A Civil Matter

  • 15:00hrs- Cabinet Office Briefing Room

    Sir Humprey Appleby had just been cleared of trying to conduct a coup. Although his attempt to start a coup had failed, he was back working in the civil service and had plans of his own. The new Cabinet secretary, Sir Bernard Wooley, made Sir Humprey his number two and the pair had a scheme of their own to take back the control they had lost.

    The two were having a meeting in the cabinet office.

    SH- "So Bernard, how are you liking my old job?"

    SB- "It is not what it used to be, I have much less influence over the Prime Minister now. It appears that he does not trust us"

    SH- "Quite rightly, however it is important that we regain control over this country, it looks like the Prime Minister has regained some of his nerve, but I do not think that he has the nerve to go any further"

    SB- "What do you mean?"

    SH- "Well, we are only 20 miles into Prussia, why not go all the way in. Also, the Chilterns, we should take it back. By force if necessary"

    SB- "Bue Sir Humphrey, isn't that unwise?"

    SH- "No Bernard, it is most wise. It is the civil service which made Davishire great. That bought Davishire into the modern age and now the Prime Minister is ruining it. We need to appear to be a force in the world"

    SB- "And how do we go about achieving such?"

    SH- "Watch and learn Bernard, watch and learn"


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