet the boat as Beta patrol returned to their duties. The men then piled into their patrol vessels the Ardenia and the Wyzyzdwa and took the boats out of the boat house to meet the ship.

    They boats met the incoming vessel and Captain Szoltszman spotted the Albion on Sea flag, 'that's a new one for the collection Albion on Sea' he declared to his crew on the Wyzyzdwa who often passed their harbour duties by spotting national sea faring flags. He then honked the ships horn and then radioed to the vessel: 'Vessel of Albion this is the Corelian Sea Patrol please identify your name, vessel and intent as well as any documents you have pertaining to your docking in Port Harbour'

  • "Ahoy, I'm Harry Bielman, Prime Minister of Albion on Sea! Below Deck hangs out Mr. Paulson, in charge of Maritime activity. We are here about the cruise line and general talks. Documents ah, here they..uh, they got soaked and ruined..I have an id I 'spose."

  • The Captain almost went white as a sheet as the call came through, he turned the radio off a second and turned round to his crewman 'Why on earth didn't the intercept crew tell me this! The paperwork the paperwork for this potentially embarrassing incident is not tolerable for me! Oh St Janusz of the Sea farers bless me!'. The Captain seemed to starting sweating and come across with a turn, he had previously gotten into trouble for stopping a minister's private boat after he wasn't radioed through by the Beta patrol.

    'Look don't worry captain' said the pilot a slim gaunt fellow named Vselgers 'I heard that this was happening to Captain Steiglans over in Port Vadyor from Beta patrol. It'll all be on High Captain Vazziyug'

    'I hope you're right Vselgers' said the Captain as he reached for the radio again 'Your Excellency, I can only apologise for the identification call, I humbly ask you to accept my apology. This is merely our stringent security measures in place that we will extend to your protection. All that aside it is my privilege on behalf of the Sea Patrol of the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia to welcome you to Port Harbour. Please ask your pilot to follow our lead as we take you to docking, any requests let us know'

    The Captain then fiddled through his papers and once again picked up his radio: 'Maritime Control Centre Hotel Papa Alpha this is Golf Tango Niner requests a Mermaid Appointment'. A 'Mermaid Appointment' was the designated call sign for a foreign diplomatic docking. After a short break the radio crackle back to life: 'Golf Tango Niner this is Maritime Control Centre Hotel Papa Alpha we have a Mermaid Appointment on the books and vessels sighted. Full arrival is pre-prepared. Please proceed to dock niner bravo and slow to approach speed at the first signal. All harbour activities are now halted and you have waterway priority over'.

    The Captain nodded at Vselgers as he took the opportunity 'Maritime Control Centre Hotel Papa Alpha can I request when papers were filed for Mermaid Appointment over'. There was a silence that uncomfortable long for the Captain, 'Golf Tango Niner records point to a radio in by Beta Patrol call sign Neptune at 05:00 hours were you not informed? over'. Without hesitation the Captain replied 'No Golf Tango Niner was not informed please document and raise with flag 5 to Centre Kilo Charlie Charlie over and out'.

    Vselgers turned to look at the Captain: 'Who is Neptune sir?'

    'Vazziyug, Eirol Vazziyug, they seriously need to consider his place, but they call him Neptune because of his god-complex and because he's untouchable as he knows the Admiralty board well. Although saying that that Flag 4 should get him some flack. Right Vselgers take us out in front and get ready to cut speeds at the signal.

    'Albion Vessel please prepare to slow to approach speed'

  • The vessel slowed down, dock masterfully right in place. Harry stepped off onto the docks and approached the men at the shore. "It was a rough ride here, there was a strong storm in the middle of the sea. I brought some nice beers as a gift but they fell of the shelves and busted, so now I am without gift, unless you enjoy a good pipe tobacco."

  • The minister for transport Ragodan Indoren had waited at the dockside in his rain poncho, he'd once had a bad experience being soaked by liner while waiting to meet the Coreliferry board of executives for the state of the sea conference. He saw the Albion vessel with great ease to his great relief ashed forgotten to apply an ample coat of weather proofing to his steel toe caps.

    He walked over to the Prime Minister and Transportation Minister and found the Prime Minister to be rather friendly he shook his hand 'Prime Minister Bielman it is an absolute pleasure to meet you, worry not about the beers for a have a few specially brewed Corelian treats in the fridge for after hours! The gesture regardless is much appreciated. I must say it takes a man of strong character to take a boat for this distance. Right if you follow me to the state car and we can be driven to the Parliament centre'. The minister walked his guests to the car which tour through the streets of Port Harbour with police escort to the Parliament Centre. The car entered through the great harbour gate and was driven to the under building officials entrance from which they entered a glass elevator taking them to the fifth floor. Upon exiting the lift they took a right to walk down a wide carpeted corridor to a set of double doors with 'Sea Lantern Room' crafted into wood above the door.

