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    As well as putting 'dis new budget together, I have made it my duty as Commissioner of Economics to ensure that aaaaaaall European institutions are properly workin'. At current, the Office of Economics has two positions that need to be filled: a Junior Economic Officer and a Chairman of the European Patent Office.

    The Junior Economics Officer, as mandated by the European Finance Agency Act, needs to be a Councillor. On the other hand, the Chairman of the European Patent Office can be anybody, so spread the talk of the town and tell yo mama and yo papa, 'cause everybody can run for dat office! The Junior Economic Officer will assist the Economics Commissioner, aka me, Mama JJ, in the running of the European Finance Agency. The European Patent Office Chairman is tasked with organizing the European Patent Office and calculating all of its income and expenditures. So ya know, basically counting all dat cash flow! Both positions provide ideal experience for candidates who one day desire to become a Commissioner themselves.

    **All interested candidates may state their nomination below, and specify the position they wanna run for. A candidate may run for both positions if they desire. **

    Nominations for both position will be open for 3 days (72 hours) immediately after this posting. Voting will follow thereafter and will follow the exact same time frame.

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    Irina Katanovya, Pacifist Cowards

    Pacifist Cowards would like to nominate Irina Katanovya, EU Councillor, for both available positions. Ms. Katanovya has done marvels representing our people as we attempt to establish ourselves within the region, and she has spoken strongly on several important issues. She and the govt. of Pacifist Cowards feel that her development as a councillor, and the Cowardly profile in general, would be best served by a growing presence in the federal system of the EU.

    Ms. Katanovya is a former Trade Union lawyer who became a politician in the ruling Unity Party, serving in the Duma for nearly fifteen years before being appointed to the EU. She is a committed believer in bringing the nations of the EU together through closer cultural and economic ties, and has been referred to as a "unabashed Federalist" by her opponents.

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    Mrs Lucinda Bareham

    The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia present our Councillor to European Council as a candidate for the role of Junior Economic Officer.

    Mrs Bareham is 44 and studied Nail and Beauty Technology at Bogthorpe College of Education, before embarking on a career as a glamour model. After several years making the very best use of her assets, she founded her own lingerie and hosiery company.

    She has an eye for a very good investment and last year married the 83 year old Count of Eloe, the richest man in Framptonia

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    Thank you for the nominations. Voting is now open to all European Councillors.

    I, Edward Firoux, on behalf of the Microsate of Inquista, vote for Irina Katanovya as both Junior Economic Officer and as Chairman of the European Patent Office.

  • On behalf of the Empire of Inimicus, I, Ralph Jaevons, vote for Irina Katanovya as Junior Economic Officer and as Chairman of the European Patent Office.

  • On behalf of Pacifist Cowards, I, Irina Katyanova vote for Irina Katyanova for both of the positions available. And, on a personal note, thank those who have voted for me!

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    Thank y'all for voting!

    By a vote of 3 to 0, Mrs. Katanovya has been elected to office as Junior Finance Officer and as Charmain of the European Patent Office! Congrats, gurl! I look forward to workin' with ya.

    I would also like to thank Ms. Bareham for showing interest in the positions and fo stepping forward as a candidate.

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