UAEF Euro Cup 03 - Candidates

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    Union des Associations Europ?ennes de Football
    Union of European Football Associations

    Voting Stage has begun. 3 bids fight to win the bidding to host the next Euro Cup

    Using this voting format:
    5 Points: the best
    3 Points: second
    1 Point: thir
    Deadline 3rd March, candidates cannot vote
    Please send votes to Marrakechia

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    Nation: Os Corelia
    Stadium: Wootenbarc Memorial Stadium (Yellownak), Menchen Road (Stratton Beck), National Footballdrome (Eider Forest), Holsensazzti Fusshaus (Kaldoon), Teh Voilen Cherc (Tolchek Island), Wall Line Stadium (Wall Town)

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    Nation: Poland-Lithuania
    Stadium: Stadion Nardowy (Warsaw), NSC Olimpiyskiy (Kyiv), Arena Lviv (Lviv), Municipal Stadium (Krakow), City Stadium (Minsk), PGE Arena (Poznan)

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    Nation: Republic of Ineland

    Stadiums: Pembroke Park (Dublin), Imperial Field (Dunnagh), Stadio San Francesco (Oristano), Stadio della Luce (Ancora), Unification Stadium (Belfast), Stadio d'Oriente (Portoferraro)

  • Just 1 day left to submit candidacy!

  • Bid Presentation period has started.

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    Os Corelian Bid Presentation

    Please watch The Bid Presentation Video First

    The video was directed by Euhan Rilleiz.

    The Os Corelian bid is inspired by the sentiment 'Touch the Sky' a song that took Os Corelia to Victory in EuroVoice. We believe that everybody has potential to touch the sky, to reach their limits and to become the best that they can be. By bringing the Euro Cup to Os Corelia we want to inspire a new generation to think this way, we want our next generation of Sports stars to touch the sky. Yes we can bring people together in sport and provide unity but what is most important is the legacy events like this can leave and achieve. As current cup holders many were inspired to see the LIberty Birds win and took to enjoying the sport at great lengths with parks becoming full of football.

    The Tournament will take place across several key Os Corelian cities as seen in our wonderful video:

    Wootenbarc Memorial Stadium (Yellownak) - Home to the Yellownak Yellowbirds
    Menchen Road (Stratton Beck) - Home to Stratton City
    National Footballdrome (Eider Forest) - Eider Forest Timbers the League Champions
    Holsensazzti Fusshaus (Kaldoon) - A newly built stadium to host the national side
    Teh Voilen Cherc (Tolchek Island) - Home to the Tolchek Islanders
    Wall Line Stadium (Wall Town) - Home to Corelia Cup holders Wall Town FC

    We have included not only our national team stadium and Premier league venues but also included the likes of 2nd tier team Tolchek Islanders and State championship side Wall Town FC. To show we want to access as many people as possible.

    Thanks to support form sports related private companies we can afford to sell tickets for reduced prices and offer a limited number free to local schools to inspire this generation. The government has also pledged the creation of state sports academies to cater for the demand in extracurricular sport we envisage coming from this inspirational event.

    Our ambassadors are Corelian super-twins the Bristak Brothers who have shown the true spirit of the game with great sportsmanship, a want to give back to their communities and a want to get more kids healthy and active.

    This event will leave a legacy Os Corelia and Europe Can be proud of. We are a country of rich culture and pride ourselves on it so come to Os Corelia for an affordable price and enjoy the best sporting event in our region!!

    Dear Europe, you're invited, From Os Corelia With Love!

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    Bid song

    Ineland takes a step forward to the responsibility of celebrating its first ever UEFA/UAEF Euro Cup by bidding for the 3rd edition of this competition. We present this bid with a clear intention of promoting both association football in Ineland and the country itself in Europe as well as the inish soccer tradition. This bid is organised in a clear way to cover all of the country, ranging from Dunnagh in the Atlantic coast to Portoferraro in the Mediterranean, from Ancora to Oristano at the gates of the Vatican City, and to the emerald isle in Dublin and Belfast.

    The rise in popularity of football around the three countries of Ineland in the last years has led to a huge investment in sports facilities and the construction of new grand stadia or the upgrading of previously existing ones. In spite of this recent succes of soccer, it was already popular for a long time both in Penisola and some parts of Scotia, and enjoyed initial popularity as well in Ireland back in the mid-nineteenth century.

    Only the unification of Ineland in recent years has allowed for the three countries (Ireland, Penisola, Scotia) that form the "triple-heart nation" to organise an ambitious bid capable of handling an event of such magnitude.

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    Most of the stadia share the space with other sports. Imperial Field and Pembroke Park are occasionally used for rugby and gaelic sports' competitions respectively. Meanwhile, San Francesco, d'Oriente and della Luce stadiums are also used for athletics' competitions.

    Unification Stadium (Belfast), home to Belfast Celtic Football Club, was built in the 1960s and renovated in the late 2000s. This renovation included an upgrade of the stadium to reach the current 75,000 seats.

    Pembroke Park (Dublin), home to Athletic Club Dublin GAA and Dublin Rovers Football Club, was built in 2005 after Old Pembroke, the previous stadium built in 1890, was demolished.

    Imperial Field (Dunnagh), home to Dunnagh Rangers Football Club and Thomond Warriors rugby club, was built in 1942 and renovated in 2014 to upgrade it's capacity and provide spectators with a roof to protect them from adverse weather.

    Stadio San Francesco (Oristano), home to AS Oristano, was built in 1934 and renovated twice (1976, 1999).

    Stadio della Luce (Ancora), home to Internazionale Ancora, was built in the 1950s and renovated in 1990.

    Stadio d'Oriente (Portoferraro), home to AC Ferrarina, was built in 2002 as a multipurpose stadium for football and athletics competitions.
    We hope that you consider our bid and expect to see you soon in Ineland!

  • The Presentation period is over, the voting stage begins.

    Voting ends 1st March

    Please vote in this format 5 for the best 3 for 2nd and 1 for the third.

    Votes please send to Marrakechia (Bidding countries are not allowed to vote)

  • Voting will be eextended for 2 days
    3rd March 23:59 due to only 1 voter!

  • We have a host for the Euro Cup 03

    Os Corelia 11 Points
    Ineland 9 Points
    Poland-Lithuania 7 Points

    Os Corelia will host the upcoming Euro Cup

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