Motion of impeachment

  • Fellow Councillors,

    In order to keep an active and up-to-date European Commission, it is the duty of the Council to impeach any Commissioner who displays inactivity, ignorancy or misconduct. This is one of those occasions. Commissioner for Economics Karl Kielburger has been an active contributor to the Commission during the early weeks of his term, however he has fallen completely silent and the Union has not heard from his nation, Poretos, for many weeks.

    'The Council, recognising the unfair conduct of Commissioner Carl Kielburger, and having noticed the Commissioner has misused the trust the the European people have placed in him, further noticing that the Commissioner has not produced a European Budget or an Economic Update, condemns the Commissioner and removes him from office.'

    Councillor Ralph Jaevons

    Votingon this motion starts NOW and ends March 12th 1300 GMT

  • In all of Rhine Ruhr's years we've yet to have been part of an impeachment of one of European Union's political leaders. This is a sad day indeed. Our region is currently seeing hard times and such conduct, or lack thereof, by a member of the Commission is unacceptable. It is with heavy heart that I second the motion to impeach Commissioner Kielburger and encourage other members of this esteemed body to do the same.

    Jaxson Marshal
    Interim-Councillor of Rhine Ruhr

  • I can say that it is a shame to see somebody holding my former post put it into such a sad position. I admit, I may not have been the best commissioner at times however I put in as much effort as I could.

    I can also say that this has had an impact upon my position as senior finance officer as I have had no commissioner to liase with, I will however aim to publish my economic report as required at the beginning of next month alongside data relating to the regional membership fees for the next financial year.

    However, I can confirm, Davishire supports this motion!

    Cllr Rt Hon Sir Eric Pickles CEDM
    Councillor for Davishire

  • Mod

    This is such a shame. Commissioner Kielburger, as well as his home nation of Poretos, were promising future players of our European political community. I wish the Commissioner the best in his future endeavors.

    I vote FOR this motion of impeachment.

    Edward Firoux
    Inquistan Councillor

  • I share in the regret my fellow Councillors feel regarding this, and I too wish Mr Kielburger the best in his future endeavours. The voting period has now closed, and with unanimous support from those present, Carl Kielburger is hereby impeached and is removed from the Commission for Economics Office with immediate effect.

    I call on the Premier Commissioner to open a special election for the vacant office as soon as can be arranged.

    Speaker John Walters

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