An Open Letter to David Cameron MP.

  • An Open Letter to David Cameron MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks.

    Mr Cameron,

    We, the undersigned, as the highest representatives of our nations and governments, absolutely condemn your administration's actions with regards to Prussia. It is with a heavy heart that we have come to realise that Davishire has no interest in pursuing peaceful relations with other members of the European Union, and that it is only interesting in propagating its own military interests, contrary to the founding principles of the Union that we all signed up to. We feel that this latest incident regarding military activities in the area formally known as the Imperial Prussian State is the final straw. There is an argument to be made that there is at least some humanitarian focus to these activities. However, our combined intelligence is making it clear that is this is not anywhere near the focal point of the mission.

    We also recognise the right of Davishire to defend itself, but we all agree that its response to the ?threats? has been excessive to the extreme. Davishiran media claims that the attacks that prompted the invasion were along the border area, entering Davishiran territory and attacking civilians. This is obvious justification for increased military presence along said border, perhaps even coupled with airstrikes and other operations short of boots on the ground inside Prussia. Maybe it could have simply improved its border security, or even requested assistance from other member states. We?re sure that many members of the European Union would be happy to help in the protection of Davishiran civilians. But as we say, Davishire did not even consider this. It continued its own trend, invading militarily and to hell with the consequences. Well, to this we say no more.

    Davishire must cease its reckless, dangerous and, as we have already seen, fatal foreign policy immediately. It must withdraw its forces from Prussia before any serious negotiations to resolve this issue can begin. We, the undersigned, would be happy to provide assistance the Davishiran government in securing the safety of its civilians, but this could not happen without you and your administration halting its dangerous course.

    Until such a time as these recommendations are adopted, our governments shall be legislating to impose economic sanctions against the United Kingdom of Davishire. Henceforth, our nations shall prohibit travel from Davishire into our countries. Assets of several members of the Davishiran government shall be frozen. The sale of arms shall be prohibited. All cargo headed for Davishire may be stopped for inspection, and if deemed suspicious seized, in our ports, waters, airports and airspace. In addition, the export of luxury goods from our nations to Davishire shall cease.

    It is our hope that these non-violent measures will finally convince you to abandon the dangerous course you, your government and its predecessors have placed Davishire on.


    **Michael Solomon, High President of Halsberg

    Artabanos, Emperor of Inimicus

    Paul Craticus, Archbishop of Inquista

    Levon Bagratian, Prime Minister of Angleter

    Laverne Cox, Prime Minister of Icholasen**

    ((OOC: If you'd like to join in have your head of government sign below!))

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