Davishirian Difficulty

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    Meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron**

    The skies over London, January 23rd 2015

    The Premier's executive jet was extremely comfortable. It was the first time Premier Hitchens had used it, and its purpose today was definitely not unimportant. The Davishirian invasion of Prussia, arguably a rogue state, was still fresh in everyone's minds, and the hefty debate about possible reparations had not made the situation any easier. After careful discussion and consultancy with his fellow Commissioners, Hitchens had made his final decision on the matter. He was not only here for the Prussian matter, however, he also had general matters of foreign policy to discuss: several nations in the European Union have voiced their concern on the arguably aggressive Davishirian foreign policy. Hitchens was visiting London, the administrative capital of Davishire, to discuss these issues with the Davishirian Prime Minister, David Cameron, and hear his viewpoints on the seemingly rough time Davishire has had in the European Union recently.

    "The weather in London is bright but cold, with sunny spells but a chilly 5 degrees centigrade. We will be touching down in about five minutes, please fasten your seatbelts, make sure your luggage is safely stowed and all seats are in their upright positions", the flight's stewardess announced. Hitchens safely fastened his seatbelt - he noticed he had already put on some weight in his short time as Premier - and felt the plane touch down on the tarmac.

  • The Premier Commissioners Plane landed at London Heathrow Airport. The busiest airport in Davishire. In times past (well only months ago) under the Steve Mannion government official visitors would have arrived at a military airbase closer to Portland. It had been decided that this was not the best place to have foreign dignitaries land.

    The Premier Commissioner was going to be met at the airport by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs William Hague. He is the last man to be responsible for both the Internal and External affairs of Davishire for soon a new home affairs office would be created.

    The plane came to a stop outside the Royal Terminal, it was typical for His Majesty the King to use this terminal when going on flights around the place. The airport was busy, with thousands of aircraft going through the 3 runway airport every day. As the aircrafts door opened and the steps lowered the Prime Minister approached the Premier Commissioner,

    "Good Afternoon Commissioner, Welcome to London,"

  • A familiar face was waiting for the Premier Commissioner when he left the airplane. David Cameron had been a notable figure in Davishirian politics for quite some time, Hitchens understood, and he had seen much of him and his Ministers in various news reports throughout the years. This was the first time they met in person, however. He stepped out into the cold - and yes, it really was chilly - and walked over to the Davishirian delegation, followed by some security guards and two secretaries.

    "Ah, Prime Minister Cameron", he said as he shook the PM's hand, "Lovely to see you. I trust you are in good health? It's cold, isn't it? Still, a wonderful day to visit your beautiful city! I might just make a quick tourist-y tour when my political business is finished!"

    Rubbing his hands together, he continued: "Shall we head inside? I'm afraid I've forgotten my coat!"

  • "Premier, I can safely say that we will not be headed inside."

    The Prime Minister gestured toward the lone Police Helicopter standing 50 metres away.

    The Prime Minister gestured toward the Premier Commissioner to board. The aircraft was painted a navy blue with yellow features and the words Metropolitan Police written along the side of the aircraft.

    "Apologies Commissioner, we would usually have driven for 30 minutes but present security risks prevent that."

    The foreign Secretary butted in,

    "although, our police are the best so you have nothing to worry about, this is just a precaution"

    "In the meanwhile Commissioner, would you like to see any of Londons sights from the air?"

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  • "Oh, this is splendid", the Premier Commissioner exclaimed as the helicopter took off, "I've never been on a helicopter, let alone one flying over such a beautiful city!"

    Hitchens did hide his nervousness. Never having been on a helicopter and now suddenly being thrown into one was not what he had expected from his visit to Davishire. However, the beauty of the Davishirian capital from the air neglected his anxiety. The sights were fantasitcally beautiful, and Hitchens had to remind himself now and then that he was here with a political goal, not as a tourist. He did not actually know where exactly they were heading, if only this visit was not going to be like the fatal mission that sparkled the Dromund Kaas conflict. He quickly put that thought out of his head. Surely the Davishirians were more sane than that.

    "I say, Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, that was a pleasant surprise", the Commissioner said as the helicopter approached its landing site.

  • The Helicopter approached its landing site which would be parliament square. The main area of central London had been especially closed for the duration of the visit so there was no traffic and no tourists. The weird site of armed police officers on the streets could be seen as police officers armed with firearms maintained the corden alongside their unarmed colleages.

    The Foreign Secretary Spoke,

    "Commissioner, a recent event revealed that there is an active threat to the government, therefore special security measures are in place. Otherwise you would see armed police only at the entrances to government buildings itself."

    at this point the Prime Minister Butted in just as the helicopter landed,

    "Commissioner, this is the Houses of Parliament, otherwise known as the Palace of Westminster. This is the place where parliament meets, I also have an office here where the meeting will be conducted"

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    The three men got out of the helicopter and took a stroll across the grass and empty road which was usually very busy to the Politicians entrance. At the security gate to the area of parliament where the public are not normally permitted access there was a special Xray machine which fit around the door.

