Angleter - Office of the Apostolic Crown

  • The Apostolic Crown of Angleter is the name given to the institution of the Angleteric monarchy. International communications with, and statements and press releases from, the monarchy and HM's Government - primarily the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Office - will be conducted through the Office of the Apostolic Crown.

    The Apostolic Crown

    Elkhand Palace, Asten - the official residence of the Apostolic King

    HRH The Prince Regent, George, 41, has fulfilled the duties of the Angleteric monarchy since February 2014, acting in the name of HM The Apostolic King, Joseph IV who ascended to the throne in 1971. Having retired from the constitutional and political functions of his office in 2014, the 75-year-old King now spends his days reading, gardening, and writing popular history books about the history of the Catholic Church in Angleter.

    The Prime Minister's Office

    Oldknow House, New Birmingham - the official residence of the Prime Minister

    Prime Minister Sam Courtenay has served in this office since June 2015, succeeding Levon Bagratian. He is 67 and a member of the left-wing Social Democratic Party, which has formed a minority government since June 2015 with outside support from the right-wing populist Citizen Alliance.

    Parliament Palace, New Birmingham

    The Foreign Office

    Coeur-de-Lion House, New Birmingham - home to the Foreign Office

    Foreign Minister Mary d'Ivry has served in this office since June 2015, when she succeeded Vitus Duryzatehende. She is 59 and a member of the Social Democratic Party.

  • Georgius, Princeps Regens, in nomine Josephi, Regis Angleteris Apostolici, fidelibus suis per totam Angleterem salutem.

    Sciatis that the Rt. Hon. Gisela Stuart MP has been appointed as the representative of the Apostolic Crown in the European Council.

    Anno domini 2015, Nov. 29.

    + HRH Theodora, Princess Regent
    + The Rt. Hon. Samuel Courtenay MP
    + The Rt. Hon. Mary d'Ivry MP

  • The Foreign Office of the Apostolic Crown extends its sympathies to the Catholic Church in Inimicus with regard to the news of the deaths of Cardinals Oaks and Hurkman. Their deaths only heighten the Apostolic Crown's deep concerns about the status of religious freedom in Inimicus. Angleter is fully committed to the right to religious freedom, in particular that of Catholics, worldwide, and would urge the Inimican regime not only to do more to protect those who dare to speak up for their faith, no matter how unpopular its teachings, but also to do more to protect those people's liberties. In this light, we would reiterate Angleter's opposition to Telum's ban on religious marriages. Emperor Artabanos and his predecessors have been valuable neighbours and partners in the past, and though we do not doubt the Emperor's intentions, we are surprised that his regime has failed to appreciate the impression that putting these two dissenting cardinals under effective house arrest would give. That this move has evidently failed to achieve its stated purpose is extremely disappointing and cannot improve the international public image of the Inimican regime. These sentiments are only magnified by the reports that the Emperor's supporters have been responsible for previous threats to the late Cardinals, and further reports of the alleged involvement in this shocking crime of a government official. It is clear that the Emperor must personally do more to discourage his more radical partisans from such activity. We trust that the Inimican regime will be thorough in investigating and prosecuting this atrocity, and will be watching proceedings closely from across our shared border. Angleter would immensely regret if inaction in this area would damage Inimicus' relations with one of its historically most friendly neighbours.

    On a related note, the Apostolic Crown would like to enquire about the current whereabouts, wellbeing, and status of Cardinal Willibrandus; and would further like confirmation that Cardinals Oaks and Hurkman will be guaranteed a Catholic funeral befitting of their rank.

    The Rt. Hon. Mary d'Ivry
    Foreign Minister of Angleter

  • Georgius, Princeps Regens, in nomine Josephi, Regis Angleteris Apostolici, fidelibus suis per totam Angleterem salutem.

    Sciatis that at 1.12am, on Mar. 5, anno domini 2016, His Majesty King Joseph IV of Angleter passed away. In accordance with the Constitution, Parliament has been recalled from its weekend break. Further information shall be forthcoming tomorrow afternoon. Prayers for the repose of His Majesty's soul, and respect for the privacy of the royal family at this time, are requested.

    Anno domini 2016, Mar. 5.

    + HRH Theodora, The Crown Princess
    + HRH Mary, The Queen
    + HRH Charles, Duke of Fitzon

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