His Majesties Armed Forces

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    [b]Ministry of Defence & Foreign and Commonwealth Office** [/b]

    Pre-Determined Threat Level

    Critical- An attack is expected imminently.
    [b]Severe- An attack is highly likely. [/b] Substantial- An attack is a strong possibility. Moderate- An attack is possible, but not likely. Low- An attack is unlikely.

    Readiness Level [b]Exceptional- Maximum protective security measures [/b][b]to meet specific threats and to minimise vulnerability and risk. Critical may also be used if a nuclear attack is expected. [/b]

    Heightened-Additional and sustainable protective security measures reflecting the broad nature of the threat combined with specific business and geographical vulnerabilities and judgements on acceptable risk.

    Normal Routine protective security measures appropriate to the business concerned.[/center]


    His Majesties Armed Forces

    Intelligence has suggested that there is an iminent attack on the United Kingdom by another state, therefore the following precautions have been put into place

    1- The Armed Forces have been placed on an EXCEPTIONAL state of alert, This means full security is in place. Anti Aircraft and Anti Missile defences have been prepared, these are centred around LONDON and other cities as well as border areasin quantities enough to counter any air attack.

    2- Significant Numbers of Fighter Aircraft have been placed on 2 minute alert, able to respond to air attack

    3- An Emergency QRF has been prepared to quickly deploy to counter land threats

    4- Border security along the (REDACTED) has been increased, military patrolling near to (REDACTED)

    5- Significant numbers of armoured units are ready to deploy at 5 minutes notice from their home bases

    Other preparations are also taking place

  • His Majesties Armed Forces

    Intelligence has confirmed that the Davishire is no longer under immediate threat. For that reason, His Majesties Armed Forces are going to stand down to Heightened Readiness with immediate effect.

    Whilst the United Kingdom is no longer under direct threat, His Majesties Armed Forces remain able to defend the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks at a moments notice to whatever threat is posed.

  • [b](IC SECRET)

    [font=Courier New][size=3]HM Ministry of Defence-Internal Memo- SECRET:Ultra[/size]

    OVERVIEW [/font][/b][font=Courier New]Due to recent events which have taken place in the Teutonic State, notably the successful rescue and significant firefight by Davishirian Forces to rescue Lucinda Bareham and Eric Pickles and ongoing opertions within the nation, the Davishirian Threat Level is increased to Severe with the military readiness increased to Exceptional.


    [/b]-His Majesties Forces Teutonic State must take the highest security stance, ensure gates locked, inroads monitored and base secure -10% increase in Teutonic State Deployment[/font]

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