European Finance Agency (EFA)

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    As mandated by the European Finance Agency Act of 2014, the EFA has been established in order to create greater efficiency and transparency within the economic systems of the European Union.

    The EFA is directly responsible for making sure that all European Union member states pay their proper membership fees. In addition, the EFA is also responsible for making sure that all surpluses from the European Union budget are returned to the contributing countries.

    The EFA is also obliged to report on the economic health of the European Union. The EFA is mandated to supply a report on the economic status of EU member states at least every quarter. The EFA also holds the ability to provide credit ratings to member states as well as provide economic advice and consolation to member countries.

    All membership fees and economic status reports will be published here.

    The EFA is headed by the incumbent Commissioner of Economics and is supported by a Senior and Junior Finance Officer.

    Commissioner for Economics: Renata Kligenberg

    Senior Finance Officer: Cllr. Eric Pickles

    Junior Finance Officer: Cllr. Irina Katyanova

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    As the new Commissioner for Economic Affairs, I would like Sir Eric Pickles and Ms. Katyanova meet and begin our revitalization of this extraordinarily important development in Europe. I'd like to begin with a financial report.

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