4 Years of Relations with 10KI

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    In 15 days' time it's going to be the 4th year anniversary of the EU and 10KI embassy exchange. 10KI has been the EU's principle and perhaps only real ally, especially just recently, where they saved our butts from invasion. In order to thank them, and commemorate the occasion, we should do something. We've already had them over in a visit before, but that turned out to be a lame farce. So let's do something better.

    What do y'all think? Anyone interested in joining the Party Planning Committee?

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  • I volunteer to be a part of the effort.

    Just a quick thing though, 10KI didn't necessarily save our butts from the invasion. They however did come in post invasion attempt to help shore up our endorsements temporarily while we bolster our own numbers (which we for the most part have pulled off nicely). I don't know the exact list of people who deployed in the middle of update to save us, but I think it went along the lines of: Fort Triumph Marshal Service, Taijitu Militia, Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army, Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces and possibly a few members from other orgs. I think it'd be a good idea to obtain a full list of defenders who have come to the aid of the EU both during and after the invasion attempt and to properly thank them as I firmly believe we have yet to do. I think the Premier Commissioner and the World Assembly Delegate should coordinate this effort.

    As for the party... I could probably host a game of Mafia/Werewolves. Unlike the last visit from 10KI, we should be ready before their arrival with spam threads and perhaps an Eurovoice competition. Of course an EV usually tends to run over the period of a few weeks... I'm sure we could figure something out. For those that choose not to join our forums, they should still be kept pretty entertained by our RMB. While we are not known for being the most active people on the NS site itself, I think we could coordinate an effort to make 10KI feel at home in our region. 10KI also has a recovering roleplay scene, so it may be possible to do a little something along those lines during a potential visit.

    Of course there is always the option of us visiting them on puppets for a period of time. Of course that would present its own share of challenges, but its nothing we couldn't figure out for our friends in the islands.

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    I definitely think we should invite them here. Our RMB has been getting a lot more busy recently, so I'm sure with a bit more effort we could keep them busy on the RMB alone.

    But we could make sure to have a lot more fun on the forums. A Werewolves/Mafia is a must. We can host a separate, shorter and more condensed version of EV when they come over. It won't be part of our current EV series and we can make it runs over a course of 4 days (2 days for entries, 2 days for voting). I think nations that would be open to having guests over and that love the EV competition could make due with that very short time frame.

    In addition, I think it would be cool if we could give them a taste of the EU's RP style. If we could have like some sort of mock-Council session and have them participate with us over some sort of issue, that would be fun.

    Of course we would also include other random games, like gif wars and other similar nonsense. We could also encourage our guests to introduce us to some of their own favourite games. I definitely want to meet some of them and get to know some of them better, so a spam chat thread or maybe a related game would be nice too.

    And most importantly, we definitely need to recognise the contributors that helped post-raid attempt. I'd make more sense ICly if it came from the Premier or FA Commissioner (who is technically the Delegate anyway) took the lead on that one. We could possibly thank the individuals involved by awarding them a European Medallion of Service or something like that.

  • We could even make a little pin they could place in their forum signatures in recognition for their aid to the EU.

    It would be kinda cool if we had a temporary board dedicated to such an event so that it would be easy for our visitors to find all of the relevant threads.

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    Yeah, a temporary separate board section would be amazingly wonderful and convenient. Plus it could give them a bit of space and freedom to post whatever they wanted in a section they knew was dedicated just for their presence.

    And a thousand times yes for a little pin. That would be cute.

    So we're doing good for ideas, but we still need to make this happen. We'll need to make sure this becomes official and we need to reach out to the 10KI.

  • So... we moving forward with this? We first need to agree as a region to do it, then we'd need to speak to 10KI and possibly arrange something with their new Delegate, Aersoldorf. Of course if you push this off onto the next Foreign Affairs Commissioner, it may get a little awkward if I'm elected tongue.gif

  • I'm all for this and volunteer to help in whatever way

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    laugh.gif It's too late now unfortunately. The anniversary has come and gone. Maybe next year?? smile.gif

  • I blame the Commission.

  • I blame the Foreign Affairs Commission tongue.gif

  • The premier should have really been pushing this though. Especially since they are the lead representative of the region that got defended by these people.


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