    The security opened the room where they found a selection of bookcases with maritime law tomes, a small table with a globe, a medium sized conference table to the side and in front of a glorious view over the harbour and the sea there was positioned three comfortable arm chairs and set by them the flags of Os Corelia, Seacove State and Albion on Sea. The Minister gestured for them to sit in these seats 'I can tell you Prime Minister it was rather hard to find an Albion on Sea flag of official proportions that we had to have it commissioned, this one was woven by Madame Lisuane the state cartographer to the exact specifications. Feel free ot help yourself to tea or coffee on the conference table, if anything else would be preferred I can call my PA to organise it' He then turned on his tablet with all his preparatory notes on 'So gentleman what can we do for you?'

  • "Aye, there is no better way than boat to us. The ride gives you time to think, time to plan, and time to reflect. A plane is all business and logic, no time for creativity and silent conversations. I'm glad to be here seeing how some other folks live, but uh, I won't be forgetting about the drinks. The cold makes the old bones ache, you see.

    This room serves well, the flag is fantastic. It isn't as white with salt as many of ours can be. 'Spose it is time to talk some business. We want to have a mutual cruise line to Corelia for tourism, and a second freight trading sea route. Now..there are difficulties, we would have to map a route through the calmer seas, lest our boats be known as vessels of sea sickness. I believe this would strengthen our economies and open up nice tourism though. We have many nature preserves and parks on our island that I feel your countrymen could enjoy."

  • 'Well Prime Minister that's something we can definitely look at, if you don't mind I'll run through the agreements we have so far. The closest place to you we have an agreement with is Chilterns, and through this line Davishire as well where we agreed an annual contribution of 5 million euros plus taxes for each dedicated dock. We have four main cruise dockyards: here in Port Harbour, Port Elleija in the north east, Last Point on Westfallon island and the national port of Kadoon.

    I also have brokered deals with Marrakechian cruise liners and Blue Marble Cruises a multi-european corporate entity. We'd be able to talk on those financial lines'

  • "Yes, let us see these agreements, hmmm..Perhaps we could join in an existing line? We have an entire small island that can be dedicated to operations, and host a maintenance yard. Perfect since it is close to Chilterns as well."

  • 'The line is currently operated by the Chilterns government contractors I believe, if you wish to be part of their port usage agreement we would need you to consult them then both return to renegotiate as we currently aren't allowing a precedence for subletting dock space. Although I would encourage you to set up your own operations if you have the facilities to maximise profit. There is another option' The Minister leant over and press the intercom 'Dejala please can you send in Ms Seianchoral'. The Door then opened as a woman dressed in a suit entered and shook the Prime Minister and Minister for Transport's hands 'Gentleman I present Ms Seinanchoral CEO of Coreliferry Os Corelia's leading cruise and ferry company.

    'Hello your excellencies a pleasure to meet you, I'll get straight down to business. Currently Coreliferry operates to a majority of ports in Europe as well as holding the state contract for ferry services between islands and connecting Os Corelia to mainland Europe. We have been looking to expand our business to more long range destinations and this seems a perfect opportunity to look wider afield. I wondered if we could perhaps combine services in a partnership serving an Albion on Sea to Os Corelia route in tandem whereby we utilise each other's facilities and when a Coreliferry goes Os Corelia to Albion and Albion vessel head towards Os Corelia. Because we're a major stake holder in most Corelian ports having outright built docks of our own there is no need for state intervention other than a joint tax agreement and employment agreements that see employment opportunities increase'

  • "I'd love to combine survives . What would you like us to do to get started? We have some docks built already, and a few small companies working on building modern boats."

  • 'How about we start off with a july launch programme with Coreliferry cruise to albion on sea and you do the return leg'

  • "That works for us, we will make the luxury liner extra nice with this amount of time allotted. Could we speak of trade while we are in Corelia?"

  • The Transport minister reentered, 'I heard my cue here! Thank you Ms Seianchoral but this will be private state business'. The CEo nodded in understand gather her things shook all persons hands and left.

  • " So what shall we do? We would for sure like a tour line all around our coasts to see all of the wildlife and unspoiled nature. Sometime soon our Head of Territory will be announcing a new park program, we intend on having a vast nature reserve soon."