President Draugen Addresses Belarum, Soviets

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    **Good Evening to the Belarian and Soviet Peoples,

    I have come to view our current stance in the European Union to be undesirable. It seems that the events of the past few days have escalated tensions between member states in the EU, and for this I can simply offer my deepest condolences. We must make efforts in our Union of ours to make peace, not war. So for all sides involved in this conflict, including my own, must be shunned.

    I feel it is morally wrong that our Soviet brothers have chosen to mobilize such a massive military for no particular reason, and I applaud their actions in ceasing this mobilization for the most part. I feel it is also just as wrong to deliver threats to such nations, for violence simply begets more violence. My party is a party of peace, and I as well condemn the actions of our representative in the European Parliament. It was conduct unbecoming of a regional legislature, and as of tomorrow he will be recalled and replaced with another.

    In more news pertaining to the Soviet Union and their people, I seek to announce today my full and unflinching support for Irina Nevskaya, the Premier of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, who has recently made public a matter terribly private. She is more than competent: I view her as my Soviet counterpart, and as such she will recieve my full and utmost respect.

    However, I do find it very appropriate that her announcement coincides with the passing of legislation in our own Belarian Senate, for I am about to sign into law a bill that will guarantee full marriage recognition of same-sex partners in the Federal Republic of Belarum, entitling them to all the rights of those who have entered into heterosexual wedlock.

    I close my speech to you all now, and I promise that for as long as there is breath in my body, the official stance of the Belarian Republic will be one of goodwill, peace, and justice for all.**

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