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    Dear members of the SWP,

    In an effort to give our party a new and renewed identity, we have just started a process to redefine the SWP and give it a new name which doesn't focus in one ideological aspect of the organisation but is able to accomodate all ideological leanings within it.

    Therefore, here the members of the SWP will decide which new name is to be adopted. Member parties can deliver their proposals replying in this topic.

    Proposed names:
    *Left Front (LF)
    *Party of the European Left (PEL)
    *United Left (UL)
    *CORALE - Coalition of the Radical Left

    Proposal stage will last from this moment until thursday, January 29th, 11pm (UTC+1).

    Voting* stage will last from thursday, January 29th at 11pm (UTC+1) until tuesday, February 3rd, 11pm (UTC+1).

    *To vote you will have to choose your three favourite names in order of preference (1st to 3rd) in which the 1st name will get 3 points, the 2nd one will get 2 points, and the 3rd one will get 1 point. The name proposal withb the most votes will be the new name of the party.

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    As no other name proposals have been received, voting is now open. We encourage our member parties to participate and vote.

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