Commission XVIII By-Election

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    Commission XVIII by-election

    Commission XVIII has suffered a motion of impeachment. A new Commissioner for Economics will have to be elected for the remainder of this Commission's term; there are about two weeks left until the next election phase begins. All those that are interested in running should please fill out the form below, and are welcome to add a short CV if they wish.


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    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Political Party Affiliation:

    Nominations begin NOW and end March 18th 1830 GMT
    Voting ends March 22nd 1830 GMT

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    Candidate Name: The Right Honourable Sir Eric Pickles CEDM
    Home Nation: The Commonwealth Davishire
    Incumbent?: no (formerly Commissioner for Economics and also Internal Affairs
    Political Party Affiliation: Independent

    "I served as commissioner from the end of March through to December 2014. Initially in the office for Internal Affairs before moving to the office of economics in August of last year.

    I would like to work as Economics Commissioner, even for such a small time, in order to help make the European Finance Agency, which I helped to create an effective organisation. As commissioner I will be able to appoint a new chair and help guide them effectively in the role. I will also want to work with them to get the new regional budget completed and also work with councillors to change regional membership fees to not only help reduce the budget surplus, but also to make it fairer for all nations.

    However, during a short term, getting the EU budget sorted and helping to reform membership fees is a must for me and I hope that you place your trust in me again, even if it is for only such a short time.

    Vote Pickles!"

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    Candidate Name: JennaMarelle Johnson
    Home Nation: Inquista
    Incumbent?: No
    Political Party Affiliation: CEPC

    Short Bio:

    JennaMarelle Johnson, better known as 'Mama JJ', is a respceted leader and trailblazer amongst the Inquistan non-profit sector. Growing up in an impoverished and working-class household, JennaMarelle understood the importance of hard work from a young age. Through working 2 full-time jobs, JennaMarelle was able to raise enough funds to support herself and become the first member of her family to ever attend university (St. Mary's University), where she studied business.

    During this time JennaMarelle fell into an dangerous relationship with a man that abused her regulary. The abuse ultimately culminated in JennaMarelle dropping out of university, almost taking her own life, and falling into deep depression. After several years of darkness and hardship, JennaMarelle, now a mother of her daughter Daisy, was able to escape the relationship. However, it left her with no money and no confidence. She continued to work several jobs and struggled to make ends meet. Thinking that her dreams of making it big in business were over, she volunteered to do jesuit work in the Sahara.

    Working with impoverished Sahrawi women in the Sahara, JennaMarelle realised that she was just one out of many women who once had big dreams and aspirations whom fell victim to abusive and destructive relationships. With virtually no money in her pocket, JennaMarelle created a start-up non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering, supporting and helping abused women compete in the male-dominatd business sector. JennaMarelle was very succesful in earning grants and intergovernmental funding for her organisation, which has since bloomed into one of the largest Inquistan non-profits. Today, her organisation operates in numerous countries, and has supported over 10,000 women in their fight to become the best business leaders they can be, some of which now have also become Inquista's most powerful female business tycoons. Her organisation has also recently expanded into granting poor women scholarships and subisides for achieving higher education.

    However, JenaMarelle wants to take the next step in her life. She seeks to bring her knowledge, experience and abilities to Europe, and desires to become your next Economics Commissioner.

  • OOC: Technically, they do not have to be the Economics Commissioner. Commissioners serve at the pleasure of the Prime Commissioner. I do think it to be constitutionally legal for the PC to shuffle the Commission offices dependent on the election outcome.

  • OOC: There's little time left until the next general elections, and as Premier I would not want to reshuffle the entire Commission just before an election. Therefore, this by-election is for the office of Economics.

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    Inquistan vote is as follows:

    1. JennaMarelle JOHNSON

  • Davishire votes as follows,

    1- Sir Eric Pickles

  • Inimicus votes as follows:

    1.JennaMarelle Johnson
    2. Eric Pickles

  • The Twelve Commonwealths of Halsberg casts its vote in the following fashion:

    1. JennaMarelle Johnson

  • The Three Kingdoms of Havvenskar votes the following:

    1. Jennamarelle Johnson
    2. Eric Pickles

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    The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter votes thus:

    1. JennaMarelle Johnson

  • Admin

    The Duxburian Union votes as follows:

    1. JennaMarelle Johnson
    2. Nick Clegg

  • The Peoples' Republic of Anatolia votes as follows:

    1. The Right Honourable Sir Eric Pickles CEDM

  • Framptonia votes for Sir Eric Pickles

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    By privilege of duty I am to represent a Corelian vote as follows:

    1. JennaMarelle Johnson

  • Voting totally closed four hours ago.

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    With voting over, it is my pleasure to welcome JennaMarelle Johnson to our team of Commissioners for the little time this Commission has left. Congratulations to her, commiserations to Cllr. Pickles, I'm sure his time will come.

    Premier Eric Hitchens

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