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    "Vita, Scientia Et Spes"

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    General Information
    Official Name: The People's Republic of Anatolia
    Short Name: Anatolia
    Demonym: Anatolian
    National Motto: "Vita, Scientia Et Spes" (Life, Knowledge and Hope)
    National Anthem: TBA

    Form of Government: Federal Parliamentary Democracy
    Executive Branch: Cabinet lead by President
    Legislative Branch: The People's Conclave
    Judiciary Branch: Supreme Court of Anatolia

    President: Iliana Uzun (APP)

    • Age: 52
    • Party: TBA
    • Term: 2015-2018
    • Head of State

    Prime Minister: Havva Demirci (APP)

    • Age: 64
    • Party: TBA
    • Term: 2014-2015
    • Head of Government

    Length of Term: President 4 years, Legislative 2 years

    Number of Legislators: 100

    Capital: Ankara
    Largest City: Byzantium
    Other Large Cities: Troy, Smyrna, Nyssa, Iconium, Libyssa, Zephyrium, Neocaesarea, Satala, Tarsus, Cremna, Xanthus, Halicarnassus, Thymbrium
    Terrain/Climate: Mediterranean
    Time Zone: UTC + 2

    Population: 140,000
    Ethnicity: Anatolain (85%), Other (15%)
    Official Language: Turkish

    Currency: Euro
    Exchange Rate: TBA
    Major Industries: Automobile Manufacturing, Pizza Delivery and Basket Weaving
    Major Exports: Cheese, Titanium and Copper
    Major Imports: TBA

  • Maps of Anatolia

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