The Mystery Deepens


    Intel Update
    -Teuton and Cowardly HUMINT sources direct attention towards a new entity, PARASOL Corporation. All Cowardly Intelligence efforts are to be focussed on this corporation, to attempt to establish a link between them and "rebel" forces.

    -Satellite overpass reveals that the Teutonic Air Force and Navy remain intact. Their disposition and loyalties remain unclear, however, proceed with caution.

    Force Update

    • Given Cowardly casualties so far, and the apparent hostility of local forces, the following Cowardly troops are cleared to make full speed to the Teutonic States.

    -- Teutonic Expedition Force

    • 1 Light Aircraft carrier
    • 2 Helicopter Carriers
    • 6 Frigates
    • Marine Division 1
    • 5 Transport Ships (Red Star transport)
    • 2 Oil and Ammunition Tender Ships
    • 1 Hospital Ship
    • 4th Engineer Brigade

    --Total Forces

    • 9,000 Military Personnel
    • 14 Military Ships
    • 3 Auxiliary Ships

    Mission Update
    Teutonic Expedition Force (TEF) is to establish a landing zone (LZ IVAN) south of Aachen on the peninsula. From this LZ, engineer forces will establish a temporary base (FOB KATYA) for the purposes of bringing in supplies and additional troops via helicopter or plane. Other TEF personnel will help establish a refugee camp alongside Red Star civilian forces, and be responsible for its safe operation. Hospital ship HS-01 will stay on station at LZ IVAN to deal with medical emergencies, civilian or military. Other TEF naval units will stay on station to provide CAP, CAS and/or anti-missile support as needed.

    user posted image

    Counter-Admiral Polzin, aboard the light aircraft carrier Tishina watched the screens with bated breath. They had been sailing for nearly 24 hours, north into international waters and then west and south around the Teutonic peninsula. Now they were approaching the shore from the south, and the task force was at its most vulnerable. The transport ships containing the civilian aid was still an hour or so behind them, but the assault ship carrying the marine division was beginning the disembarkation process. Aircraft from the two carriers screamed overhead, activating their electronics as they scanned for potential threats, before the first troops got into their helicopters and prepared to secure the beach head as the landing craft set sail behind them...

  • Commander Graff waited till the enemy was close before he called for his jets to intercept the enemy. "They are four miles away, I want those jets in the air ready to intercept once they are out of range of his ships."

    "Ready the machine guns and artillery, we will not let them set up a beachhead. I want the guns to use high explosive ammo, have them shoot from the flanks forward to avoid friendly fire. I want the heavy gunners to have their knee mortars ready. Kill them all, no prisoners. They are to made into an example."

    The interceptors left their bases, prepared to pay the ultimate to remove this unwanted interference.

  • The five J-15s of flight 1-1 flew in a staggered v formation, with their flight leader on point. Leytenant Kolov watched his ELINT screens with trepidation, knowing that this was the TEF's watershed moment. If they couldn't make this landing work, then there was a strong possibility they'd have to wave off the entire mission, and that was something he didn't want to happen.

    Even as the thought ran through his mind, his concentration was broken by the sharp blare of lock-on warnings, and the calm female voice of his on-board computer warning him of incoming missiles. "Break, break, break" he called on the flight channel, popping flares and diving low, trying to confuse the missiles by dropping below radar range. The rest of the flight followed him, one coming apart in a violent fireball as the missile on his tail caught him up. These weren't radar-guided SAMs, these were air-to air missiles! He immediately relayed this new information to the carrier, as a second volley of missiles streaked from on high into the flight, now woefully exposed and at a severe altitude disadvantage.

    There was no need for a third salvo, as the remaining Cowardly planes broke apart over Teutonic soil, spilling burning jet fuel and shattered avionics over the green fields.

    Aboard the Tishina panic was setting in. Their ELINT aircraft had reported no contacts, and junior officers worked frantically to recall the helicopters and troop ships launched from the assault carrier. Meanwhile, the Tishina herself began to scramble fighters, keeping them inside the frigates' AA envelope, and hoping to screen the ships as they waited for the marines to return. The civilian ships behind them were frantically waved off, with the pair of frigates acting as their escort ordered to full alert. Hopefully, this day wouldn't get any worse.

  • The squadron leader was amazed at how powerful these jets are. He was ready to test them as anti ship weapons. "Squadron, I want three of you to protect the rest of us as we hit this ship. Understand?" They all affirmed.

    "Okay, now dive down, we are going to destroy the frigate and the hospital ship. I'm not proud of this, but it has been ordered. Karl, take the hospital ship down."

    The planes swooped, beginning their terrible mission.

  • The Teutonic aircraft were attacking the Coward ships when the Second Havvenskarian Fleet arrived to help defending the Coward ships. The Tishina would be quite vulnerable to aircraft and the civilian ships too. The Havvenskarian ships were loaded with Anti Aircraft guns.

    "The Tishina is in our sights admiral."
    "Good, let's close in to defend against the aircraft." said Admiral of the Second Fleet Ragnvald Haagland.

    "Fire the AA batteries."

  • The planes kept up their assault, sinking the hospital ship and frigate before screaming wildly in the air towards Aachen. Something must've called their attention away. A message was sent to the Aircraft Carriers signal. "We are leaving now, let this be a lesson. Go home or risk losing innocents there."

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