The Revelation

  • A Davishirian Platoon was on a patrol, deep into the Teutonic countryside, 100 miles north East of the Davishirian base in the country. The platoon consisted of 27 men of various other ranks and a captain in command.

    They were patrolling the local villages, to check on the security situation and to link up with other patrols in the area.

    They were patrolling down a backroad, everything was quiet, perhaps too quiet

    "Corporal Weaver", called the captain over his Personal Role Radio

    "Yes Sir"

    "Send a message to base, encryption level 5, inform them of our position and current situation and our direction of travel"


    The patrol continued, as the sun set they headed along the road in staggered file. It was 5 more miles until a suitable place to set up a harbour area would be found.

  • It had been the previous night when the wooden glider dropped the fallschirmj?ger off, they had landed in a farm field near the edge of a large forest. The NCO, a tall gruff looking man, had ordered them to dig foxholes in the forest and set traps.

    Now, they ducked down in an irrigation ditch and watched the Davishirian troops walked along the road towards them. They had rigged the road with S-Mines, set up to go off when the NCO tripped it. They had their machine gun ready to mop up the survivors that didn't jump in the ditch quick enough.

    "Herr Graff, the Davi patrol is right in the middle of the mines. Good." He pulled his trip and wiped out most of the guys in the middle of the column. Meanwhile the machine guns started ripping into anyone standing dazed. A spotter was watching from the woods, with a few guys and some equipment ready to be used.

    The soldiers closest to the road started wildly throwing grenades into the ditch behind the Davi troops. They would soon celebrate with the wine they found in the house they raided earlier.

  • The first 10 men in the platoon were killed or heavily wounded, including the captain. The signaller and 2IC were further behind in the column.

    "Ambush Ambush!"

    The remainder of the patrol did their ambush drills with east.

    "Section fifteen metres enemy in treeline rapid fire!"

    The fire order was issued in a bellowed voice by the Seargeant.

    "Signaller, call for immediate evac!"


    "Alpha Whisky, this is One Zero Two request immediete evac from location one zero niner. Heavy resistence met, patrol has suffered significant casualties"

    "Roger One Zero Two, a heli is en-route from other mission and will be at One Zero Niner within 9 minutes"

    "Sergeant air evac is coming, it is going to land in that field their"

    "Roger corporal."

    The seargeant issued another order over the radio

    "Platoon, fire and movement, withdraw to the rear 100 yards. Charlie fire team, prepare to move, MOVE!"

    At that time what was left of bravo and alpha fireteams laid down a massive level of suppressive fire upon whoever attacked them, they still didn't know who it was. At this point another Davishirian was hit, in the head, he didn't survive.

    The Davishirian troops kept pepperpotting back towards a field, before they started to hold their ground on the edge of the wood whilst waiting for the heli

  • The paratroopers kept firing, keeping the Davi guys distracted as a machine gun team started firing to their flank. The result was not pretty, a solid four guys got cut down in an instant.

    Graff crawled out of his foxhole and opened up on the guys in the woods. "Squad, hit the guys in the woods with knee mortars!" The bombs did their job, and the guys that were in the woods scrambled out of sight. "Keep firing, I ordered the sniper to mop up all the rest but the signaler."

    After the fight he heard a helicopter. Graff spoke i perfect English "Go, tell the rest of your men what you have seen here. Go home." His paratroopers broke off into the woods and out of sight.

  • The signaller was in a state close to shock, this was not something he expected at all his whole platoon had been wiped out, except him. It was almost as if he had been chosen. He didn;t know what to think. He just stood and stared at the bodies around him, the bodies of his best friends, his comrades, his brothers in arms.

    The sound of the Merlin helicopter coming into land behind him awoke him from his stiffness, he said nothing on the aircraft.

    The doorman spoke loudly over the drone of the rotors

    "Soldier, is there anymore of you?"

    He said nothing, he just stared at the woodland, he was wondering why he had been left to live


    "no, there is nobody"

    At this point the doorman closed the door and signalled to the pilot to take off,

    "Ok Corporal, we are going to Bucks so you are coming too"

    The corporal said nothing, he just nodded and continued to stare outside the window. He didn't know what to think.

    About 12 minutes later the helicopter was flying over an area of land when suddenly a machine gun fire rattled through the aircraft, the pilot and co-pilot were killed outright and the helicopter began to go out of control spiralling toward the ground. At this point the corporal was looking out of the window and simply said,

    "this is it then"

    He stared outside, over by the mountain appeared to be a large military installation. He didn;t know what it was but got on the radio which he hadn;t taken off. There was seconds until the aircraft crashed.

    He got out only seven words

    "Alhpa Alpha, Reccee needed on this location. Heli down" the aircraft hit the ground with tremendous speed. The crash and resulting explosion killed everyone left aboard.

    Meanwhile back at HQ the Brigadier had recieved word of the mystery communication and that there had been no further communication. He authorised a high level overflight by recce aircraft.

    The Nimrod MRA4 aircraft was flying high and able to take images of the location in great detail, the Brigadier was watching. Almost in disbelief,

    "I think gentlemen we have found the missile facility"

    The dim shape of a missile could be seen being moved into a tunnel on the ground,

    "Zoom in on that, oh my god! It is the Hypersonic Missiles that attacked Konigsberg"

    Within seconds he was on the phone to the Prime Commissioner,

    He explained the situation "Sir, I would like to authorise a strike, on this base"

    "What would your aims be Brigadier?"

    "To destroy it"

    "Very well, I authorise you"

    Within an hour the necessary orders had been circulated, they had to act fact. 2000 men, loaded into 20 A400M transports were ready to leave from the Bucks Air Base. Half an hour later they were in the air, little planning had gone into it but the commanders were aware of a basic plan and got ready for the drop. The men were briefed and ready to go.

