UNS meeting - the entry of Jyllandet

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    The entry of Jyllandet

    Today was the day a new nation would enter the United Nations of Scandinavia. The nation of Jyllandet showed interest in joining the UNS. Representatives of Jyllandet, the Teutonic State and Havvenskar were meeting in the recently built Headquarters of the UNS. Built on a secret location somewhere in Havvenskar. Prime Minister Jens Johanssen was the first to arrive at the UNS-HQ. His journey was short, because the HQ was in his home nation. Jyllandet would be the third nation entering the UNS, which would strengthen the position of the UNS in Europe.

    "Mister Johanssen, the first representatives are arriving." Jens Johanssen pressed a button on the communication device on the desk he was sitting behind. "Alright, I'll go and receive them." He walked towards one of the many entrances of the building. He got lost several times. He had not visited the UNS-HQ that often, the building was very new after all.

  • Mr. Grey was sweating profusely. Just the day before he had been in a massive gun battle, and now he was waiting to speak with..politicians. Ugh. "How am I going to get help? Will Havvenskar send troops? Will this new nation be of assistance?" "What if they are in on this? What if those bastards contacted Havvenskar and this is a trap? Oh well. We all die someday anyways." He sighed in defeat and sat, awaiting the blasted politicians.

  • The Jutlandic representative is Svend Pedersen, a greatly honored and loved liberal of the leading party:
    Liberal Alliance. he was confident that he can get The Queendom of Jyllandet to join the UNS. if not, he will likely loose his high national status.

    he was escorted by Havvenskar police from the capital to a rest area about 30 minuttes away from the UNS-HQ where he would change vehicle and be driven to the classified location.

    "Goodday gents" he said jokingly. "Shall we begin?"

  • "Hello Mr. Pedersen, I am the highly esteemed and well regarded Lord Majesty Grey the third, of the Duchy of- ha, I'm pulling your leg, I'm just a salty general. Welcome though! It would be great to have someone else on board. I'm hoping you know of the current military situation in Scandinavia though. If not I can tell you over some drinks with the Havvenskar guys."

  • After everyone had arrived the Prime Minister received everyone. He was still present at HQ because he was very busy with coordinating the Havvenskarian military with several generals to help out the Teutonic State.
    He shook hands with everyone.
    "A conference room was prepared for us. I am not exactly sure where it is, the building is quite complicated."
    Eventually they found it after asking a Teuton who was working in HQ. After everyone sat down and got a beverage of choice the conversation could begin.

    "The Teutons and the Havvenskarians are pleased to have a third nation join the UNS. We are only a relatively small alliance but we want to keep expanding. I assume you are aware of the Treaty. Do we want to discuss any changes to it before the Jyllandetians sign?"

  • "i am aware that there is an armed conflict, but i do not know what is specifically happening, or who you're fighting" he said a little embarresd and vorried that Mr. Grey would take offence.

    while walking to the conference room, Mr. Pedersen became a little uneasy due to the long and narrow hallways with concrete walls.

    "I see no necessary changes to the Treaty."

  • (OOC: Sorry about the delay, had some problems.)

    Well..I can say that I don't fully understand this conflict yet myself..I have hope it will end soon, but the first step is finding out what their goals are. I don't think the conflict in my lands will spread though, it seems entirely restricted to my land for some reason. However I'd be sure your military is on its toes, but again our country will be getting help soon, so I don't see this being too drawn out. Will you join the rail system between us and Havvenskar?

  • "I think it is indeed a good idea to join Jyllandet up to the railway system. It would probably be the easiest to build a track from Jyllandet to the city of Lindesgart.

    It is of course necessary to send some qualified members as the Jyllandetian counterpart of the Joint Defense Council in the UNS. We can get some lodgings for in or around HQ just as we did with the other members."

  • "Of course, i'll get the Chief of Defence to send the members as soon as possible, but i don't think building lodgings for them is necessary though. They can use whatever transport there is available, otherwise we can get them to move closer to the border. but i don't know, just a thought.

    regarding the construction of a railroad to Kongersborg, it can be connected to Hanslot, but i just want to know, will it be a "joint project", or... We'll be happy to construct it ourself, but that's up to you."

    (ooc: i'll make a map of my country at some point in the near future)

  • (OOC: sorry for the delay, I forgot about it)

    "If Jyllandet does not have the financial and logistical means of establishing the railway, we will gladly help establishing make it.

    If everything is alright, do you want to sign the treaty?"
    Jens Johanssen put the treaty on the table.

    "Could you sign here and here?'

  • Svend grabs a pen and signs the treaty

    "there you go."

    (OOC: forgot it as well... sorry)

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