    The Prime Minister spoke to the Commissioner,

    "I do apologise commissioner, but we will all be xrayed as we enter this area, it is a new thing and it was not my decision. But you will not even notice it as you walk in to the building."

    The three men entered through the door and walked around the corner into the Royal corridor

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    they did then proceed into the Prime Ministers office which was situated in a corridor running off the royal corridor. The men sat down around a wooden table with an EU and Davishirian flag in the centre. The PM spoke again,

    "Before we start Commissioner, would you like a drink?"

  • "Just a tonic, thank you. I have to compliment you, by the way. This truly is a one-of-a-kind, splendid parliament, and I've been to many, so I know what I'm talking about!", the Premier said, laughing slightly, "Although I find your extensive security measures slightly unnerving, I can understand why you are guarding this magnificent building so well."

    The Commissioner took a sip of his drink, which had just arrived, before continuing: "Well, Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, I have good news for you. After carefuly deliberation with my colleagues in the Commission, we have decided not to ask Davishire for any reparations to the Prussian people. Our main concern with such payments would be the state of the Prussian government - after all, reports have shown the nation has descended into anarchy, and just like with all foreign aid, we have to make absolutely sure where our money goes. Since we cannot know this when dealing with Prussia, we have decided not to argue in favour of reparations. This does not mean individual member states or even the European Council can attempt to push Davhisire, though.

    "Also, I think it is wholly unfair the entire blame of recent conflict has been put on your country. As my colleague for Internal Affairs pointed out in Commission correspondence, we should not forget that other nations have done exactly the same as, if not worse than, your nation, in particular when it comes to conflicts like the Dromund Kaas war, the Inquistan invasion of the Western Sahara, the Second Inimician-Rimrothian War, and the Groot-Belgi? crisis.

    "However, that does not change the fact that I have to express my dissatisfaction with the way Davishire has been conducting its foreign policy recently."

  • "well although the Xray machine at the entrance will be here to stay, the masses of armed police located around the parliament will become more covert over time as the security threat reduces. It is just that it was only a couple of days ago that a specific threat was uncovered."

    The Prime Minister took a sip of his water and the Foreign secretary started to talk,

    "on the issue of the proposed payments that were discussed. I can say that even if the commission or whoever had decided to ask us to pay, we would not have done. Not a single penny would have been given away by the treasury because in my opinion at least some kind of a response is necessary because the defence of our borders is crucial."

    At this point a senior naval officer walked into the office, he gave his best salute to the three senior politicians.

    "Apologies Prime Minister, Commissioner, Foreign Secretary" giving a brief nod of respect to them all.

    "the submarine Indefatigable has sighted 3 old Prussian naval vessels of destroyer class headed toward Portland, they are currently at full speed and 20 miles out"

    The Prime Minister issued some brief instructions,

    "have a mike charlie romeo aircraft shadow the ships, get HMNB Portland to scramble a the QRA frigate to the area and have them stopped at the 12 mile limit"

    "and if they continue into our national waters sir?"

    "speak to me if they do not stop at the 12 mile limit, but put the bravo mikes on standby"


    At this point the naval officer left,

    "Now apologies commissioner, that is not a normal interruption. On the issue of our foreign policy, I understand that the region in concerned however we are not the Davishire of old. Admittedly I myself have made foreign policy mistakes, however I do not intend on repeating those mistakes. Also, the majority of the controversial policy took place when Steve Mannion and his government was in office. MY government is changing that policy to a more defensive stance."

    the foreign secretary continued as the PM took a sip of water,

    "we do not want conflict with our neighbours or other European partners. We want to work with them but we also want to be able to act in our national interest"

  • "Well I have to say, Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, you are not exactly influencing my view of Davishirian foreign policy!", the Commissioner joked, but he also realised Davishire was in a state of war, and felt slightly unnerved because of it. Giving orders to bombard foreign ships if they came close enough during a diplomatic meeting was something he had never experienced before. He took a sip of tonic to calm himself down, and continued:

    "Well, let's just ignore that, shall we. I'm sad to hear the Davishirian government's - forgive me for using the term - stubbornness in this matter. Does your government not see the necessity of humanitarian aid in the area you so rigorously invaded? After all, the ordinary citizens in that part of Prussia have, let's face it, suffered because of the war, and I think they do deserve to be helped back to their feet. I understand you were attempting to defend your nation, but did it really require a full-blown invasion of a sovereign member state? - with an unclear government, I'll grant you that.

    "Also, I would like to know your plans as to how you are going to attempt to end this conflict, if at all."

