Albion Tourism Office

  • Welcome to the tourism office! We are expanding the tourism industry in Albion, and will keep everyone updated here! So far, here is a map of our regions: Albion Regions

    We have everything from mountain climbing, surfing, Marijuana tourism, eco-tourism, and world class fishing locales! Not to mention the amount of craft breweries, fresh syrup from the mainland, reindeer steak, and other delicacies of Albion!

    Next week our office shows a presentation on Banff, be sure to come!

  • Regions at a glance-

    Black sands is the home of many dormant volcanoes, and the fame of its name sake, the black sand beaches. These cold water beaches may not be the warmest, but with cheap cabin rentals and brand new mountain bike trails, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the views!

    Be sure to stop in at Iqaluit for seal steaks and the local brewery, Pelicans Point!

    The Spruce Coast- Hundreds of miles of dramatic cliffs, watched over by towering spruces make for a secluded and romantic getaway! Featuring the oldest castle in the Americas, the Pitt Manor, this area doesn't lack history. From castles to colonial forts used to defend against natives, there is no lack of history here!

    Hunters don't miss out, there are over twenty game animals approved for hunting in the Spruce Coast region!

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