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    Hey, We're European!

    Ankara - Just a few years ago it would have seemed impossible, but today Anatolia announced that it is now a European Union member state. The announcement came after an unprecedented session of The People's Conclave in which legislators voted the European Union Act into law. The act, which managed to pass the two-thirds majority needed to come into law, is mostly the brainchild of the Anatolian People's Party which came into power at the start of the year. President Uzun was in attendance during the vote and signed the Act into law just moments after Prime Minister Demirci signed the document herself post-vote.

    A European Union Councillor has already been chosen by the administration. Evangelos Iordanou was already in Europolis when the vote took place and immediately sprung into action once the act was signed into law. Councillor Iordanou has already registered the Anatolian People's Party with the Party of European Socialist and Democrats whose main goal is to increase integration between European states whilst at the same time advocating liberal values.

    As part of the "European Strategy" first proposed by then candidate Uzun, Anatolia will aim to improve the European Union as well as improving upon itself through its inclusion. This ambitious strategy will mean an opening of trade relationships with Anatolia's neighbors in the Mediterranean Sea. With the opening of economic trade, the Uzun administration hopes to open up the trade of people between member states as well. As relations begin to open with fellow member states, it is the hope of the current government that Anatolia will be able to spread its own influences in Europolis which will hopefully lead to a stronger Euro currency as well as increased foreign relations with potential regional partners from across the world.

    While we are still in our first day of Europeans, many have felt European for several decades now. "Its like we've finally fully recognized who we are as a people. We are part of something so much greater than just ourselves and our limited borders" said youth activist Jazz Rillay "Perhaps in my lifetime we will see a united European peoples who solve the regions problems as one body". Rillay is not the only excited Anatolian as parades were held in celebration of this historic day in both Ankara and Byzantium. There is even talk of politicians wanting to take the full plunge into European politics, aspiring to get positions in the regional government including the European Commission. Today is truly one to remember for both The People's Republic and the Union as a whole.

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