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    Letter by Aurora D?hler, SWP General Secretary, to the member parties of the Socialist Workers' Party


    Dear comrades and fellow members of the SWP.

    When I was confirmed as the general secretary of this organisation, I went to the position with the intention to revive the party and push it forward. I still think that we should embark on a project to push this party forward so it can be the locomotive of the revolution in the European Union. If we want to put ourselves in front of the process to reform the European Union we must open this party, abandon our image of a 20th century marxist-leninist party and take a new direction.

    In the past half year we, the representatives of the new left, have managed to reach power in the Grossdeutsches Reich. Now it's the turn of the EU. To reach this goal we must craft a new image for our party, a new identity.

    Therefore, here and now, I propose you two actions to take. The first one is to rename our organisation, choosing a name which better represents our project and which doesn't refer to only one part of our manifesto. The second action we must undertake is to celebrate a party congress in which we will elaborate a new manifesto, create a new party structure, and elect the party leadership under the new structure.

    I propose the party congress to take place in Berlin in the week of the 9th to 15th of february.

    The implication of every member party in this process is essential to the success of our political platform. If we want to save the Union and it's peoples from neo-liberalism we all have to be brave and bet hard for this renovation process.

    Thank you all for your time,

    Aurora D?hler
    General Secretary - Socialist Workers' Party

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