    The aircraft was flying as low as they dared, radar jammers on

    "Yellow Light, Stand by"

    They approached the drop zone, which was 400 metres from the base. They had to be precise.

    "Green light, go go go go go go go"

    Thousands of paratroops jumped out of the planes, which were flying as fast and as low as they dared in the darkness. Firing erupted from the base as the paratroops attempted to storm it

    "Onwards men, for His Majesty"

    Many were cut down by the oncoming fire.....

  • The defenders were shocked, they had been careful to hide the base. However shot that helicopter down was going to pay!

    Only about 500 had been there, expecting to remain hidden for at least a few more weeks. They were not ready for the attack. They did what they could, but the garrison of private parasol security wasn't ready to face well trained paratroopers. They fell back into the tunnels, ready to guard the bomb with their lives.

    The 2000 paratroops faced casualties as they rushed the compound although these were light.

    "Alpha Group take the barracks and command centre, Bravo and Charlie, Head for the Tunnels, be careful what you shoot at, Delta secure the perimeter and keep watch.

    A specialist team from within Bravo Group destroyed the door entrance to the tunnel, it was a long tunnel and the men threw in grenades and killed some defenders at the entrance. THose that surrendered had their hands plasticuffed behind their backs and were left behind. Alpha group had secured the barracks and gathered the intelligence relating to where the missiles had come from and all of the other secret things that nobody knew about. The perimeter was secure and communications cut off, this mean that no reinforcements could immediately be called.

    Meanwhile, in the tunnels the fighting was hard, the defenders fought well but ultimately they perished or surrendered. Sitting in the tunnel was a single Hypersonic Missile. Armed and in its pre-launch state ready to be put onto the ramp for firing.

    "This thing isn;t that big, we could extract this to Davishire." said the Colonel,

    at this point a junior captain came running up. "Sir, the first of the A400s are due to arrive in 15 minutes, we must secure the runway"

    The colonel had a brainwave "They want us to destroy this weapon, but why not seize it. The planes are due in 15 minutes, we are behind schedule. Captain, issue the fall back to the squads outside. Leave the prisoners bound where they are. Lets get this missile to the runway."

    300 metres ahead the group had almost reached the runway, many of the enemy had been killed and most were running. The Colonel, and many others had the task of dragging the missile on its carrier to the runway, they exited the tunnel after 20 minutes. The first A400 began to arrive, with a fighter escort of some 5 fighters.

    By this point all 1800 men still alive had been able to escape through the tunnel and where waiting for the flight, direct to RAF (REDACTED) in Davishire. It would take some time before they all got out, but the bomb would leave in the first wave with 4 other aircraft and an extended escort of 40 Typhoon Fighter Jets with others available if necessary. High Command had decided that this was a priority target.

    The Colonel ordered that the tunnel be primed with C4 at both ends, they were on a timer of two hours just enough time for the full extraction.

    The lead aircraft carrying the colonel and the bomb lifted off within 15 minutes of the bomb being loaded on board, they flew at breakneck speed at the lowest possible altitude straight to an air force base within Davishire.

    The head of the Military Intelligence Division greeted the personnel upon their arrival.

    "Well done colonel, a great achievement. We must now examine this weapon, it will allow us to discover where it came from, and perhaps we could duplicate it. Anyhow, that is for later get this thing safe underground, as deep as possible to keep it secure. "
    "Sir, we also have the following intelligence, ledgers and other folders from the base we raided. We would like to pass them onto your department."

    "Very good work colonel, very good indeed"

    As the colonel walked off he was pleased with the job he had done, now the real work was to begin....

    24 hours later

    The Prime Commissioner was viewing the bomb,

    "This is amazing, such power in this device."

    The head of intelligence was also present, he spoke

    "Yes sir, it is an amazing weapon, able to travel at very high speeds and able to avoid interception by most weapons"

    "Where did it originate from?"

    "we don't know yet, however we do have intel that we are sifting through to hopefully help us"

    "What intelligence"

    "well, documents were gathered during the initial raid,

    "Oh, right . Are we able to copy it? as in the weapon"

    "We have already started too sir, the technology is simple yet complex but if we copy it directly with only a few modifications we believe that we can make a viable copy"

    "Ok, obviously we would never launch a pre-emptive strike, we are not loonies but if ever we were attacked they could be used to great effect"

    "very true Prime Commissioner, we hope to have 10 units completed within days and this should then double in the next week with an additional 10 after that if all goes well"

    "Oh, very good men, I shall have as many resources as possible diverted to this mission"

    "Oh, sir, the great thing is, we can use our mobile launchers to launch these weapons. So we can dot a few around the country in case there are any threats. Or during peacetime we can store them in secret facilities"

    "Hmm, the process we can think of later but right now my main aim is to get weapons ready for deployment."

    "I understand sir, 24 hours and we will be able to do just that"

    "Very good, carry on"

  • 12 Hours Later

    The Prime Commissioner was meeting with the Head of Tech, a Major Willhelm

    "So Major, please tell me that this new missile we have found it useful to us"

    "Well sir, I don;t know what you have been told but it is virtually useless."

    The PC was suprised, he was so pleased at the new weapon he had found

    "What do you mean Major?"

    "Well sir, we need a specialist delivery system that can fire this at Hypersonic speeds. A delivery system that we do not have. They are still experimental and only two nations in the region have one"

    "and those are?"

    "The Duxburian Union and Halsberg"

    "Oh well that is good," Said the PC in a sarcastic tone, " however this must give us a good indication as to where this weapon originates from"

    "It does sir, a very good idea"

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