Summit in Selderheim

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    Summit in Selderheim
    King Olav just returned from his meeting with Emperor Artabanos in Inimicus, when a new guest was already travelling towards Havvenskar. Luckily the journey was only a short flight, because the nation of Jyllandet borders Havvenskar, quite close to the capital too.

    King Olav was waiting at Selderheim Internasjonal Flygplass for the plane from Jyllandet. He stood between his trustworthy Kings Guard. A cold north-western wind made sure it was a cold day. He made sure his scarf was on his neck tight enough. Olav was curious because he did not know a thing about his neighbours. He had great plans, if the nation of Jyllandet was a fair and good nation. King Olav was sure of it.

    When the plane touched down a group of people appeared out of the exit of the plane and descended from the stairs. King Olav pulled at his scarf once again, and walked to the Jyllandetians.

    "Hello, I am King Olav IV of house Andalvik. It is always nice meeting new people. How are you today?" they shook hands.

  • As the plane was coming in for a landing, representative Hjalte kofod turned his head towards the window, to get a look of Selderheim from above before they landed.
    as he walked down the stairs he spotted the kings guard, thus reminding him of how important this summit really is.


    "It's truly an honor to meet you, King Olaf. I'm a little cold, but thank you. My name is Hjalte, i'm the representative" he said while shaking his hand, as a gust made his coat flutter in the wind. The cold weather made him take his thick wool beanie tight down under his ears "I'm eager to hear about these plans of yours".

  • "Let us debate this once we arive at Slott Innsjen. There is a vehicle waiting for us."

    they all walked to the car waiting for them. On the bonnet of the car where two small flags. The flag of Jyllandet on the left and the flag of Havvenskar on the right. They entered the car and drove away.

    "Now, could you tell me a bit about the history of Jyllandet? To be honest, I do not know a lot about your nation."

  • "Yes, of course". awnserd the representative

    "Jyllandet was back in the Middle Ages a viking tribe. In 1113 Svend Frelsen divided the land into a union consisting of 4 countries, Jylland, Marks, Bakkeheim and Birksjord, the island for himself and splitting the mainland into 3 countrys, 1 for each of his sons. So, every time one of the kings or queens sons dies, he'd be replaced by the oldest son without a country.

    In 1566 the prince of Marks dies, without another son to take his place, and therefor the at that time ruling queen intergrated it into Jylland. The 2 princes was upset and both declared war on Jylland. We lost what once was Marks pretty fast, but when they attacked the island, we amazingly held them back even though we were greatly outnumbered. On 7th of july 1568, the princes launched a massive attack with all of their soldiers on the capital thus burning the city to the ground. But when they advanced further into the land, they once more were met with a so strong defence that all of the soldiers was killed together with the 2 princes".
    He paused for a moment to make sure that he didn't miss anything important "Queen Hannah X united all of the land into onequeendom: Jyllandet". he said with a faint smile.

    "what can you tell me about your country, king?"

  • "Havvenskar consisted of several viking tribes. These tribes eventually merged into three large tribes. These three tribes each had their own King. Havvenskar then was these three Kingdoms: Havvendar, Skar and Hammarjevn. These three were almost constantly at war with each other. After a large war around the Island Fjelletvann in which all three Kings fell, the son of the King of Havvendar united them under one banner in 1068. Harald den Forsorer was he named after this. Forsorer means something like Uniter. His heirs ruled ever since that day."

    The car arrived at Slott Innsjen, just outside of Selderheim. They entered the castle and walked towards a small but private conference room. They got something to drink and then started negotiating.

    "I want to talk about trade. What has Jyllandet got to offer? We may make a nice trade which will benefit us both."

  • The representative swallowed a mouthful of water before he began.

    "Currently Jyllandet does not export resources, even though it is in our greatest interest to do so. What i would imagine you will find the most appealing is our large deposit of natural gas. We currently pump more than 2 times as much gas as we use, and we will be happy to build pipelines to export it to a given country in return of money. We recently began mining an ore containing chemical compounds with tungsten and, tungsten -or wolfram- of course being the element with the highest melting point. Um, birch and pine is of course abundante in Jylland, but i know that you have more than enough pine."
    he took another drink from his glass of water.
    "oh, i almost forgot the vestenheim clay quarry. we'll gladly export clay from there."

    He put his arms on the table, crossing his fingers and leaned slightly forward. "What about Havvenskar?"

  • "Recently we bought natural gas from Inimicus, but I will gladly buy somem ore from Jyllandet. Havvenskar is not interested in clay, we have a lot of that ourselves."

    King Olav stopped for a while to ask for some more drinks.

    "Havvenskar mainly exports copper, fish, wood and iron. I can imagine Jyllandet has already got enough fish and wood, however we are prepared to trade iron and copper."

  • "Great," he said with an enlightened voice. "we are interested in both copper and iron. Will you sell it to us, or trade it?"

  • "Trade iron and copper with natural gas seems fine to me. What do you think about free travel and trade between our nations? I think this will benefit us greatly."

  • "I can not find an argument for why we shouldn't, ha ha!" said the representative and drank some water again before he continued. "anything else on your mind, King?"

  • "Yes, there is. You may know about the United Nations of Scandinavia or UNS for short. It is an alliance between Havvenskar and the Teutonic State. The nation of Poretos is in the process of joining. I want you to know that we see the nation of Jyllandet as a potential candidate. I say potential because we first have to decide if we think it is beneficial for us to have Jyllandet join the UNS.

    Is there anything more we have to talk about?"

  • "Okay, can i get a copy, or file of it to show Queen Agatha? my queen is the one who control multi international affairs, which i guess this is. Even though i can't say it for sure, i don't see why my queen will reject your offer".
    the representative held his hand out as a gesture of agreement, and the king shook it, both satisfied with the agreements.
    "Once Queen Agatha has looked though the file, and made a decision, she'll send you a letter."

  • _Hello King Olaf.
    I've been told that the summit in Slederheim went great, and I hope that you are happy with the turnout of it as well.

    I've read the terms of the United Nations in Scandinavia, and I accept your offer to join the Union.

    Queen Agatha III _

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