  • The Prime Minister stayed calm, he understood it was bad etiquette to conduct other matters during such a meeting but wanted to calm the premier.

    "Commissioner, I can assure you that I have not ordered the bombardment of anything. I ordered that those ships be ordered to stop at the border, although obviously if my ships feel threatened or are attacked they have a right to defend themselves. However like you said lets move on, I do apologise for my lack of etiquette on this matter"

    The PM took another sip of his tea, which he had ordered at the beginning of the meeting but had only just cooled enough to drink

    "Well, the reason that I agreed to the initial military attack was because I was given information which has since turned out to be incorrect that local people wanted some security and I felt that the Davishirian armed forces were the best way to achieve that. During the short lived operation little damage was caused to local infrastructure as most resistance came from wooded areas.

    Although commissioner, the Davishirian people are less than unlikely to allow my government to issue any aid to Prussia when we have had to form a 1km exclusion zone in our own territory."

  • "What about the innocent Prussian people, though, Prime Minister? I imagine everyone in this 1 km exclusion zone of yours will have to move elsewhere. Think of the elderly, the children, everyone will have to move, either into anarchy or into the wilds of other European countries. As Premier Commissioner, my power has limits - and rightly so - but I have to ask you to turn away from this plan. For the Prussian's sake, and for your own people's. After all, European Union member states will not take kindly on Davishire exercising its ' traditional ' foreign policy again."

  • ((OOC- This meeting occurs before the second invasion))

    The Prime Minister did seek to calm the commissioner,

    "At the moment there are no", the prime minister coughs "Davishirian troops within Prussia. The one kilometre exclusion zone exists within the borders of Davishire itself"

    the Foreign secretary started to speak,

    " we do not like the thought of military action in Prussia, the country is unstable as it is and I personally would not take any military action which could cause further destabilisation"

    At this point the Foreign Secretary who is also the Prime Ministers de jure number two gave a stern look to the Prime Minister. There was evidently disagreement in the room between the two men.

    The Prime Minister picked up a file from the shelf, the cover was titled "TOP SECRET" in bold red capital letters, pulled out a piece of paper marked "SECRET:ULTRA".

    "Currently this is the true number of civilian and military deaths in Davishire which have occured since the collapse of Prussia. The number is 3000 people in total, of which 2500 have been killed in the last 2 weeks. Do you not agree commissioner that a government cannot stand back and watch so many of its own people get killed?"

    the foreign secretary glared once again at the Prime Minister, and spoke

    "anyhow, Commissioner, I am sure you have other things that you wish to discuss?"

  • The entire matter seemed extremely odd to Hitchens, who took a sip of his drink more often than usual, which was a clear sign of suspicion. He had come to Davishire with the best of intentions, but had grown suspicious of the two Davishirian men in front of him. What were they doing? That odd eye contact they were making, did that mean anything? He hoped not. Or, worst of all, were they planning to keep him here, and risk a hostage situation? No, surely not, he put that thought out of his head as quickly as possible. He took another sip before starting:

    "2,500 men, women and children killed. Why were neither I nor the European Council nor any of my Commission colleagues told about this, and why didn't you ask us for our opinions, our help?

    "Well, I can ramble on about this matter for all eternity, it's clear you and I disagree, and I would still strongly demand you do away with this 'exclusion zone', but I don't have the power to demand or order this.

    "Yes, on to other affairs - you have to forgive me, this is my first ever visit as Premier Commissioner, so I might be a tad sloppy - er, let's see... Ah, yes, I would like to know what Davishire is doing, and is going to do, to improve EU integration and, importantly, relationships with other member states?"

  • "Well, the large majority of those are military deaths, from those men who are defending the border but also inclluding special forces troops who have already been operating over the border"

    The Prime Minister continued "the exclusion zone is currently extends from the Prussian border 1km into Davishirian territory only. It is in order to keep our people safe and I am sure you understand this"

    The Foriegn Secretary helped change the topic of conversation.

    "It is difficult for us to improve relations. Our intelligence services inform us that many people refer to us as "crazyshire". This will take some time to wear off and the current issues in Prussia will only extend the time that we are considered crazy. However we are building better relationships with Poland and I hope that the Davishirian-Inimican situation will also improve."

    The Prime Minister continued,

    "Obviously we would love to be able to work with other EU nations, however many nations will not put into the past the actions of the past. We accept that it is not easy to forget the past but as a nation Davishire is prepared to move on"

  • Premier Hitchens frowned. "Davishire might be prepared to move on, but if it is, why does it still wage such an aggressive foreign policy? I can understand member states' reluctance in dealing with Davishire, if your country continues down this expansionist - forgive me the turn of phrase, but I can't express myself any differently - course. As much as I would like to advise member states to refresh their stances on Davishire, I cannot help but understand their distance-keeping. I would like to know what you are going to do, or would like to do, to change this situation."

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